Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 361

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 361: Azure Dragon Secrets

After the madness, the two people calmed down.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was noble. Even though Ye Chuan found it difficult to control himself when cultivating Demonic Dragon Sutra together with her in a pair, Ye Chuan still continued to retain his last restraint. He didn’t want to quickly snatch the innocence of Heavenly Maiden when she was still in her most beautiful state. But, together with this mature but still attractive Azure Dragon Lady, he didn’t restrain himself like that.

However, after calming down, Ye Chuan noticed something was wrong.

Under the soft quilt, there was a bloodstain.

“Lady, is this also a kind of revenge?”

Ye Chuan recalled that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had just looked without doing anything, humiliating Azure Dragon Lady. Now, he somewhat understood the action of the latter. Then, seeing the bloodstain on the bed, he was greatly surprised, “This……, Lady, is this your first time?”

“What, Ye Banxian, does just now doesn’t count?”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu showed a smile. This smile was very beautiful and she resembled a young girl who had begun to open her heart. But this beautiful smile disappeared not long after and she said, “Rest assured, I will not ask you to take responsibility.”

“But, this is also my first time, you should take responsibility.” Ye Chuan said, pretending to be aggrieved, having suffered bitterly.

“Boy, you……” Azure Dragon Lady got angry.

Without waiting for Azure Dragon Lady to say anything, Ye Chuan turned over and pushed her down.

After a brief calm, an even more vigorous storm began.

This time, after the storm, the entire body of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu had softened. She didn’t even have the strength to curse. But her jade finger was subconsciously making circles on the chest of Ye Chuan.

She had been married for many years, but this was the first time she had tasted woman’s feeling and had understood what a real man was.

This matter had come very suddenly, was even absurd, but she didn’t have any complaint in her heart.

Ye Chuan blew hot air in the ear of Azure Dragon Lady and said, “Well, Lady, I cannot come again, if I truly come again, then I will have my life shortened, in addition, create a new life in your belly.”

“Noble son Ye, you are truly good. You actually sneaked in disguised as an old man, aren’t you afraid that Sect Master Long Fei will kill you?” Azure Dragon Lady looked at Ye Chuan and said. At this moment, her face was rosy. The veil that used to cover her face had already been thrown away who knows where by Ye Chuan. Although her age couldn’t be regarded as small, her face was delicate. She had taken such a good care that her skin was so tender and fair that it was not any inferior to that of a young youthful girl.

“I am afraid, so please save my life, Lady.”

Ye Chuan smiled. He had secretly sneaked in, but under a freak combination of factors, he had done this deed with Azure Dragon Lady. Even he had never expected such scenario. But there was one matter he didn’t understand, so he asked, “Lady, how did you know that the fortune-telling old man had a problem and he was me in disguise to sneak in?”

Ye Chuan still had some degree of confidence in his disguising skill, but no matter how he thought, he was unable to understand why this Azure Dragon Lady doubted him so quickly.

“Nine out of ten fortune tellers are swindlers, the remaining one who could truly calculate is absolutely not a person of this world. In addition, you two, grandfather and grandson, the timing of your appearance is too good. Naturally, I was also not 100% sure, so tonight, I called you here to test you.”

Azure Dragon Lady paused and added, “As for doubting it’s you, that is very simple, it’s because of His Highness Li Guang Han. In Azure Dragon Hall, after seeing the assassin, that fellow screamed in fear, saying you have arrived at Azure Dragon Prefecture. Long Fei didn’t regard this matter as of any importance, but I had a special feeling. In addition, although your disguise is very good, there are two fatal flaws, do you know where?”

“Where?” Ye Chuan asked.

“First flaw, your hands do not resemble the hands of old men. Your skin has age spots but is strong and healthy. An old man who doesn’t cultivate doesn’t have this kind of strength. Second flaw, it is even more fatal, and it is your body. After seeing my naked body, your body quickly had some reaction that shouldn’t appear on an old man. Just think, a true old man with one foot in the grave, does his that thing has the strength to stand erect?” Azure Dragon Lady looked at Ye Chuan and said.

“Lady is amazing!”

Ye Chuan was full of admiration. Azure Dragon Lady was truly intelligent.

But, even though she was intelligent, in the end, didn’t he still……

A bad smile appeared on the face of Ye Chuan and turning over Azure Dragon Lady, his hands began to feel about her. Not long after, the two began another round of intense battle.

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

A burst of laughter suddenly resounded at this moment. That was the voice of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei, and it was accompanied with a strong energy fluctuation. This greatly surprised Ye Chuan who was preparing to again display his masculinity. His body stretched taut and he instinctively circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, preparing to fight. Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was also shocked and her complexion became pale. At this moment, if Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei came in, then they two were finished!

Fortunately, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was just laughing. He didn’t come over. He was just laughing loudly in the nearby room. They didn’t know whether he obtained some kind of treasure or gone mad.

“Don’t be tense, that fellow is always like that. If he achieves even a small breakthrough in his cultivation, he will become extremely excited and laugh like a mad dog.”

Azure Dragon Lady said with obvious contempt and resentment on her face, then coldly added, “But, this time, that fellow might have a true big breakthrough. After accidentally obtaining Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade that is said to be suppressing our sect’s fate from His Highness Li Guang Han, his comprehension of Azure Dragon Secrets should have become even more consummate. Now, he might be able to sweep through all other peak Daoist Master realm experts, and I fear that only a thin line separates him from breaking through to the Half-Sage realm!”

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu’s complexion was cloudy. Now that Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei have gotten Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, it was much harder to deal with him! Even with the help of Ye Chuan, she was afraid that it will be extremely difficult to kill him!

“Lady, between you and Azure Dragon Sect Master……” Ye Chuan could vaguely guess a few points, but he still didn’t understand some things. Azure Dragon Lady and Azure Dragon Sect Master were supposed to be husband and wife, but they were worse than many enemies.

“Originally, we two were senior apprentice brother and junior apprentice sister. My father was the previous Sect Master of Azure Dragon Sect. My father had three personal disciples. I was the youngest, Long Fei was second senior apprentice brother, in addition, there was one big senior apprentice brother. Originally, my father wanted to pass down the position of Sect Master to big senior apprentice brother, moreover, had arranged my marriage to him. But, just before the death of my father, big senior apprentice brother suddenly died. When he had gone out to temper himself, he suffered the joint attack of several great devils, and died in that bloody battle.”

The complexion of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu became gloomy. She paused for a bit and continued, “Later, after my father passed away, second senior apprentice brother Long Fei inherited the mantle of my father and become Sect Master without any opposition, in addition, I also receive the order to marry him. But, even after obtaining everything, second senior apprentice brother Long Fei wasn’t satisfied. He secretly stole the forbidden technique of our sect, Azure Dragon Secrets, dreaming of setting foot at the pinnacle of the cultivation world and dominate the entire Wilderness World. From that time, he became neither man nor woman. Furthermore, since I and big senior apprentice brother used to love each other, he nursed a hatred towards me, thus, he hypocritically pretended to be deeply in love with me on the surface, but on the back……”

“So, that was the case.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, finally understanding the complicated relation between Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei and Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu. Then, he asked, “Lady, then what do you want to do? What are your plans?”

“Very simple, kill him!”

A hint of pallid light flashed through the eyes of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu and her killing intent became dense.

She had been waiting for this day for a long time.

In the past, although she had a mind to, it was hard to succeed without support, she was unable to make a move against this Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei and also didn’t dare to defy him even though he humiliated her. Now, Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was bent on killing Ye Chuan to fawn on Li Guang Han, as a result, the opportunity she had been waiting for had finally come. Cooperating with Ye Chuan, she would have a chance to get her vengeance!

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