Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 370

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 370: Death plague

“Guards, guards!”

Li Guang Han panicked and his heart was tense.

All this time, Li Guang Han had been gnashing his teeth dreaming about killing Ye Chuan, but when Ye Chuan stood before him, he panicked. And after he shouted a few times for his guards, he raised his head and asked help from Azure Dragon Sect.

But, it was still dark and quiet outside.

All imperial guards had disappeared and there was no trace of any expert of Azure Dragon Sect, seemingly, everyone had disappeared in an instant, leaving behind only him and Ye Chuan.

Li Guang Han became pale and gritting his teeth, he ferociously attacked Ye Chuan, but his body couldn’t help trembling.

Even his reaction got slower, and he realized that something big had happened, and that was anything but reassuring.

Either Ye Chuan brought many experts of Cloud Mist Sect and laid down a restriction to isolate this Azure Dragon Courtyard including the sound of activities inside, moreover, had killed all experts of imperial palace; or, something happened to Azure Dragon Sect.

In addition, thinking about how Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was slow to return, the heart of Li Guang Han became more and more restless.

“Your Highness, don’t shout anymore, economize your strength as it is useless no matter how loudly you shout.”

Ye Chuan dodged the attack of Li Guang Han and said indifferently, “Tonight is the day of your death. Long Fei has already died, you should go together with him and have a good dream with him in the underworld.”


Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei actually died, how can this be?

The heart of Li Guang Han shook and looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief.

Ye Chuan didn’t say anything, just clapped.

Flame Devil walked out of the darkness and coldly stood behind Li Guang Han with three feet flame on his palm.

Kakaka, along with a laughter, Old Demon of Mount Yin also walked out and stood outside the window, blocking the route of retreat of Li Guang Han. Moreover, countless vines sprang out from the ground completely surrounding this Azure Dragon Courtyard.

And along with strong footsteps, Nan Tiandu also walked out from the darkness and stood at the door. He had a sharp blade in his hand. That blade was emitting cold killing intent. It was precisely Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei.

Li Guang Han was not unfamiliar with Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade. He had personally brought out this big killing weapon of Azure Dragon Sect from the imperial palace and handed it over to Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei. Ye Chuan didn’t need to say anything, just looking at this blade, Li Guang Han understood everything. Azure Dragon Sect Master who considered himself the best in the world and who could have broken through to Half-Sage realm at any time had truly died!

“Surnamed Ye, what do you want?” Li Guang Han was stern in both voice and countenance. He however stubbornly refused to admit defeat even though he was anxious in his heart.

Now, he was in dire straits, but, he was still at least Da Qin Crown Prince, would Ye Chuan dare to do anything to him? Would he truly dare to kill him?

“Nothing much, originally, I wanted to take you back to Cloud Mist Sect, but……” Ye Chuan paused, seemingly, having misgivings in his heart.

“Hahaha, but what?”

Li Guang Han became complacent, but he secretly sighed in relief. This brat Ye Chuan truly didn’t dare to kill him. No matter how arrogant Ye Chuan was, he was still a disciple of a third-rate sect, but what about him? He however was dignified Da Qin Crown Prince, who dare to touch him?

“Later, I thought for a bit. My Cloud Mist Sect is very weak and is merely a small sect with limited resources. My sect is unable to support many idlers, so……, I decided to kill you.” Ye Chuan said and coldly looking at Li Guang Han, he made a beheading gesture. Immediately after that, Nan Tiandu who was standing at the doorway rushed over and raised the sharp Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, then chopped down.

“No……, you cannot kill me, no……”

Li Guang Han screamed and instantly moved sideways. This blade of Nan Tiandu didn’t cut off his neck, just ruthlessly cut his chest.

Li Guang Han was sent flying and he slammed against the wall behind him and fell to the ground. Only after struggling for a while, he was able to stand up, but his chest was bleeding like a pig.

“Your Highness, stretch your neck and accept death. In any case, staying alive, you will only have to endure hardships since you are neither human nor ghost. You will reincarnate early if you die early. Remember, don’t be arrogant like this in your next life, some people are destined to be someone you cannot afford to offend. Even if you born into the imperial family, you still cannot afford to offend them.” Ye Chuan walked over and said coldly.

Li Guang Han looked all around. Old Demon of Mount Yin, Nan Tiandu and others were surrounding him. Now, even if he fought a bloody battle, he would not be able to escape alive from this encirclement.

“Ye……, Ye Chuan……, you……, you are very ruthless, my father emperor will not……, let you off. State Teacher……, will avenge me! You……, you just wait, I will see how long……, how long you will remain alive, hahaha……”

Li Guang Han roared with laughter in despair. He clearly knew that it was useless to ask for mercy, so he just stared ferociously at Ye Chuan. And just after he finished speaking, he gritted his teeth and rushed towards Ye Chuan, then ferociously stabbed towards the chest of Ye Chuan. Even if he dies, he wanted to drag Ye Chuan down to die together with him, so he attempted to perish together with Ye Chuan.

“Overestimating your abilities!”

Ye Chuan shook his head and stood still, completely ignoring crazy Li Guang Han.

A cold blade light suddenly streaked across the night sky.

Nan Tiandu made a move with his blade. This time, he cut off the head of Li Guang Han. This reprehensible Da Qin Crown Prince who had destroyed unknown numbers of respectable women throughout his life died just like this. His laughter was still reverberating in the air and even his lips were moving, but his head was already separated from his body. And a hint of his blood splashed on Ye Chuan.

At that time, a supple and graceful figure rushed out from the darkness.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu along with Azure Snake Daoist Master and living corpse Old Han rushed over here. And seeing the corpse of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, they were shocked, “Noble son Ye, you……, did you just kill His Highness?”

Although she already knew that Li Guang Han and Ye Chuan had deep grudges and Ye Chuan will not let him off, suddenly seeing the corpse of Li Guang Han, Azure Dragon Lady still couldn’t help but was greatly surprised.

The dignified Da Qin Crown Prince was killed just like this. If this news was to spread then didn’t Ye Chuan fear the wrath of Da Qin King? Didn’t he fear Da Qin King dispatching millions of soldiers to annihilate Cloud Mist Sect?

“Yes, I killed him. He didn’t want me alive and have made things difficult for me several times, so not killing him, do you want me to leave him alone and let him continue to do wicked deeds?”

Ye Chuan knew what Azure Dragon Lady was worried about. He paused for a bit and indifferently said, “Rest assured, the experts beside Li Guang Han will never say anything. Moreover, this fellow had disguised himself to come to Azure Dragon Sect, so not many people know his whereabouts. Even if he dies, no one will know how he died and where he died. Taking a step back, even if Da Qin King knew that he died in my hands, I am afraid that he can do nothing about it for the time being. Because of the noble alliance, chaos is around the corner, which especially is causing a headache for Da Qin King. At this moment, he can do nothing about my Cloud Mist Sect, and later, he will even more be unable to do nothing.”

Ye Chuan always planned everything ahead before he handled affairs. Killing Li Guang Han wasn’t the momentary impulse, rather the decision after planning ahead. Li Guang Han had already fallen into disfavor, and now, Da Qin King was unable to even fend for himself, so at this moment, he will absolutely not make a move against Cloud Mist Sect. Afterward, even if Da Qin King completely suppressed the internal strife and frightened all nobles, at that time, the situation of Cloud Mist Sect would have already change. It would be even hard for him to make a move.

Condensing one Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him 18,000 jin strength, in addition, he could tame different yao beasts to form yao beast legion. Ye Chuan had full confidence in his cultivation.

“Report……, Lady, bad news!”

One scout suddenly flew over stepping on a flying sword and his complexion was pale, “Outside Azure Dragon City, a terrifying death plague suddenly emerged. All three thousand soldiers outside the city suddenly died!”


Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu cried out in alarm. At the same time, her complexion and Ye Chuan’s complexion changed, quickly recalling a terrifying evil spirit, Plague Archfiend!

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  1. Looks like it is time to compress another Heaven Swallowing Talisman from this Plague Archfiend.

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