Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 365

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 365: I have been waiting for this day for a long time


Plague Archfiend angrily roared and ferociously charged forward as the answer to the proposal of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei.

Time and Space Demonic Wheel was his fate killing weapon, in addition, he needed it to return to the world beyond the highest heaven. If he wanted to exchange it for his life, then why would he wait until today to hand it over?

“Humph, a devil is after all a devil, so stubborn! Now, you don’t look so powerful, I wonder who is more powerful now!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei’s voice was sharp, resembling a woman’s voice. And just after speaking, he suddenly moved sideways to dodge, then rushed towards Plague Archfiend. At this moment, his body dazzled and indistinctly transformed into an azure dragon, then as if baring fangs and brandishing claws, Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade in his hand trembled making a buzzing sound. After that, the blade chopped down, and even air seemed to be torn apart.

“Azure Dragon Secrets, he……, did he truly made a breakthrough and transform into a dragon?”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu suddenly covered her mouth and didn’t dare to speak more. Her complexion however was pale and disbelief was written all over her face along with a little fear.

Wyvern in Sky was the life technique of successive sect masters of Azure Dragon Sect, but there was a secret, i.e., Azure Dragon Sect furthermore had an even more powerful cultivation technique. It was this mysterious Azure Dragon Secrets. But, according to what the father of Azure Dragon Lady had said when he was alive, that was an evil cultivation technique. Cultivation this technique, one would become neither male nor female, and then gradually lose reason, becoming a madman that only knew to kill. And achieving success in the cultivation of this technique, one would transform into an azure dragon and one’s strength would vastly increase, but their heart would increasingly become abnormal and they would regard the entire world as an enemy.

A dazzling red dot appeared under the foot of Plague Archfiend, and it suddenly spread out. That was bright red magma.

But Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei simply stepped on the magma and rushed to the front of Plague Archfiend and ruthlessly chopped down. And his blade just happened to land on the thigh of this Plague Archfiend.

However, exceeding his expectation, the right leg of this Plague Archfiend wasn’t cut off. There wasn’t even a wound. Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei felt as if his blade had hit a solid steel plate. In the next moment, the ground below Plague Archfiend crack open and a powerful shock wave spread all around.

“Overestimating your capabilities! Your master, your master’s master, even they weren’t capable enough to snatch Time and Space Demonic Wheel from this lordship, surnamed Long, are you capable enough? I like this blade, let it accompany this lordship, hahaha……”

Plague Archfiend roared with laughter and he suddenly trembled and swayed, transforming into a three-eyed toad. It seemed he was a thousand times bigger than an ordinary toad. His belly was white, but his back was green in color and oily, moreover, was full of big and small bumps. Now, he was also a thousand times uglier than before. After transforming, his stomach swelled and then opening his mouth, he breathed in and Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was unable to stand stably. It seemed he wanted to swallow Sect Master Long Fei whole.

“As it turned out you are truly a Three-Eyed Toad!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei coldly snorted, and transforming into a dragon, he revolved around, faster and faster, then suddenly jumping over Plague Archfiend, he took advantage of this opportunity and chopped down ruthlessly with his blade. This time, the blade landed on the head of Plague Archfiend, just three inches above the three eyes of the latter. In this attack, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had mustered all his strength, so this attack was very powerful. This Plague Archfiend was unable to withstand this attack and blood flowed out from his head.

Roar! Plague Archfiend roared and opening its mouth, it spat out a mouthful of poisonous mist.

The complexion of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei changed. He couldn’t afford to follow up and attack. He hastily retreated. But, he touched a bit of this poisonous mist and the skin of his right hand begun to fester, revealing white bones.

The poison of Three-Eyed Toad!

Plague Archfiend was also fighting desperately. He didn’t hesitate to spend his vitality to fight back.

As a Half-Sage realm evil spirit, he possessed remarkable abilities and needless to say he was very powerful. In addition, he had the ability to melt the ground and change it into magma. And after displaying his true form, he could open his mouth and swallow his enemy whole. But, his most powerful innate skill was this distinctive poisonous mist.

Carelessly inhaling this poisonous mist, even the skin of a Half-Sage realm expert would fester. And, even more terrifying matter was, it was contagious, it would spread from one to ten, and from ten to a hundred, quickly becoming a plague. When he first came to Heaven Fire Continent from the world beyond the highest heaven, relying on this ability, Plague Archfiend turned a thousand li of land into a barren land in the space of a night. Everyone within a thousand li contacted this plague and died with the festering of their skin. Then, the ominous name of Plague Archfiend spread around. In the end, this Plague Archfiend encountered the founder of Azure Dragon Sect and was suppressed here with his great technique and this restriction for thousands of years.

“Humph, old devil, be complacent while you can! I will see until when you can be so complacent!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei didn’t dare to rush forward again. He jumped back to the periphery and began illuminating the remaining seven stone tablets one by one. The festering of his right hand not only didn’t stop, instead became even fiercer. There was a sign of it spreading to his shoulder, so Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei didn’t dare to be negligent. And after taking a few breaths to calm himself down, he turned around, preparing to return to Azure Dragon Sect to heal his injury and come back again.

At that time, a dozen or so figures suddenly rushed out from the dark and rushed towards Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was personally rushing in the front. She decisively launched an attack, leading her followers. In the blink of an eye, there were glint and flash of daggers and swords. When Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was very exhausted and was most relaxed without the slightest alertness, they attacked with all their strength.

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei brandished Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade in his hand to block all attacks. And in the next moment, his cold blade streak across the air, and one scream after other resounded in succession. Practically at the same time, five Rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts became a pool of blood.

Even if he was unprepared, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei instantly reacted instinctively, moreover, his counterattack was incomparably swift and fierce!

Instantly, together with Ye Chuan, the heart of everything became ice-cold.

Watching the fierce battle between Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei and Plague Archfiend was nothing. Personally entering the battle, they truly experienced the power of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei. The cultivation base of the latter was not unfathomable like that of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, but his attack was swifter and fiercer!

“Battle formation, kill him!”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu shouted loudly and rushed forward gritting her teeth. The remaining black robed people also didn’t hesitate, they also rushed forward, risking their lives. In a brief period of time, sword qi and blade light flew everywhere, and Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei became even paler as he exhausted even more vitality. But, more black robed people became a pool of blood. Practically in the blink of an eye, among 11 experts brought along by Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu, only two were left. One was living corpse Old Han who neither had body temperature nor heartbeat, and the other one was Azure Snake Daoist Master. On the contrary, Flame Devil, Nan Tiandu and Old Demon of Mount Yin beside Ye Chuan were more scared than hurt, bearing the overwhelming majority of pressure.

“Lady, is that you?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei looked around and his gaze remained at the graceful Azure Dragon Lady then he said with a cold smile, “Junior apprentice sister, after so many years, you finally couldn’t endure?”

“That’s right, it’s me.” Azure Dragon Lady took off the big bamboo hat and looked at Azure Dragon Sect Master with dense killing intent.

“Hahaha, good, good. In ten years of married life, every year, every day and every night, you suffered such humiliation, junior apprentice sister truly has the ability to endure, hahahaha……” Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei roared with laughter, discarding the hypocritical mask of former days.

In the past ten years, Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu had never not wanted to kill Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei, and she had always been waiting for this day to make a move. But who would have thought that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was also waiting for this day. He had always been humiliating Azure Dragon Lady while waiting for such day. If he didn’t force Azure Dragon Lady to make a move, then how could he thoroughly eliminate the trusted subordinates of his Master? How could he completely wipe out Azure Dragon Lady as well as all her trusted aides?

“Hahaha, hahahahaha……”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei roared with laughter. Even though he was being ambushed, he had no fear as he had absolute confidence in his own strength.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait to see how Ye Chuan is going to deal with another opponent almost on par with the State Teacher who he couldn’t do anything to.

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