Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 366

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 366: I am very weak

“Azure Snake Daoist Master, Old Han……, good, good, you all are also here, just perfect, now I can round up the whole gang at one fell swoop. Unfortunately, you all cannot even withstand a single blow!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei looked at other people and said. Then looking towards Ye Chuan, Nan Tiandu and others, he was somewhat surprised as he said, “Who are you all? Still not daring to show your appearance? Let me see what kind of helpers are invited by junior apprentice sister.”

Ye Chuan took off the big bamboo hat and calmly looked at Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei. Next, Nan Tiandu and others also took off their big bamboo hat.

“Eh, who are you?”

The gaze of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was sinister. And he naturally noticed that Ye Chuan was the leader of this group at first glance.

As he sees it, the cultivation of Flame Devil was nothing. But, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu were different. They were peak Daoist Master realm expert. As for Ye Chuan, his energy fluctuation was very mediocre, it seemed his cultivation base was even inferior to Flame Devil. But, this precisely made Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei have most misgivings. The matters that couldn’t be seen through and unfathomable were even more terrifying. Who was Ye Chuan? How come he was the leader of two peak Daoist Master realm experts? What was his background? Or, did he had a special technique?

“Your Excellency Sect Master, weren’t you looking for me?” Ye Chuan gave a signal and Nan Tiandu and others spread around Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei.

“I was looking for you?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was even more confused and was somewhat at a loss. He racked his brains but he was unable to think of where he had seen such an old man. And he also didn’t seem to have heard about such an old man.

After ascending to the Sect Master throne of Azure Dragon Sect, in all these last few years, he had made many enemies, but all of them had died.

All loose cultivators and tyrants in the vicinity of Azure Dragon Prefecture had either fled or died. There was not a single person that could threaten the dominance of Azure Dragon Sect. And inside Azure Dragon Sect, all experts that were disloyal or didn’t submit to him were also secretly or directly gotten rid by him, including many trusted subordinates and trusted aides of his Master.

After thinking carefully for a while, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was still unable to remember where he had seen such an old man, so he frowned.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, open your eyes and look carefully again.”

Ye Chuan silently used a technique, dispelling Nine Demonic Transformation Technique. His body began to shake and slowly change into a young and vigorous youth from an old man, revealing his true appearance.

Even living corpse Old Han and Azure Snake Daoist Master beside Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu were surprised and had their eyes wide open. They truly found this inconceivable.

Nine Demonic Transformation Technique had already been lost in current Heavenly Fire Continent, so this disguising technique of Ye Chuan was beyond the expectation of everyone.

“Boy, you……, are you the Big Disciple Ye…… Ye Chuan of Cloud Mist Sect?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei cried out in alarm and suddenly recalling a person, he was startled and angry.

Just two days ago, he had seen the portrait of Ye Chuan in the room of Li Guang Han. Now, he carefully looked at Ye Chuan standing before him and again looked at Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu at one side, then, he was so angry that he laughed and said, “Good, good, junior apprentice sister Feihu, I truly didn’t expect you to actually collaborate with Cloud Mist Sect. But, do you think you can kill this senior apprentice brother with just this? What a pipe dream, hahahaha……, come all together, and let this lordship send you all in your way!”

Buzz! Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade in the hand of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei vibrated and his killing intent soared.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was very angry and his killing intent increased vastly.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu’s surprise attack was within his expectation. He had been intentionally humiliating Murong Feihu for the past many years to force her to make a move so as to completely eradicate remaining dissidents within Azure Dragon Sect. But, Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu had unexpectedly joined hands with Ye Chuan, this big disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. This exceeded his expectation so he was angry.

Everyone was silent, feeling tense.

Feeling the threatening killing intent of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei, no one dared to rashly make a move, especially Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu, Azure Snake Daoist Master and living corpse Old Han. Now that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had achieved success in Azure Dragon Secrets and also had obtained Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, this big killing weapon of the sect, he was no longer the former Long Fei. He was still very powerful even though he had already exhausted a lot of his vitality. At this moment, the first one to make a move was certain to receive his violent counterattack!

“Hahaha, does no one dare to make a move?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei roared with laughter and looked at Azure Dragon Lady and her group, then turning to Ye Chuan, he ferociously said, “Surnamed Ye, what, do you also not dare to make a move? You have the courage to sneak into my Azure Dragon Prefecture and join hands with my wife, but now, are you afraid and not dare to make a move? Hahahaha…… if you all don’t dare to make a move, then this lordship will make a move. This lordship will behead all of you!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei took a step forward and a powerful pressure spread around. Then, raising the sharp Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, he ferociously chopped down. Instantly, the pupils of everyone shrunk and their heartbeat accelerated, preparing their strongest attack.


When the battle was about to start, Ye Chuan suddenly shouted, “Your Excellency Sect Master, I have a matter that I must speak first.”

“What, surnamed Ye, do you want to surrender?” Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei laughed, and Azure Dragon Lady and her group became nervous and felt uneasy.

Now, if Ye Chuan changed his mind and leave with Nan Tiandu, Flame Devil and Old Demon of Mount Yin, then with only Azure Dragon Lady and her group, they will absolutely not be the opponent of Azure Dragon Sect Master. They would definitely die under the hand of the latter.

“No, I just want to tell you something.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“Boy, say it.”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei sneered and coldly said, “Even if you want to delay for the time, it is useless. Now, no one can save you, and your Cloud Mist Sect is also finished. After this lordship kills you, I will flatten your Cloud Mist Sect. Don’t blame this lordship for being too cruel, if you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not having the ability and courting death by provoking this lordship!”

“Well, I have no ability and I am very weak.”

Ye Chuan paused and slowly added, “I just wanted to say that your wife is very charming. Her figure is good and her dance is even better. Last night, I enjoyed her dance together with you, I truly consider myself most fortunate for that. Like this, I will definitely regret if I die now as I will not be able to see that scene again.”

The complexion of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei suddenly changed, becoming purplish red like a pig liver.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu also blushed, merely, she was so embarrassed that she was itching to pinch Ye Chuan. Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei however hated Ye Chuan so much that he was dying to behead Ye Chuan with his blade. But, after a short while, Azure Dragon Lady realized that Ye Chuan was intentionally enraging Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei to make him lose his rationale.

“Brat, you…… did you see last night?” The face of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was twisted and eyes seemed to be burning.

“Not only see, moreover, also did the deed. Your Excellency Sect Master, my restraint had always been very poor unlike you. You just watched but did nothing, moreover, you were actually able to restrain yourself for more than ten years, I truly admire you. Compared to you, I was far worse, I didn’t have such ability, so I was unable to endure last night.” Ye Chuan looked at Azure Dragon Sect Master and ridiculed.

“Ah……, brat, I will kill you!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei roared and he rushed towards Ye Chuan in rage.

Granted that they collaborated to kill him, but Ye Chuan and Azure Dragon Lady had done the deed, how could he not fly into a rage?

After cultivating Azure Dragon Secrets, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had increasingly becoming abnormal. He didn’t really regard Murong Feihu as his wife and had always humiliated her, stepping on her dignity. But this really doesn’t mean that he could let Murong Feihu stained by another man!

Now, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei who originally was laughing heartily was unable to laugh all of a sudden, and he was full of anger!

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