Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 357

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 357: Is Banxian real or fake?

“Old Ye, Old Ye……”

The voice of little maid Zhao Shuya came. She was rushing over with a small basket in her hand. She looked excited as if something good had happened to her.

As it turned out it was this girl!

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er relaxed.

“Big sister Ya, my grandfather is still resting, why are you looking for him?”

Little Long’er was respectful and he didn’t show any sign of blocking the door. But, recalling that scene of this little maid taking the initiative to undress herself yesterday, his face became red. He was even more bashful than this little maid.

“Happy event, extremely big happy event, I have come to thank Old Ye, here, Little Long’er this is for you.”

The little maid Zhao Shuya lifted up a plain white cloth covering the basket and taking out a delicate pastry, she handed it over to Little Long’er and said, “Eat it while it is still hot. This is Sesame Preserved Egg Cake I specially made to give to Old Ye, it is very delicious. Old Ye, is he still not awake?”

The little maid said while looking inside from the crack of the door, but was disappointed as she was unable to see Old Ye. Then, she moved sideways to push open the door and enter.

“Big sister Ya, my grandfather, he…… now is not too convenient for him.”

Little Long’er moved sideways, blocking this little maid Zhao Shuya. For an unknown reason, even though he could calmly reply to great devils, in front of this beautiful young maiden, he nevertheless was shy and his heartbeat accelerated.

“Why, is your grandfather ill? Or, has his injury worsen?”

This little maid became somewhat anxious as she recalled that Ye Chuan’s so-called feeling technique would reduce his life by one year.

Creak, the door opened from inside.

Ye Chuan opened the door and walked out. He was dressed up as a senile old man. Little Long’er secretly peeked inside the room and saw that the room was neat and tidy without any trace of Ye Chuan’s cultivation. Only after that, he completely relaxed. At this moment, if their identities were revealed, then they would be in trouble.

“Little Ya, come in, coming urgently so early in the morning, did something happen?” Ye Chuan sat on a stool and said.

“Happy event, extremely big happy event. Old Ye, early in the morning, I met our former loyal servant and he knows the whereabouts of my mother and big sister.” The little maid Zhao Shuya said with excitement. Her eyes were red as she was crying tears of joy and added, “Old Ye, you really didn’t speak wrongly, my mother and big sister are still alive. They are living in Huainan Prefecture in the vicinity of East Sea. This servant had made a special trip from the east Huainan Prefecture all the way to here specially to look for my whereabouts. Old Ye, my mother and big sister are truly still alive……”

This little maid choked with sobs and tears flowed down continuously.

Yesterday, Ye Chuan had said that her mother and big sister were still alive. And the next day, someone came to her doorstep. She who had lived alone for so many years suddenly obtain the whereabouts of her family members, thus, she couldn’t help but burst into floods of tears.

“Don’t cry, isn’t this a happy event?”

Ye Chuan was dumbfounded and he blushed with shame. He had not expected that the few words he had spoken casually had became true. “Little Ya, then what do you plan to do next?”

“I don’t know, I want to reunite with my mother and big sister, but the Lady is here…… I am afraid I will be unable to leave.”

The little maid wiped her tears and smiled through her tears, “But, whatever one says, Old Ye, thank you. Because I met you, I have such a good luck of coincidentally running into that former servant. You had said that I am fated to meet a noble person, but I truly didn’t expect that there was such person under the heaven, Old Ye, no, Ye Banxian, please accept this little Ya’s kowtow.”

This little maid Zhao Shuya respectfully knelt down and kowtow Ye Chuan with gratitude. She attributed the blessing of coincidentally meeting the former servant to Ye Chuan.

“Little Ya, don’t be like this, in fact, I am also confused, I am a fake Banxian.” Ye Chuan smirked.

“Old Ye, a man of true talent never shows off, rest assured, I will not casually speak outside that might make things difficult for you. Hereafter, Little Ya is your foster granddaughter, is that okay?” The little maid Zhao Shuya stood up and picking up a handmade Preserved Egg Cake, he gave it to Ye Chuan, then walking behind Ye Chuan, she massaged his shoulders.


Ye Chuan who was eating the cake nearly choked to death hearing the latter half of her words. As for Little Long’er, he turned around to laugh up his sleeve.

I haven’t married yet, I don’t even have any son or daughters but now, I suddenly have a granddaughter, this……

Ye Chuan blushed with shame, and especially feeling a pair of developing small meatballs of this little maid pressing on his back, he hastily straightened his back to get out of the way. After that, he changed the topic, “By the way, little Ya, last night, soldiers were moving back and forth outside, did something happen?”

“I heard that an assassin sneaked into Azure Dragon Hall and after he was discovered by Sect Master, he fled.” The little maid Zhao Shuya replied.

“Assassin? Then, is it safe here? If we die after sleeping, then how will we know how we die?” Ye Chuan asked.

The little maid Zhao Shuya chuckled and said, “Old Ye, you can rest assured, this place is not far away from the bedroom of the Lady, no one can secretly sneak in here to murder. Besides, why would someone assassinate some fortune telling old man?”

“Then, that’s good, fortune telling is like this, we can calculate the matter of others, but we cannot calculate our matters.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then turning around, he returned to the bed and lied down as he said, “Little Ya, after using bone feeling technique last night, I am still feeling dizzy, I will continue to rest for a while, you can go and keep yourself busy.”

“Okay, Old Ye, rest well.”

The little maid helped Ye Chuan pull up the quilt, then exhorting Little Long’er to attend to Ye Chuan, she turned around and left.

This little maid was truly not bad. She was innately sensible, smart and knew how to show consideration to people, furthermore, was a seedling of beauty, unfortunately, she was very young, otherwise……

Even after Ye Chuan closed his eyes, that feeling of a pair of meatballs of that little maid pressing against his back lingered on his mind, and he screamed in his heart feeling guilty. He hastily cut off such distracting thoughts and instructing Little Long’er to go out and gather information, he however continued to train inside the room.

During the day, there was a busy flow of people and strict guards inside Azure Dragon Sect, it was not good to make a move. So, Ye Chuan patiently waited for the arrival of night.

The curtain of the night came faster than he had expected.

Little Long’er returned. He didn’t bring back some good news, instead returned with little maid Zhao Shuya. The movement of this little maid was quick and neat. She had personally made a tableful of steaming hot meals and brought them over along with a bottle of good wine which was specially prepared for Ye Chuan.

“Good wine, it is at least 100 years old wine. Little Ya, say, what do you want to ask?” Ye Chuan seeped a mouthful of wine and asked.

The gratitude of this little maid Zhao Shuya was not fake, but how could this minor maid find such a good wine? Such a good old wine, it would cost at least 100 taels of silver. That was not something this little maid could take out.

“Old Ye is amazing, I truly couldn’t hide that I have a matter with you.” The little maid Zhao Shuya said with some hesitation, “Old Ye, I want to apologize for a matter, I……, I still told the matter of fortune-telling to the Lady, and the Lady said……”

“What did the Lady said?” The complexion of Ye Chuan was calm but was serious in his heart.

The Lady of Azure Dragon Sect, she however was different from little maid Zhao Shuya, this kind of unimportant person. Moreover, he don’t how many times more shrewd and powerful she was. If she noticed something unusual, then that would be troublesome.

“Recently, the Lady find it hard to fall asleep, she is weighted down with anxieties. She said……, she said that she also wants you to feel her once and help her calculate something.” The little maid Zhao Shuya mumbled and added, “Old Ye, please, don’t blame me for opening my big mouth. I have said nothing to other people, I carelessly made a slip of the tongue in front of the Lady.”

“I don’t blame you, little Ya, I don’t blame you, but I ask you to pass my words to the Lady, I cannot help her. I am already tired and also have grown old. If I feel again, I will reduce my lifespan by one year again and truly might lose my life. Early morning tomorrow, we grandfather and grandson will leave.” Ye Chuan directly refused. He didn’t want to deliberately complicate the issue. He indistinctly felt that it was very difficult to deal with that Lady who always wore the veil.

Tonight, he should make the move and kill Li Guang Han!

The eyes of Ye Chuan flashed with a hint of pallid light, and at one side, Little Long’er stood up to see the visitor out.

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