Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 364

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 364: Time and Space Demonic Wheel

After the preparation was complete, the group entered Demonic Cave.

Outside the cave, the burst of heat waves only shocked them, but after entering the cave, even hotter heat waves blew directly against them. Very quickly, the clothing of everyone was drenched with sweat. And the ground also became hotter and hotter as if they were walking towards the crater of a volcano. What was even stranger was, after entering the cave, they could no longer hear any sounds of outside, even their divine sense also couldn’t sense outside as if this was a completely new world separated from the outside world.

“This place has an ancient restriction that existed for unknown numbers of years. Inside and outside of this cave is completely different. Unless one is Half-Sage realm expert, even divine sense is isolated.” Azure Dragon lady whispered.

“No wonder.”

Ye Chuan looked around while walking. He finally knew why there was no response from Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei even though the guards outside were being killed.

This cave was deep. There were many twists and turns leading downwards, seemingly, was the passage leading to the core of the earth.

At an unknown time, pieces of cyan crystal stones had begun to appear on the ground. Ancient runes were engraved on them. Many crystal stones and runes combined together to form another restriction. And the deeper they went, the stronger the energy fluctuation in the air. Everyone felt heavy pressure and their strength as greatly reduced.

Angry roaring sounds were getting clearer and clearer along with chains dragging sounds.

The entire group of people was silent and they were getting more and more nervous. The same was true for Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu.

What was in Demonic Cave, she was also not very clear. This was the first time she had personally come to this place. All of her understanding of this Demonic Cave comes from the words of her father. Now, it had already been many years since her father had passed away, so even she didn’t know if some changes had occurred or not. Only Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei completely understand the situation of this place.

A hint of red light appeared far away in the field of vision of everyone.

When they walked in, they discovered that it was not a red light, rather was bright red magma. Even the air was boiling hot here. Taking a breath, one would fill their throat uncomfortable as if it was on fire.

“The place where Plague Archfiend is imprisoned is nearby, everyone, be careful and keep this Azure Dragon Pill in your mouth. Place it under your tongue, do not swallow it!”

Azure Dragon Lady suddenly stopped and took out a crystal bottle from her bosom. It was filled with cyan pills. She gave one pill to each person. Keeping it in their mouth, they felt cool and refreshing, resisting the high temperature inside the cave.

After a short rest, the group of people set out. And after roughly one hour, a huge grotto appeared in front of them.

Inside the grotto, there were countless rune engraved crystal stones forming a restriction. And there were also many stone tablets with a fixed distance between them. There were more than 100 of those stone tablets around, forming a big circle. In the middle of this circle, a nearly three meters tall Ox-Headed Person was bound. Looking from far away, he somewhat resembled Horned Demon Na Gusi, but his energy fluctuation was violent, was vaguely not any inferior to Jiang Tunsheng, unexpectedly was a half-Sage realm evil spirit. He roared frequently and struggled to break free from his binding of rune chain.

The one end of this rune chain bound this Ox-Headed Person and the other end was buried at the center of this circle. Perhaps, at the time of refining, this rune chain was very long, or perhaps, being pulled over a long period of time, it was stretched, but every time this Ox-Head Person rushed, he was almost able to rush out of the circle made by those stone tablets, and the rune chain around his body made sounds as if it would break at any moment. When he roared loudly, magma would suddenly appear under his foot and even huge rocks would melt down.

Plague Archfiend!

An archfiend who was suppressed and sealed for an unknown period of time appeared before the eyes of everyone.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei holding Azure Dragon Sect’s Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade jumped into the grotto and dodging the attacks of Plague Archfiend, he illuminated the stone tablets inside the grotto.

The method of illumination was very simple. He just needed to press the stone tablet and drip a drop of essence blood, injecting his vitality into it. The originally dim stone tablets suddenly shone with cyan light, then the rune chain around the body of Plague Archfiend also shone with cyan light looking brand-new. After that, the rune chain slowly shortened, firmly bounding Plague Archfiend.

Every stone tablets should be illuminated to complete the seal. Although it wasn’t complicated, it was extremely dangerous to operate. The slight carelessness would make him fall into terrifying magma or even get caught by Plague Archfiend.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei used Wyvern in Sky, this peerless technique of Azure Dragon Sect, and nimbly jumped all around, moreover, sometimes he dangerously brush past Plague Archfiend. Naturally not to dodge, but to attack. He suddenly raised his Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade and slashed out, then the blade light suddenly shone violently and the might behind this sword slash was astonishing. Even this Half-Sage realm Plague Archfiend didn’t dare to take this attack head-on.

To illuminate the stone tablets, it was necessary to spend a drop of essence blood, exhausting his vitality. Slowly, skillful Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei also began to get tired and his movement also begun to slow down. Now, there were still some stone tablets that were yet to be illuminated. But, the attack of Plague Archfiend was still vigorous as before, the shorter the rune chain binding his body became, the stronger his attack. But, his attacks repeatedly missed, and Azure Dragon Sect Master brushed past him again and again, and he could only roar angrily.

Ye Chuan, Azure Dragon Lady and others quietly stood in the dark far away. They didn’t utter a word and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

Personally seeing the scene in front of them, all of them were shocked.

Regardless of Plague Archfiend or Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei, their cultivation base was heaven-defying. Any one of them could sweep across the world. Even Nan Tiandu and Old Demon of Mount Yin who similarly peak Daoist Master realm experts were also shocked. Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was far stronger than they imagined. But, along with the exhaustion of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei, they began to see the chance.

The group slowly began to tense. Everyone was stretched taut.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu raised her hand and made a signal, signaling people to keep calm and don’t act rashly.

Inside the grotto, there were still a dozen or so stone tablets that were not illuminated. This required even more vitality. By then, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei would be even weaker. And during the time when he had just obtained a success, his alertness would be decreased to the maximum degree, and making move at that time will undoubtfully give them a bigger harvest.


Plague Archfiend roared angrily and repeatedly attacked violently. Once all stone tablets were illuminated, his hopes of freeing himself would be gone. Every three months, when the stone tablets’ restriction loosen slightly, Azure Dragon Sect Master would come to reinforce it. Months after months, years after years, this had been the case, making him feel hopeless. In addition, once Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei breakthrough to Half-Sage realm, it would be even more impossible to free himself.

At that time, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei who was in an advantageous situation suddenly stopped when there were only seven stone tablets left to illuminate. He looked at this Plague Archfiend and said, “Your Excellency Archfiend, hand over your Time and Space Demonic Wheel and I will free you, how is that?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei took a deep breath and made an offer to Plague Archfiend.

The complexion of Azure Dragon Lady changed and suddenly recalled what her father had said before his death. The reason why Azure Dragon Sect had sealed and suppressed Plague Archfiend from generation to generation was because, on one hand, to imprison this terrifying archfiend so as to prevent him from creating chaos everywhere, and on the other hand, also to obtain a peerless treasure, Time and Space Demonic Wheel, within the body of this Plague Archfiend.

According to the legend, Plague Archfiend was an expert from the world beyond the highest heaven. He relied on this Time and Space Demonic Wheel to come to this Heavenly Fire Continent. With this treasure, one could travel to and fro between Wilderness World and the world beyond the highest heaven as one pleases. Now, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was already so powerful, if he obtained this powerful treasure, then who can be his opponent?

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was so nervous that she was unable to breathe properly.

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