Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 372

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 372: Eight Azure Dragons Formation

After the madness, both Ye Chuan and Azure Dragon Lady got busy bustling about.

Ye Chuan sent the message so that Zhu Sijia would make preparations in advance to activate the restriction of the sect, moreover, send someone to deliver crystal stones. After that, along with Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu, he rushed over to the capital of those eight towns of Azure Dragon Prefecture via the transfer formation, i.e. Azure Tree Town. There, he looked for a quiet place to rest and store up their energy while waiting for the upcoming battle.

Azure Dragon Lady was a lot busier. She had many troublesome matters she needed to deal with. Only after the sun set behind the western hills, she rushed over to Azure Tree Town along with many elites of Azure Dragon Sect and met with Ye Chuan. Then, taking advantage of the time when the sun had not completely sunk down the hill, she accompanied Ye Chuan to climb up the highest Azure Tree House of Azure Tree Town and looked far away.

Azure Dragon House had altogether nine floors. It stood tall and erect. One brick and one tile along with small railing were the characteristics of Azure Dragon Prefecture, and vivid azure dragon statues could be seen everywhere. Originally, this place was a prosperous restaurant with the inheritance of several hundred years. But, on the eve of a big battle with eight towns as the battlefield, every household has tightly closed their doors and windows. This place was deserted.

Ye Chuan and Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu climbed to the peak of Azure Tree House and looked far from the high position.

The entire Azure Tree Town was divided into three horizontal and three vertical main streets. Although the population was very big, this town was in good order. It was called a town but its scale was much larger than many cities. Standing at the top of Azure Tree House, one could vaguely see towers of other towns in the distance. These eight towns were linked together forming a big circle. Carefully looking down from the high altitude, one could discover that each town was vaguely shaped like a huge dragon. The streets and lanes inside the towns were the lines between the scales of this dragon, and houses and buildings with different heights were its scales. Moreover, in the air, an indistinct aura was rippling, and there was an ancient atmosphere everywhere.

“Eight Azure Dragons Formation, one ancient city is one ancient azure dragon……”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu muttered to herself, and watching groups after groups of soldiers and the disciples of Azure Dragon Sect moving back and forth inside this city, she was in high-spirit, and she felt like she controlled the world.

Azure Dragon Sect couldn’t compare to Heavenly Yao Sect, this kind of overlord of cultivating sects, but it was also a huge sect in the cultivating world. Its power was huge and powerful in southern border with more than 10,000 inner sect disciples alone. As for outer sect disciples and experts who had gone out to temper themselves, there were even more of them. To a certain extent, Azure Dragon Sect was not only a cultivating sect in the heart of the people of Azure Dragon Prefecture, but it was also a kind of belief. Sect Master who controls Azure Dragon Sect was aloof and noble God in their eyes.

Long Fei had already died, now it was the turn of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu to wield power and be head and shoulders above the others. Without the title of Sect Master, she held the real power. With one order, she could start the killing machines of Azure Dragon Sect. Now, it was only a matter of time for her to become the first female Sect Master of Azure Dragon Sect. Feeling the power of controlling millions of lives in her hands, Azure Dragon Lady who had suffered humiliation for ten years felt proud and elated.

“Lady, are you ready?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Everything is ready, we just need to wait for the fish to be hooked up.” Azure Dragon Lady nodded her head and standing beside Ye Chuan, she gently leaned on the latter.

In front of the sect disciples, she was aloof and noble Lady, was the person who wielded the power of Azure Dragon Sect and was decisive. But, in front of Ye Chuan, she was no different from an ordinary woman. Ten years of humiliation was exchanged for today’s proud and elated feelings and a sweetheart, this made her cherish everything before her eyes.

“How sure are you?” Ye Chuan asked again.

Plague Archfiend was too fierce. He was a peak expert who was on par with State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng and White Haired Heavenly Empress. After luring him to an ambush, if the said ambush failed, then that would be outsmarting themselves.

“70%, Eight Azure Dragon Formation has not been activated for at least thousand years. I know about this because when I was young, my father taught me the method to activate this formation. As for whether it can trap Plague Archfiend or not, no one has absolute certainty, we can only try. If this Eight Azure Dragons Formation truly failed to trap or kill Plague Archfiend, then we can do nothing about it.” Azure Dragon Lady replied and then gently added after a pause, “Noble son Ye, if I die, will you be sad?”

“I will be until I meet another woman who is considerate and thoughtful like you.” Ye Chuan said with a bad smile and hugged the waist of Azure Dragon Lady.

“You are a bad fellow without conscience!”

The face of Azure Dragon Lady became red and hastily struggled free from Ye Chuan, fearing other people will see this. It was fine to slightly lean together because the disciples will not be able to see clearly from far away, but hugging together in public was different. Until she truly became the Sect Master and control everything, she couldn’t make her relation with Ye Chuan public, but Azure Dragon Lady didn’t intend to make it public. It was enough for her to just have such a relationship with Ye Chuan, she didn’t dare to have extravagant hopes.

“Lady, if I die, then you better be very sad. Don’t go looking for another man the next day, otherwise, I will be sad in the netherworld.” Ye Chuan extended his hand and gently caressed her long hair.

“Ye Chuan, you……”

Azure Dragon Lady rolled her eyes, and she wanted to say something but eventually decided not to speak but her eyes became red.

If Ye Chuan died here, even if she sealed Plague Archfiend and ascend to the throne of Azure Dragon Sect, she wouldn’t be happy and she would spend her remaining years in melancholy.

“Rest assured, Lady, as long as I don’t want to die, no one in the world can kill me.” Ye Chuan said and suddenly looking towards the distance, he added, “Came, the fish is hooked up.”

An ear deafening roar suddenly came from far away.

In the distance, smoke and dust were surging. And over a hundred experts of Azure Dragon Sect were flying, stepping on their flying sword. They were sparing no effort to rush into Azure Tree Town. Behind them, a huge Three Eyed Toad rushed out from the surging smoke and dust, and swallowed an expert of Azure Dragon Sect who fell behind the group. Even using a flying sword, they were having a hard time to escape death, even their cultivation base of Daoist Master realm was of no use. After he was swallowed, like a stone dropped into the sea, there was no movement nor sound.

Came so quickly?

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu got nervous. This Plague Archfiend came much faster than expected. So, she was forced to activate the restriction in advance.

Several indistinct dragon roars came from the void.

The ground suddenly shook and clouds of dust flew up as if a dragon rolled on the ground. A hint of azure light emerged from under the ground of streets and lanes and cracks of the bricks on the walls. They gathered together to form a dazzling beam that shot straight toward the sky, illuminating the night sky.

In the distance, from the direction of Azure Water Town, similar azure light beam soared towards the sky, then from Azure Wind Town, Azure Ridge Town……… All eight ancient towns outside Azure Dragon City shot out dazzling light beams. The eight light beams soared to the sky and violently collided with each other under the watchful eyes of people, then they spread out and the ground suddenly shook even more violently. The ground of eight towns cracked and housing collapsed at the same time, revealing eight huge dragon heads. And those low and deep powerful dragon roars resounded beside the ears of people.

The dragon raised its head!

Azure Dragon Restriction laid out the founder of Azure Dragon Sect quickly appeared in front of the eyes of people. The surrounding of thousand li was covered with an azure light curtain. And Plague Archfiend who was laughing heartily after swallowing an expert of Azure Dragon Sect suddenly stopped and a hint of deep misgivings as well as fear flashed through its three eyes.

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