Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 355

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 355: Wyvern in Sky

The speed of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was astonishing. Ye Chuan was also surprised, but immediately afterward, his eyes shone with pallid light and he similarly attacked with palm to resist and test the strength of this Sect Master.

Peng! A muffled sound resounded and two figures retreated.

The hand of Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei was aching and limp, and he retreated even faster than when he had rushed forward to attack. Meanwhile, Ye Chuan however took advantage of this opportunity to leave quickly. His right arm was drooping, seemed to have suffered severe damage, but his speed was equally astonishing.

“Where are you going?”

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei raised his eyebrows and he suddenly soared, then like an azure dragon, he flew forward, instantly appearing in front of Ye Chuan. Then, he attacked with a palm once again, “Where are you going? Stay here for me!”

This time, Ye Chuan didn’t meet tough with toughness, his body suddenly swayed left and right.

A powerful palm wind surged, blowing away fallen leaves, and the big hand of Azure Dragon Sect Master brushed past Ye Chuan.

At that moment, Ye Chuan exerted strength on his foot and accelerated to leave.


Azure Dragon Sect Master exclaimed in surprise. He was startled and also was angry. He also accelerated similarly to chase after Ye Chuan.

In the first palm attack, he used 60% of his strength, and it seemed to have injured Ye Chuan, but his speed was astonishing, it was not any inferior to his own speed; In the second palm attack, he used 70% of his strength, wanting to end this battle with this attack, but who would have thought that Ye Chuan would actually dodge his attack?

Azure Dragon Sect Master who had been always known for his outstanding movement technique had never missed his attack and no one had ever been able to dodge his attack too. Looking at the back view of Ye Chuan, he was truly angry. He suddenly raised his strength to 80% and his speed increased sharply, then jumping high again, he landed in front of Ye Chuan again, blocking his route of retreat.

Ye Chuan said nothing, just changed his direction at high speed. Since he had already tested the strength of Azure Dragon Sect Master, he no longer collided with him. He moved here and there like a piece of fallen leaf, but his speed was astonishing, displaying the might of Cyan Feather Technique. But, no matter which direction he chose, he was blocked by Azure Dragon Sect Master. The latter would fly back and forth in the sky at terrifying speed as if he had transformed into a dragon, and after encircling and intercepting for a long time, he wasn’t getting tired, on the contrary, his speed was getting faster and faster.

Wyvern in Sky!

Azure Dragon Sect Master had unconsciously used 100% of his strength to attack, displaying the fatal move of Azure Dragon Sect.

Azure Dragon Prefecture had hidden dragon and crouching tiger. In early years, because of the production of high-quality cyan crystal stones, unknown numbers of experts and demonic cultivators had come here. But under the menacing gaze of such formidable opponents, Azure Dragon Sect rose to prominence. Azure Dragon Sect naturally had a unique technique. This Wyvern in Sky Technique was that technique and also was Azure Dragon terrifying deadly move. Every generation Sect Master cultivated this technique. Long Fei had cultivated this technique to the highest degree of perfection. Even a person who had higher cultivation base than him, or even a Half-Sage realm expert, they absolutely couldn’t intercept him; as for the people who had same cultivation base as him or lower, they were screwed. Even running away was impossible!

“Assassin, assassin……”

“Surround him, shut the city gate, and activate the restriction……”

The guards came with flaming torches in their hand hearing the commotion and they made an uproar.

This situation was grim. Squeaking sounds were coming from far away, that was the sound of activating mechanism and restriction. After that, a heavy pressure began to ripple in the sky, and it got increasingly heavier, making Ye Chuan feel as if he was being weighed by a huge mountain. Thus, his speed got slower and slower.

“Under my Wyvern in Sky, even Half-Sage realm expect cannot escape unscathed, surrender obediently!”

Sect Master Wyvern shouted and watching for an opportunity, he suddenly rushed over and attacked with a palm towards the chest of Ye Chuan.

Under haste, Ye Chuan had to stretch out his hands to block. This time, he used his left hand.

The two palms collided and ferocious invisible airwaves erupted. Many guards who had rushed over hearing this commotion were sent flying, and the torches on their hand were also extinguished.

Azure Dragon Sect Master paused and his hand was numb and tingling. As for Ye Chuan, his left hand was drooping down softly. There was even some bloodstain on his sleeve.

With both of his arm injured, Ye Chuan would absolutely be unable to escape even if given wings! Azure Dragon Sect Master roared with laughter and rushed forward once again, then attacked towards the chest of Ye Chuan with his palm. He was ferocious and swift. “Hahaha, you dare to intrude my Azure Dragon Hall, now know the taste!”

Ye Chuan stood still. It seemed that he was so severely injured that he was unable to move and he resembled the opponent who had accepted his fate.

The laughter of Azure Dragon Sect Master became even more unscrupulous as he saw that the victory was within his sight. In these hundred years, all those who intruded Azure Dragon Hall had died, even if they didn’t die, they were sent to prison in barely alive state. This time was also no exception.

But at the moment when the palm of Azure Dragon Sect Master was about to hit the chest of Ye Chuan, the eyes of Ye Chuan shone with a pallid light. Moreover, he didn’t retreat, and raising the right hand that had been drooping down softly, he suddenly punched and violent energy fluctuation suddenly erupted.

Not good, he was faking!

The heart of Azure Dragon Sect Master jumped violently as he felt danger. Unfortunately, the distance between them was too small, so he didn’t have any time to dodge, so he could just grit his teeth and collide head-on.


Ye Chuan shouted and eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulated crazily, thus, 144,000 jin strength suddenly erupted out. Bang, Azure Dragon Sect Master was sent flying and before he could fall to the ground, Ye Chuan spat out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, which changed into a hint of blood red light, whistling towards the space between the eyebrows of this sect master.

The strength of Azure Dragon Sect Master was astonishing. Still, after the collision with the first palm attack, the hand of Ye Chuan wasn’t that badly hurt, he just pretended that he was no longer able to use his right arm, then seizing the right moment, he suddenly caught Azure Dragon Sect Master unprepared!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, air piercing sounds resounded.

The speed of Dragon Slaying Flying Sword was astonishing, it reached in front of Azure Dragon Sect in an instant. It was basically too late for numerous guards to make a move to save him. But, just when Dragon Slaying Flying Sword was about to stab through the space between the eyebrows of Azure Dragon Sect Master, the body of the latter suddenly rose up. He used Wyvern in Sky to escape the danger.

Azure Dragon Sect was truly powerful, compared to Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, it was far more powerful!

Ye Chuan secretly thought it was too pity and rushing outside, he whistled and a demonic dragon suddenly rushed over from the nearby grove. Then, riding his back, one person and one dragon instantly disappeared without a trace. The disciples of Azure Dragon Sect who thought that they had laid out nets above and snares below looked at each other in blank dismay. They had never thought that Ye Chuan still had a backup means.

“Chase, Azure Dragon City has the restriction, that one person and one dragon absolutely cannot escape via sky. Shut the city gate, immediately search the entire city and capture them for me!”

Azure Dragon Sect Master ordered in a low voice. Then, with a ghastly pale complexion, he used several techniques. After that, the dragon carving of the Azure Dragon Hall opened its eyes and the scales on its body stuck up as if it had returned back to life. And at the same time, a cyan halo appeared in the sky which covered the entire Azure Dragon City. Ye Chuan and Little Long’er were fast, but they would not be able to rush out in time.

“Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, Demonic Dragon……”

Li Guang Han standing at one side muttered to himself. Since the assassin had already left, the guards relaxed, but he was getting increasingly nervous and even was fearful. “It’s him, it’s that brat Ye Chuan, he came……”

“Your Highness, who came?” The wife of Sect Master standing beside Li Guang Han asked. Because her face was coved with a veil, her expression couldn’t be seen, but one could see confusion and vigilant in her eyes as she secretly opened a distance from Li Guang Han. Seeing Li Guang Han was muttering as if a madman, she was instinctively afraid.

“Ye Chuan, it’s that brat Ye Chuan, the assassin of just now was him. Yes, it’s him, he has come!”

The more he spoke, the more frightened he was and his teeth chattered.

Ye Chuan had used Nine Demonic Transformation Technique to disguise himself, so his build was completely different, but Dragon Slaying Flying Sword and Demonic Dragon Little Long’er were already deeply engraved in the depth of Li Guang Han’s mind. It was the nightmare he could never forget.

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