Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 368

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 368: Judgment day of Guang Han


Plague Archfiend again transformed into Three Eyed Toad and roared angrily, swallowing Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei whole. But the laughter of the latter was still reverberating even though he had already disappeared.

“The taste of Azure Dragon Sect Master is truly not ordinary, hahaha!”

Plague Archfiend roared with laughter and he knocked down several stone tablets while rushing out, finally escaping from the seal that had sealed him for thousands of years.

“Be careful!”

Ye Chuan waved Iron Blooded Banner in his hand and jumped up, then hung down from the roof like a bat.

Azure Dragon Lady, Nan Tiandu and others followed suit and got out of the way in succession.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was already hard to deal with, let alone this Half-Sage realm Plague Archfiend. They were unable to stop him. Fortunately, after escaping from the seal, Plague Archfiend was eager to return to the outside world. He didn’t continue fighting, he just roared and rushed out of the cave. The restriction and poison powders at the exit of this cave that gave a hard time to Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei weren’t even able to stop this peerless evil spirit that came from the world beyond the highest heaven for a second.

In the darkness, a muffled groan resounded.

Old Han was finally unable to support himself and fell to the ground. He didn’t have body temperature, didn’t have a heartbeat and his physique was extraordinary, but in addition to losing an arm, his vitality was greatly damaged. After Plague Archfiend left, he was unable to hold on anymore. Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu hastily rushed over and bandaged his wounds. Old Demon of Mount Yin, Nan Tiandu and Azure Snake Daoist Master walked all around and quickly cleaned up the battlefield. In addition to Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, they found a booklet. That booklet had ‘Azure Dragon Secrets’ written on its cover. It seemed that this booklet had fallen from the bosom of Azure Dragon Sect Master during the intense battle.

Both of them were Azure Dragon Sect’s things. Now that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had died, Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was the power holder. Ye Chuan shook his head and looked towards Old Demon of Mount Yin, signaling him to give them to Azure Dragon Lady.

Azure Dragon Lady took Azure Dragon Secrets and after reluctantly feeling about this book, she burned it to ashes.

“Lady, you……” Ye Chuan was surprised.

“This is a forbidden evil technique. It harms more than benefit, so destroying it is much better, lest big traitor like wicked Long Fei will appear again in Azure Dragon Sect. As for this Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade……” Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu brandished it a few times and then walked over to Ye Chuan and said, “Noble son Ye, the ancients had said that fresh flowers should be gifted to beauties and fine swords should be gifted to heroes, I give you this Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade.”


Old Han and Azure Snake Daoist Master exclaimed in great shock.

This Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was not only just a treasure, but was also a big killing weapon that suppressed the fate of their sect. They had obtained it again with great difficulty, how can it be given to an outsider?

“Lady, take it back.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and graciously declined the gift of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu, “Legend said that this big killing weapon suppresses the fate of your Azure Dragon Sect, such a big gift, who can receive it?”

Although Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was powerful, Ye Chuan already had Iron Blooded Banner which was in no way any inferior to it, in addition, he truly didn’t have much interest in this blade.

“Noble son Ye, there is an even bigger gift, will you accept?”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu raised herself slightly and looked up to Ye Chuan, revealing her fair and slender neck as well as a bit of her snow-white bosom and said softly, “Legend is just legend, this Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade had been lost for so many years, but isn’t our sect still fine? Now, although Long Fei is dead, his trusted aides and underlings still exists. I am unable to eradicate them with just my strength. Noble son Ye, if you have nothing urgent, then can you live in Azure Dragon Sect for a few more days and give me a chance to properly entertain you to thank you for the help, how about it?”

Azure Dragon Lady’s gaze was soft and her face was somewhat flushed.

Although Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had died, there were still many minions and confidants of his inside the sect. But Azure Dragon Lady’s force was too weak now as she had lost many experts of her side. Now, if she wanted to control the sect, then she naturally needed the help of Ye Chuan. This Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was useless, so it was better to give it to Ye Chuan as the gift and naturally, the bigger gift was……

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu beat around the bush but Ye Chuan understood and that madness of last night appeared in his mind.

“Alright, I will stay for a few more days. There is an old friend staying in your sect, it is time to go and see him.” Ye Chuan nodded his head and handing over Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade to Nan Tiandu, his face became ferocious remembering someone.

Li Guang Han, that fellow had made things difficult for him several times. After the failure of the last operation against Cloud Mist Sect, he was still unwilling to give up. He ran over to Azure Dragon Sect to stir up troubles. This time, Ye Chuan would not leave a future trouble.

“Okay, let’s go, let’s return to Azure Dragon Sect!”

Azure Dragon Lady instructed and turned to leave.

Now, taking advantage of the occasion when the news of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei’s death had not spread, they had to seize the power of the sect and eradicate underlings of Long Fei. If they were late, then another trouble may arise.

After they cleaned up the battlefield, they hastily left, and after exiting the cave, Nan Tiandu brandished Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, collapsing this Demonic Cave. Now, the cave inside was buried forever.

When they were coming, although their speed was fast, they didn’t dare to use their full speed as they feared that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei in his carriage might notice them, so their speed was restrained to some extent. Now, when they were returning, all of them went all-out without any misgivings. Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu and others were streaking across the sky stepping on flying sword. Only Nan Tiandu and Ye Chuan were running like wild on the ground. Not only their speed wasn’t slow, on the contrary, but their speed was also faster than flying swords. Seeing this, Azure Dragon Lady and others were speechless.

Late at night, the busy flow of people had quieted down.

The disciples had either went to sleep or were cultivating. Such a big sect was very quiet without any unusualness. At this moment, the overwhelming majority of people didn’t know the whereabouts of Sect Master Long Fei and even more didn’t know that he had already died. But, there was one exception.

Inside Azure Dragon Courtyard in the vicinity of Azure Dragon Hall where Azure Dragon Sect receives special honored guests, there was a study and an oil lamp was still burning in this room.

Under the oil lamp, a youth wearing a mask was sitting in front of a desk and he held a writing brush and ink that was already ground by servants. He appeared as if he wanted to copy some calligraphy or write a letter, but the youth had not begun to write anything. His heart was restless and he didn’t know what he should write. After a long time, he exerted strength in his fingers and the writing brush was snapped into two.

“Your Highness, it’s already late, please rest first.” An imperial guard stepped forward and offered advice.

“Rest? Tomorrow, we are setting off to Cloud Mist Sect to kill that brat Ye Chuan. But, Sect Master Long Fei has yet to return, how can I rest?”

Li Guang Han was feeling restless. He stood up and moved back and forth inside the study. After walking for a few moments, he suddenly sat in front of the desk again, then pick up another writing brush again. After that, he wrote many ‘Ye Chuan’ on a blank sheet of paper.

Tonight, he didn’t know why but he had a very bad premonition. He felt that something big would happen tonight and felt ill at ease. And thinking of Ye Chuan who was increasingly getting stronger, he felt more and more restless and he hatefully gnashed his teeth.

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