Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 356

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 356: Late night bitter cultivation

Late at night, groups after groups of soldiers rushed out from military barracks with a torch in their hand, and they began searching from house to house after closing the city gate. But, they couldn’t find even the trace of the assassin, still, many rebels were found. Among them, there was no lack of thugs and great devils who killed people like flies. Some surrendered, but some desperately resisted, thus, intense fighting was happening in streets and lanes.

When soldiers were creating great commotion, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er quietly returned to that wing-room. That little maid Zhao Shuya who was sleeping on the bed had already left the room at an unknown time, so inside and outside the room was very quiet. No one had ever expected that that mysterious and powerful assassin was hiding inside the Azure Dragon Sect.

The Azure Dragon Restriction in the sky was indeed powerful, and with it covering the entire Azure Dragon City, even a peak Daoist Master realm expert might not necessarily be able to escape from this city. Now, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to collide head-on but also had no intention to get out of the city. Since he was able to determine the whereabouts of Li Guang Han with great difficulty, no killing this future trouble, how can he be willing to leave so easily?

Three days!

There are still three days!

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the bed and a hint of a cold smile appeared on his face.

Now, he was already very clear that Huainanzi Zhao Ying truly hadn’t spoken wrongly, Cloud Mist Sect was facing a new challenge. Now that he was already at Azure Dragon Prefecture, Ye Chuan not only wanted to stop the operation of Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei, he also wanted to get rid of Li Guang Han, this future trouble. Not a single one of them was dispensable, moreover, the sooner he accomplished that, the better. After the experts invited by Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei arrived, it would be even harder to make a move.

Since Azure Dragon Sect was about to make a move, how should he respond this time? Was it better to retreat and concentrate on defense like when facing the army of Da Qin Dynasty, or……

Ye Chuan took out a message talisman, preparing to send this news to Zhu Sijia in the sect, but just before he crushed the message talisman, he hesitated.

Once again having a battle inside Cloud Mist Sect will cause damage to the sect to some extent. Moreover, defending passively had never been the style of Ye Chuan. Couldn’t he reverse and have the battle inside Azure Dragon Sect, gaining the initiative by striking first?

A bold idea suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

But, although it is good to take the initiative to launch an attack, this move was a double-edged sword. He needed to plan carefully. The true experts of Cloud Mist Sect were just Flame Devil, Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and very few others, and compared to Azure Dragon Sect with many experts, there was a very big gap in strength. The slight careless might wipe out the entire army in Azure Dragon Sect.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, didn’t that Huainanzi Zhao Ying say that Heroic Alliance is very powerful, how about borrowing their army and let them show the strength of their alliance!” Little Long’er understood the thoughts of Ye Chuan and made a suggestion.

“This is a good suggestion, merely, it is the last resort, we shouldn’t owe them a favor easily.” Ye Chaun shook his head.

The Heroic Alliance mentioned by Huainanzi Zhao Ying sounded very powerful. At least, their information network was very good. In this regard, joining the alliance certainly had a lot of benefits. But the circumstance of the alliance was unclear. Before he truly understood this Heroic Alliance, it was not necessarily a good thing to rashly get into too much contact with them.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, then what should we do next?” Little Long’er was worried. On the way back, Ye Chuan had told him the general situation.

“Carefully walk forward step by step, after experiencing over 200,000 soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty attacking the sect, are you still afraid of this trifling Azure Dragon Sect?”

Ye Chuan crushed the message talisman. First, he told this information to Zhu Sijia to let her make preparations, then, he began cultivating on the spot.

Facing a powerful opponent, Ye Chuan became all the more eager to break through to next level and also looked forward to condensing new Heaven Swallowing Talisman.

Cloud Mist Sect was inviting challenges in succession, but his current cultivation base was not sufficiently powerful. If he was at the same level as before when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, then let alone trifling Li Guang Han, even Da Qin King would have to carefully walk far around him.

Ye Chuan opened his mouth and spat out a small banner.

And under the gaze of Little Long’er, this banner became bigger and bigger in the palm of Ye Chuan and a heavy pressure spread all around.

Inside the room, a wind suddenly started to blow. The curtain of the bed fluttered, the books on the table rapidly flipped opened and the remaining tea in the cup swayed.

Ye Chuan gently swayed this Iron Blooded Banner, and with this big killing weapon in his hand, his fighting spirit rose.

Outside Azure Dragon Hall, he didn’t use this big killing weapon. He just fought unarmed against Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei, because, on one hand, he didn’t want to zealously continue fighting, and on the other hand, he also wanted to leave a trump card.

After obtaining Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, this big killing weapon passed down in Azure Dragon Sect, from Li Guang Han, the strength of Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei would definitely increase. So, in their next meeting, Ye Chuan wanted to see whether Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was powerful or his Iron Blooded Banner was more ferocious.

A burst of violent power erupted from the Iron Blooded Banner. This power stimulated others, making them unable to restrain their fighting spirit. If an average person had obtained this big killing weapon, then he might not be able to control it and become a great devil that only knew to kill. But, Ye Chuan was different, his mental state and experience were far above his peers, but he also had a hint of uncontrollable feeling. His thoughts of going to Azure Dragon Hall and fighting a decisive battle against Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei again was getting increasingly stronger. Only after taking a few deep breaths, he slowly calmed down, and displaying General Step in this small wing room, he comprehended the secrets of this Iron Blooded Banner.

Little Long’er sat cross-legged outside the door so as to guard Ye Chuan. And he had his eyes wide open experiencing the peerless might of General Step Technique.

In the small room, Ye Chuan inconceivably moved about to kill. Sometimes, he accelerated in a straight line, and just a moment before his head was about to slam against the wall, he would suddenly bent back and flip over, then exerting strength on the wall with his tiptoes, he would suddenly pounce back, waving the banner. Thus, the books, pots and pans and even desks inside the room flew up. And in the next moment, along with the downward movement of the banner, all the things would fall straight down to the ground. Between the movement of rising and falling, he had used just the right amount of strength, as a result, even the most fragile porcelain bowl was intact without any damage.

Iron Blooded Banner, Ye Chuan was getting more and more skilled at using this big killing weapon. Now, he could display superb skills and he could use it even more smoothly.

On the main peak of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan had cultivated in seclusion to train the absolute strength aspect of Iron Blooded Banner. Now, in this small room, his style had changed. He was handling this banner that was more than 100,000 jin in weight with ease just like a light fan.

Ye Chuan discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind and began to cultivate wholeheartedly.

The heaven and earth were in great turmoil outside, but this place was very quiet. No one came to disturb for the entire night. But, just after the dawn, sounds of messy footsteps suddenly came from outside.


Finally came to search here?

Little Long’er who was guarding at the entrance door suddenly stood up. He appeared tense as if he was facing a formidable foe. He was ready to transform into the dragon at any time.

In the wing room, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his training. And the banner in his hand automatically emitted a dense killing intent. After cultivating to the fullest, now he appeared just like a peerless Slaughter God in the battlefield. His fighting spirit was so high that even if State teacher Jiang Tunsheng again came in person, he would fight with him!

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