Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 354

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 354: Azure Dragon Blade

“Little Long’er, provide support from outside.”

Ye Chuan instructed and stealthily walked towards Azure Dragon Hall by himself.

He discovered all restrictions along the way and quickly avoided them, but when he arrived there, a dangerous feeling rose of itself.

This dangerous feeling didn’t come from Li Guang Han, this old enemy, and also not from powerful Sect Master of Azure Dragon Sect, rather was coming from Azure Dragon Hall itself. In particular, that azure dragon stone craving on the wall of Azure Dragon Hall, it gave a very bad feeling. it felt like an ancient existence that was coldly sizing up the intruders.

This is also a kind of restriction, Azure Dragon Restriction!

The sense of Ye Chuan sharp, he completely retracted his aura and energy fluctuation, then carefully sneaked in hanging upside down the eaves just like a bat, avoiding the guards outside.

In Azure Dragon Hall, a man and a woman were sitting above. The man was a middle-aged burly man with a beard. His energy fluctuation was majestic and was indistinctly a bit superior to even Old Demon of Mount Yin. It seems he was the Sect Master of Azure Dragon Sect. As for that woman, she was wearing a veil. Looking at her attire, she was also not young, but her noble and elegant bearing had a special charm. She should be the Lady served by the little maid Zhao Shuya.

Li Guang Han was standing below and there were two valorous experts standing behind him. Their cultivation also wasn’t low, it should be at least Rank 6 Daoist Master realm.

“Sect Master Wyvern, the matter I spoke two days ago, did you consider it?” Li Guang Han asked, staring at Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei. Because of his famous technique, Sect Master Long Fei was also known as Wyvern. They said that, one hundred years ago, Long Fei had once fought with a peak Daoist Master realm demonic cultivator that came from Dark Moon Continent, and the result was, the other party was unable to touch his body after exchanging 300 rounds of ferocious attacks, even his gown was untouched, thus, dejected, the other party fled back to Dark Moon Continent.

“Your Highness, although Cloud Mist Sect is getting worse day by day, moreover, had just experienced a large-scale war, costing them greatly, when all is said and done, they have a long inheritance, it is not something that an average small sect could compare. Wishing to destroy it in one fell swoop, you led more than 200,000 strong soldiers, but you failed, so how is it possible for my trifling Azure Dragon Sect? Difficult, very difficult……” Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei shook his head and tactfully refused.

The status of Li Guang Han was noble, in addition, he had promised rich and generous rewards, like that, an average person absolutely wouldn’t have refused his request so easily. But attacking Cloud Mist Sect, this wasn’t a trivial matter, Long Fei also didn’t dare to agree lightly.

“The reward of last time is unchanged, furthermore, the addition of one million gold, 50,000 war-horses, army provisions, weapons, armors and two thousand carriages.” Li Guang Han’s eyes shone and promised even greater rewards. Although his face was covered with a piece of black cloth, and his face couldn’t be seen, still, even if he morphed into ashes, Ye Chuan would still recognize him.

“Your Highness, we truly can do nothing about it, it is not like we don’t want to help you, rather it’s impossible.”

Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei shook his head while appearing to be in a dilemma.

In these days when nobles were making trouble, what was one million gold, 50,000 war-horses however was a generous gift. Which noble wasn’t yearning for them? Even Long Fei’s heart was perturbed.

Unlike ordinary sect, Azure Dragon Sect stretch over the secular world and also cultivation world. It was a cultivating sect and also a noble’s territory. Long Fei had no less than 180,000 elite soldiers under his leadership. This southern part was hot and rainy, it was not suitable for breeding horses, so practically all of those 180,000 elite soldiers were infantry. Once he fought with another noble, he would very likely suffer a loss. But with 50,000 first-rate war-horses, it would be different. He could quickly form an elite cavalry.

The heart of Long Fei was perturbed but he gave up after thinking about the power of Cloud Mist Sect.

For 50,000 war-horses, fighting to the death with Cloud Mist Sect that had the inheritance of millions of years, was that worth it? Naturally, it wasn’t worth it! Weighing gain and loss, Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei still refused the request of Li Guang Han.

“Sect Master Wyvern, take a look, what is this?”

Li Guang Han didn’t give up as if the refusal of Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei was within his expectation. Next, he suddenly took out a crescent moon blade. It was three feet long and its shaft had the thickness of an arm. The back of the blade was very thick but the edge was very thin. At one glance, one would know that it was a very sharp weapon. Just waving it casually, sharp blade light flew out along with whistling sounds.

“Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade?”

Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei exclaimed and stood up all of a sudden. The Lady sitting beside him was also startled.

Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade was a piece of peerless treasure pass down from generation to generation in Azure Dragon Sect. It was known as the big killing weapon that suppressed the fate of Azure Dragon Sect. Unfortunately, two hundred years ago, this big killing weapon had disappeared with previous Sect Master. According to the legend, it was lost in some unknown ominous domain. For two hundred years, Azure Dragon Sect had looked for it everywhere, but there was no news of it. But, this big killing weapon suddenly appeared in the hand of Li Guang Han, this shocked the calm Long Fei.

“That’s right, this is your Azure Dragon Sect’s peerless treasure Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade. Many years ago, someone gave this to father emperor as a tribute and since then, it had been stored in the Weaponry Pavilion of the imperial palace.” Li Guang Han nodded his head and added, “Sect Master Wyvern, I will return this big killing weapon to you if you help me destroy Cloud Mist Sect and kill that brat Ye Chuan, how about it?”

Li Guang Han was completely prepared. He was determined to kill Ye Chuan. For this reason, he didn’t hesitate to steal Azure Dragon Crescent Moon, this great treasure, from the Weaponry Pavilion of the imperial palace.

Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei became silent. This time, he didn’t agree but also didn’t immediately refuse again. He began to hesitate in his heart.

Sending troops to attack Cloud Mist Sect, needless to say, it would be a very hard battle. If they were even slightly careless, then they would follow the footsteps of Da Qin Dynasty and suffer a heavy damage. Now, he was in such a dilemma that, if he promised Li Guang Han to send troops, then Azure Dragon Sect would lose a lot of soldiers, but if he didn’t agree, then Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade they had been searching for many years will be lost forever.

Go into war or not?

Long Fei hesitated and was unable to make a decision.

“Sect Master Wyvern, I will tell you a secret, my father emperor has qi deviation because he forcibly tried to make a breakthrough. He might die very soon. At that time, I will become Da Qin King. What you should do now, you should think over clearly.”

Li Guang Han struck while the iron was hot. He lured and also threatened secretly, now, the implication was very clear.

Now, if Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei didn’t agree to his request, then in the future, when he ascended the throne and become new Da Qin King, it would be impossible for Azure Dragon Sect to have good days.

“Your Highness, my Azure Dragon Sect truly doesn’t have the strength to destroy Cloud Mist Sect. How about this, I will invite experts and kill Ye Chuan even if I have to risk my life, how is that?” Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei took a step back and made a compromise choice.

This time, it was Li Guang Han’s turn to be silent.

Even though he had incessantly schemed for so long to destroy Cloud Mist Sect, he was unable to destroy it, so, he was not reconciled. His hatred had already reached the extreme point, just killing Ye Chuan was already unable to assuage his anger.

“Fine, that’s settled then, when will you start?” After a good while, Li Guang Han gritted his teeth and said. His voice was hoarse. He had no choice but to make this decision. Still, in any case, Ye Chuan will be killed first.

“Three days, I want at least three days. I have to call some of my brothers. Your Highness, you also know that some of my brothers live in……, who?”

Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei suddenly shouted and jumped towards Ye Chuan under the eaves.

Hearing Long Fei had agreed to attack, the heart of Ye Chuan trembled and he carelessly bumped onto a tile. This small sound alarmed Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei with powerful cultivation. And in an instant, the latter rushed over. His speed was faster than using flying sword and he viciously attacked with palm.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Come on now, since when could such measly news affect Ye Chuan when he barely blinked at news of Da Qin King attacking or losing the Heavenly Yao Sect cauldron.

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