Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 36

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 36: Ghost Market

The wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves sounds suddenly spread far and wide, making many disciples to suddenly wake up from their dreamland with a start.

A burst of ill wind arose all of a sudden, sweeping the entire mountain peak of Alchemy Hall. Even the guards and disciples at the foot of this mountain shivered simultaneously, and felt chill from their head to toe.

This was the first true all-out attack of Ye Chuan after he had reincarnated.

Jin Zhikun who was standing inside the courtyard suddenly raised his head, then slightly lowering his shoulder, and his eyes shining, he suddenly opened his mouth while clapping his hand, “Humph, who’s there, come out for me!”


Ear-piercing sonic boom suddenly resounded throughout the courtyard.

A simple clap of Jin Zhikun alone gave rise to fast and violent sonic boom, which whistled to the skeletons’ shadow, then toppling them over, they were smashed. After that the blood and qi within his body seethed as if a big river, and surged forward, emitting a thick imposing Yang Qi. Then all the scorpions, centipedes, vipers and other creatures that were hidden in the dark within the radius of one kilometers began running away. And as for those who were a little slower in running away, their body immediately emitted a black smoke being corroded by Yang Qi.

Jin Zhikun remained motionless standing at his original position, and his face was smeared with sneer.

Yin Spirit Nightwalking, no need to talk about passing by harnessing ill wind, still attempting to attack his Divine Yang Body, this was definitely courting death! Could it be that, you don’t know the Divine Yang Body I am cultivating is natural nemesis of Yin Spirit?

Just then, a strand of ill wind suddenly rushed out from the smashed skeleton shadow, and vaguely changing into a finger, it whistled towards Jin Zhikun.

Just when Jin Zhikun was getting arrogant after showing his technique, Ye Chuan’s spirit brazenly initiated a ferocious counterattack.

His spirit changed into a finger with lingering death qi, and as if a god killing powerful army, with an unstoppable momentum and alarmingly fast speed, it pressed the space between the eyebrows of Jin Zhikun.

“Illusory Magic Finger? Damn it, who are you?”

Jin Zhikun screamed, and he immediately understood his carelessness. That ghastly and terrifying skeletons’ shadow was merely a decoy, this spirit changed into finger was the real killing move of the other party.

In the night sky, suddenly two muffled groaning sound resounded.

Jin Zhukun felt a bone-piercing chill entering his body, and his body involuntarily shivered. Now he could only look at his about to breakthrough Divine Yang Body being exhausted all of a sudden, and his cultivation was also forcibly interrupted. The spirit of Ye Chuan also emitted a black smoke, and had instantly shrunk by nearly one-third, suffering heavy damage. And after his attack was successful, he immediately turned around and fled accompanied by ill wind without the slightest hesitation.

“Audacious, where do you think you are running to?”

Suffering heavy a loss under his carelessness, Jin Zhikun glared, then leaping swiftly, he chased after the spirit of Ye Chuan while gnashing his teeth.

After suffering the sneak attack of Ye Chuan’s spirit, his cultivation was interrupted all of a sudden. Now even he himself don’t know how much time he had to wait before he could attack Daoist Master realm once again. Moreover all the original plans and deployment without exception were also disrupted. Suddenly suffering such large loss, how could he let this matter drop?

After suffering the corrosion of Yang Qi, Ye Chuan’s spirit was heavily wounded, so he was not able to run fast enough even though he spared no effort to run, and very quickly, the angry Jin Zhikun was about to catch up to him.

And just when Jin Zhikun’s claw was about to catch his spirit and shattered it, suddenly a golden light flashed in the middle of the night. Jin Zhikun abruptly stopped his footsteps, and slight stinging pain came through his neck, as if a wasp had bitten him. He reached out his hand and felt, only to obtain handful of blood. If his movement was even a bit slower, then his throat would have been cut off.

The lying low Golden Cicada King had suddenly launched an attack. With its amazing speed and sharp wings, it nearly made Jin Zhikun, this expert of Rank 7 Xiushi suffer a defeat.

All of these killing moves were linked with each other!

From the very beginning, Ye Chuan had arranged layer upon layer of killing moves. Skeletons’ shadow was merely a decoy move, Illusory Magic Finger as well as lying low in one side Golden Cicada were his ultimate killing moves.

Unfortunately, the result was a little bit worse.

Ye Chuan secretly felt it was a pity, and under the escort of Golden Cicada King, the spirit of Ye Chuan harnessed the ill wind and quickly fled, disappearing in the boundless night. The sneak attack this time was unsuccessful, and next time if he wanted to kill Jin Zhikun with same old trick then that would be even more difficult. But, this time’s goal of interruption of Jin Zhikun’s cultivation, and making him unable to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm was achieved.

In the dark night, along with the disappearance of frightening wail like ghosts and howl like wolves sounds, this fierce fighting also ended as fast as it started.

Looking at the direction Ye Chuan’s spirit had disappeared, the complexion of Jin Zhikun was gloomy. And after repeatedly thinking over, he gave up pursuing.

The attacks of Ye Chuan came out one after the other, but his spirit however was no threat to Jin Zhikun. What really gave him misgiving was, Golden Cicada King with its alarmingly fast speed. If it was direct confrontation, then Jin Zhikun didn’t feared, but what he feared was, Golden Cicada King hiding somewhere and suddenly carrying out a sneak attack. And with his cultivation level, he didn’t have certainty to respond in time.

After the spirit of Ye Chuan had already gone far away, groups of terrified and restless Alchemy Hall’s guards and disciples arrived there with torch in their hand. Just now, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves sounds rose and fell in succession, making everyone have a feeling of instinctual danger.

“Search, that of Yin Spirit Nightwalking of great devil is definitely nearby. After suffering the counterattack of my Yang Qi, this spirit is heavily injured, so it certainly hasn’t gone far.”

Jin Zhikun coldly ordered with gloomy complexion. Then the groups of guards immediately walked out in a line, and the number of guards participating to hunt down this great devil became more and more, making the entire sect tense. Unfortunately, the pursuing troops were making futile effort. No one would have imagined that, the so-called great devil was lying low in highest peak with vast spiritual qi of the sect.

After his spirit returned to Purple Cloud Peak and merged with his body, Ye Chuan immediately eliminated all traces and calmly cultivated in seclusion. And in the next day, his complexion got slightly better, and there was a little more redness on his face.

Yesterday, if his spirit was not sufficiently strong or he didn’t have the protection of Golden Cicada King, then he feared he might have already met death in the hand of Jin Zhikun. Divine Yang Body, indeed was a natural nemesis of Yin Spirit. Now at least before breaking through to Xiushi realm, with the strength of this body, Ye Chuan didn’t have any way to defeat Jin Zhikun.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Early in the morning, the sound of Fatty Zhao Dazhi came from outside. And after Ye Chuan opened the door, he immediately said excitedly, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, did you hear that terrifying cry of last night? Peerless great devil ah, even Alchemy Hall Master……, eh, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what happened to you? Your face……”

Seeing the pale face and weak body of Ye Chuan, Fatty Zhao Dazhi was greatly surprised.

“Last night I went to the behind mountain to temper myself and meeting a powerful yao beast, I suffered a slight injury.” Ye Chuan casually found an excuse, and calmly asked indifferently, “What happened last night?”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you don’t know, last night there was a true wail like ghosts and howl like wolves sounds, and now the entire mountain of Alchemy Hall have lost its vitality, it’s so scary.” Fatty vividly said and as if he was personally on the scene had fear smeared on his face. And after that, he said: “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, although Great Competition is right around the corner, but you don’t have to rush. The mountain behind the sect is dangerous, you shouldn’t go there as much as possible before breaking through to Xiushi realm. Oh, that’s right, today is the day for holding Ghost Market, do you want to go and see? Perhaps, you can find some kind of treasure or buy the best pill in low price to rapidly treat your wound.”

“Oh, Ghost Market?” Ye Chuan muttered.

“In fact, it is similar to the black market of secular world, but more secretive. Last time, when you asked me to investigate Tuoba Xiaoniao’s truth, I paid high commission to the hidden expert of Ghost Market to do it, as I didn’t have that kind of ability. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t worry, junior apprentice-brother, I have nothing else but I still have some money. I’ll take care of all the expenses. Come on, let’s go!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi knew that Ye Chuan had formerly continuously stayed on the mountain, cultivating in seclusion, and had never gone to Ghost Market, so patting his chest, he promised.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and followed Fatty Dazhi leaving the sect.

In the Ghost Market of sects and cultivators, there were all sorts of things. Carefully searching, one might truly find a treasure too. Moreover the hidden expert that was mentioned by fatty also made him quite a bit curious.

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