Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 369

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 369: A pitiful person

Late at night, the wind got stronger and stronger and the temperature also got colder and colder.

A burst of cold wind blew inside from the window and the imperial guard drew back his neck feeling cold. Li Guang Han who had strong body however felt nothing. Just the paper in front of him was blown away by the wind.

“Kill, kill, kill……”

Li Guang Han took a new blank paper and wrote two words ‘Ye Chuan’ in big font, then wrote kill throughout the paper while gnashing his teeth.

Originally, he would have returned from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm with good results and would also have obtained the good graces of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia;

Originally, he was securely sitting on the throne of Da Qin Crown Prince, and after achieving meritorious deeds, he would just be waiting to become next Da Qin King;

However, because of Ye Chuan, everything changed. His appearance changed into current neither ghost nor human appearance. Half of his face was a human face and the other half was iron, in addition, his father emperor didn’t even give him an audience. Although his status had not been revoked yet, was still Da Qing Crown Prince, people were already bringing the talk of impeachment in secret. The voice for replacing crown prince was intensifying among the court and the commons.

Li Guang Han suddenly took off his mask and looking at the mirror hanging on the wall, he slowly caressed his own face.

His handsome appearance still exists. His thick eyebrows, bright and piercing eyes, and straight bridge of the nose, they were still as handsome as before, unfortunately, only half of them remain. The left half of his face could captivate women, but the right half of his face would make women scream in fear. He was neither human nor ghost now. If he went out at night, then even ghosts would be frightened by him!

“Kill, kill, Ye Chuan, I will definitely kill you……”

Looking at his own current appearance, the heart of Li Guang Han was bleeding. He gnashed his teeth and muttered to himself as the left half of his face twisted.

“Your Highness, Your Highness……, it’s already late, you……”

The imperial guard offered advice again. He didn’t know why but he was also feeling somewhat uneasy. The surrounding was too quiet. It was somewhat strange. He subconsciously wanted to leave this room and go far away.

Li Guang Han didn’t utter a word. He just suddenly turned around.

The imperial guard cried out in alarm and trembled.

Although this was not the first time he had seen the true face of Li Guang Han, seeing his this neither ghost nor person appearance in the middle of the night, he was so scared that he jumped. Especially, at this moment, the face of Li Guang Han was twisted, becoming even more frightening.

“Heizi, what, am I so frightening?” Li Guang Han gloomily asked looking at this trembling imperial guard.

“No……, no, Your Highness, your appearance is good, it’s……, it’s me……”

The teeth of imperial guard Heizi chattered. He wanted to provide an explanation, but he stuttered not knowing what to say.

Without warning, the big hand of Li Guang Han grabbed the neck of imperial guard Heizi and roared with laughter, “Hahaha, my appearance is good? Well then, Haizi, carefully look at my appearance, look more, hahaha…….”

Li Guang Han roared with laughter, looking just like a madman. And the strength in his hand was getting stronger and stronger, making this imperial guard Haizi unable to breathe. Li Guang Han even lifted him up with his neck.

“Your Highness, I……, spare……”

The imperial guard Haizi struggled with all his strength and he used his dangling legs to kick Li Guang Han. But, relying on his initial stage Daoist Master realm cultivation base, how could he be the opponent of Li Guang Han? His eyes went white after struggling for a while, then his head weakly drooped down as his neck was broken.

At that moment, the door was kicked open, and several guards nervously rushed in as if they were facing a formidable foe. But, when they saw the situation inside the room, they were startled, then they silently turned around and left the room. After that, they went far away from this study while trembling, lest they would become the next Heizi. Li Guang Han, this Da Qin Crown Prince was getting more and more difficult to serve nowadays. He regularly acted like a lunatic and it was hard to figure him out, as a result, the loyal and devoted guards of former days secretly retreated far away.

In the past, following Li Guang Han, they could run amuck and had a boundless prospect, but now, if they continued to follow him, then they would become just like that imperial guard Heizi!

“Hahaha, kill, kill, why are you not jumping again? Why aren’t you struggling? Hahaha……”

Li Guang Han roared with laughter as he imagined this imperial guard Haizi as Ye Chuan. Now, he was gnashing his teeth and his face was twisted, looking more ruthless even compared to a great devil.

Pa, pa, pa, the sound of applaud suddenly resounded in the ears of Li Guang Han.

“Who?” Li Guang Han suddenly turned around.

A tall figure slowly came out from the dark. His cultivation base appeared mediocre and his appearance was also mediocre, but the more he looked at his face, the more eye-catching it was. Moreover, he had a hint of an evil smile.

“Ye Chuan?”

Li Guang Han was shocked, and his limbs became ice-cold. He immediately threw the corpse in his hand to one side and asked, “You……, how can you be here?”

“Your Highness, weren’t you looking for me? So, I came.”

Ye Chuan took a quick glance at the corpse of imperial guard Haizi and shook his head, “Pitiful, too pitiful!”

“Since entering the imperial palace to become an imperial expert, dying for the imperial family is an honor, what is so pitiful?” Li Guang Han took a deep breath and coldly said while preparing his strongest attack.

“No, I am not having pity on this guard, I am having pity on you.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and looking at Li Guang Han, he paused for a bit and added, “Grand Da Qin Crown Prince, young and promising, moreover, handsome and full of confidence, what a prestige, what a grand person! It’s a pity, you have become like this now. No need to say that you are neither person nor ghost, your mentality has also begun to twist and become abnormal. Now, you are even inferior to an ordinary person, how can you ascend the throne and govern the country in the future? All said that Da Qin Dynasty is nearing its fated end. Da Qin King has qi deviation and his time is limited, and the crown prince has gone mad, it seems, that truly is not false!”

“Brat, isn’t everything your deed? Kill!”

Li Guang Han no longer listened to Ye Chuan. He suddenly kicked the desk flying and pulling out a sword, he rushed towards Ye Chuan.

The heavy desk brushed past Ye Chuan and slammed into the wall behind him and fell to pieces.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chuan stood still without making any move until the sword in the hand of Li Guang Han was about to pierce through his chest. He slightly moved sideways and easily dodged the fierce attack of Li Guang Han.

But, Li Guang Han gnashed his teeth and attacked again.

Ye Chuan still didn’t attack back, just used Cyan Feather Technique to dodge. He dodged the furious attacks of Li Guang Han in succession as if he was taking a leisurely walk in his quiet courtyard. As for Li Guang Han, he gnashed his teeth and roared repeatedly while attacking, but he was even unable to touch the edge of Ye Chuan’s clothing.

After breaking through to Rank 3 Daoist Master realm and condensing eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans, no need to mention the doughtiness of Ye Chuan’s physical body, his speed and agility had also risen. Now, he displayed the might of Cyan Feather Technique to the fullest, progressing towards the state of his previous life when he concealed the heaven. In his previous life, his Heaven Concealing Secrets had made many Sage realm experts terror-stricken, but the might of Cyan Feather Technique was also widely known. A lot of experts whose cultivation base was above him were unable to keep up with him, as a result, they were unable to attack, and on the contrary, they died under his hands due to exhaustion.

“Guards, guards, kill this brat Ye Chuan for me……” Li Guang Han attacked ferociously while shouting loudly.

But the outside was very quiet. There were no guards outside. No matter how Li Guang Han shouted, outside was dead silent.

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