Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 37

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 37: Fatty don’t you have a swollen face

Ghost Market was located in a secret valley. And this secret valley was located in an unregulated area which was right in the middle of Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, all three big sects.

At noon, Ye Chuan and Fatty Zhao Dazhi traveled all the way to this valley. After that they disguised themselves, and wore a wide big bamboo hat on their head, completely covering their facial features. The traffic of cultivators was very high, and the overwhelming majority were in similar attire, no-one was willing to easily expose their identity, merely a small number of powerful elite disciples or loose cultivators were unscrupulous.

Arriving at the valley, there was no real sense of arriving in the Ghost Market. And after that, walking down a rather dark stone steps, going nearly 100 meters deep into the ground, a special market appeared before Ye Chuan.

The entrance of this stone stairs looked ordinary and mediocre, and was a natural cave, but inside was a completely different world.

The entire market was simply a crisscrossed underpass, coupled with large and small grottos. Inside these grottos, people were hawking and trading various kinds of goods. Moreover, even in the fierce summer, a chilling wind was blowing inside the market as if surrounded by a huge underground grave. And the light illuminating inside was also dim.

Looking up, dark place seems to have layer upon layer of ghost shadow, and under the foot, scorpions and centipedes would occasionally crawl. Timid people would have their hearts in jitters walking even a few steps. Moreover, the looks of the vendors inside the grottos were also hideous and frightening. Overwhelmingly majority of them were ice cold and indifference, and some were even emitting dense ghost qi, clearly were great devils.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, be careful, don’t stare at other people continuously, Ghost Market has dragons and fishes jumbled together. Moreover, this place has always been a favorite place of many fugitives and great devils. Furthermore, there are some people, even our three great sects cannot afford to offend easily.”

Fatty pushed down the big bamboo hat, and knowing Ye Chuan had never been to this kind of places, he warned in a low voice: “If you take a fancy to something, then Big Senior Apprentice-Brother doesn’t need to open your mouth, just give me a signal in secret, and I will deal with everything afterwards. Junior apprentice-brother, I am not up to much in cultivation, but I am very confident in haggling.”

“Fatty, what did you used to do before joining Cloud Mist Sect? Ye Chuan asked.

“My family sells rice, and our family has opened rice shops in many places of Da Qing Dynasty. And I grew up following my father selling and buying rice. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, afterward if you have an opportunity to go down the mountain, then you have to come to my house. Even if we have nothing else, we do have many rice. Uh……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am not saying you eat a lot, what I am saying is……” Fatty suddenly stopped talking, realizing he had made a slip of the tongue. Saying his family had many rice, wasn’t that similar to saying that the other party eats a lot, and secretly cursing other people was a piggish eater?

“Let’s go.”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled and walked to the front of one grotto, and Fatty Zhao Dazhi also followed after him jolting his buttocks. Originally, he led Ye Chuan here to widen the knowledge of Ye Chuan, but now he instead became Ye Chuan’s footman.

In a single sweeping quick glance, Ye Chuan roughly had a pretty good understanding of the qualities of items displayed by the hawking inside the grottos. He didn’t even need to walk inside to look. There were many treasures and pills inside the Ghost Market, unfortunately, the things that could enter the eyes of Ye Chuan was really too few. And after turning a corner, a huge grotto appeared in front of them, both inside and outside of this grotto were paved with stone and the spiritual qi was also dense. Moreover, above the entrance of this grotto, a golden flying sword was engraved.

“This is our Cloud Mist Sect’s stronghold in Ghost Market. There are sect’s experts here to oversee. They are responsible for selling the pills refined by the sect as well as to protect the disciples of our sect here in Ghost Market. Moreover, they are also the defensive strength of Ghost Market. Similarly, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect also have their stronghold here. These three great large sects together safeguard the order of Ghost Market, making a number of great devils unable to be too presumptuous.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi quickly stepped forward and whispered in the ear of Ye Chuan.

“Then today, which expert is overseeing here?” Sharp eyed Ye Chuan swiftly noticed a familiar figure inside the grotto. Zhu Sijia wearing a red battle outfit was inside the grotto, in the process of inspecting a treasure.

“Senior apprentice-sister Jiajia and a sect protector.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi answered, then asked: “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, should we go in and greet them?”

“No, let’s go.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then walked past this grotto. Other than fatty beside him, he didn’t want other people to know his whereabouts. If he wanted to flirt with Zhu Sijia, this shrewish and unruly lass, then there were still many opportunities in the future.

Moving on, Ye Chuan found an interesting item in a grotto.

This was a small crossbow, which was small and exquisite. And an anonymous formation was engraved on the body of this crossbow, which could be activated using spiritual power within one’s body. Although it seemed small and exquisite, its power however wasn’t small. The arrow shot from this crossbow would be able to penetrate through three-inch thick iron plate. Such power, perhaps even Rank 1 Xiushi realm cultivators would find hard to resist. Especially in close-ranged sneak attack, it would be a ferocious killing weapon.

Ye Chuan picked up this small crossbow, and carefully observed it. He also repeatedly injected his spiritual power to test.

After refining Marrow Cleansing Pill given to him by Ye Chuan, fatty finally achieved his wish of breaking through to Rank 1 Xiushi, and becoming inner sect disciple was right around the corner. And being elated, he was very respectful and grateful towards this generous Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Ye Chuan. And now seeing Ye Chuan was somewhat fond of this thing, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity to show off, so he arrogantly threw a pouch of silvers, and said: “Senior, I want this small crossbow, how much, you can count yourself.”

“3,000 tales of silver, this is far from enough.”

The old man sitting inside the grotto raised his head and indifferently looked at fatty.

The face of Fatty Zhao Dazhi got red all of a sudden. Not long ago, he was bragging how even if he had nothing else, he had many silvers. And now when he finally had a chance to show off with great difficulty, he boldly showed off without any restraints, but who would have thought that he was immediately slapped in his face.

“Let’s go.” Ye Chuan put down the small crossbow and turned away. This fellow fatty, it seems his family isn’t that wealthy and he is also not that good at haggling, merely expert in boasting that’s all.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, wait!”

Fatty chased after Ye Chuan, and said feeling somewhat embarrassed, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t go, if silvers are not enough, I still can think of a way. Oh, that’s right, wasn’t Miss Jiajia is here? Wait a minute, I’ll go and borrow some silvers from her, she definitely has many silvers.”

“Forget it, most of the silver she has are obtained by selling the pills refined by sect, and do you think that you can use them as you please?” Ye Chuan shook his head.

Although fatty didn’t have sufficient silvers, but his face was sufficiently thick, “There is nothing to fear, first use them and talk about the consequences later, in any case, investigating is done from top to bottom, and we’ll have Miss Jiajia on the top.”

“Not necessary, fatty, really don’t need. And you don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s just a small item, I was just looking at it casually. The nameless formation engraved on it was a little interesting, unfortunately, it was incomplete. Its strength was powerful but is not flexible enough. It looks powerful, but in actual combat, it cannot be used more than three times continuously, else it would definitely break, attractive but useless.” Ye Chuan strode away.

Behind, hearing this, that old man who was drowsily sitting inside the grotto was startled, he immediately raised his head and exclaimed: “Eh, how did this person know? Hearing the voice, he is not that old, and his cultivation is also lower than Xiushi realm, how could this be? Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……, which sect nurtured such excellent Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect?”

This old man who had been hiding his identity for many years was surprised.

He had displayed this small crossbow in Ghost Market for full 10 years, and there were people that held it in contempt, but there were plenty of people that were full of praise as well as loved it too much to part with it, merely the price was too high, so it continuously remained unsold. And the person who was able to reveal the shortcoming of this small crossbow in a single glance, Ye Chuan was the only one in this entire 10 years.

That old man rushed out and wanted to see what exactly the origin of Ye Chuan was, unfortunately, he was a step too late and was not able to see even the trace of Ye Chuan. Then mumbling to himself, he deduced that Ye Chuan was the person of either Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect.

Ghost Market was hidden in a remote place, and an overwhelming majority of disciples that came to this place were of Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect. In these last few years, the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect was famous for his mediocrity, so this old man simply disregarded the Cloud Mist Sect.

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