Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 351

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 351: Ye Banxian

For an average person, he might not even be able to cover eight thousand li in a year, but for cultivators, it wouldn’t take long.

Towards evening, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er arrived at Azure Dragon Prefecture.

This place was verdant and luxuriant with green hills and clear waters. The earth was cyan because the earth of this place had cyan sands and stones mixed in large quantities. This place had rare cyan crystal stone mineral vein of Heavenly Fire Continent that produced best quality cyan crystal stones. Unfortunately, after millions of years of mining, the mineral vein had gradually dried up. The merchants and workers of this mine however had stayed here for generations. And above the mineral veins of former days, flourishing cities and towns were built. Afterward, Azure Dragon Sect, this cultivating sect had forcibly seized the only remaining cyan crystal stone mineral vein.

Azure Dragon Prefecture!

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er looked at the vast Azure Dragon Prefecture far away from a tall mountain. Then, one human and one dragon directly went to Azure Dragon City, the main city of Azure Dragon Prefecture. Little Long’er didn’t need to disguise himself, he just transformed into his human form. No one would pay attention to a seven or eight years old kid. As for Ye Chuan, he used Nine Demonic Transformation Technique to change his height and facial features, successfully disguising himself as an old man.

Azure Dragon Prefecture was the territory of Azure Dragon Sect. This sect had a large number of experts. That villain Li Guang Han was very likely to be inside this city, so Ye Chuan was cautious. After he had given this technique, Nine Demonic Transformation Technique, to Horned Demon Na Gusi, this cultivating demon had enthusiastically cultivated day and night until he could transform freely. As for Ye Chuan, he hadn’t cultivated deeply, but he didn’t have any problem to transform his face.

Outside the city gate, a group of soldiers strictly interrogate and examine the people that wanted to enter the city. And there was a long line of people that wanted to enter the city.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er mixed into the crowd and slowly walked forward. Little Long’er pretended to be an inexperienced child and looked all around. He was secretly observing the circumstance. As for Ye Chuan, he half-squinted his eyes and walked forward like an old and clumsy old man. He carried a rod and the other end of his rod had a piece of cloth attached on it. On the cloth, the words ‘Ye Banxin’ were written in large words. He had disguised himself as a fortune-teller.

The soldiers were strict in their examination, especially towards the strangers entering the town. All of them were pulled to the front of a crystal ball and tested whether they had any spirit power within their body or not to determine whether they were cultivators or not. They didn’t want people hiding their power with evil plans entering the town. There were some wandering hunters who considered themselves to be strong and they could cross the sea by a trick, the result, they were quickly found out, then a group of Azure Dragon Sect’s disciple flew over and those several hunters were beaten to half-death and were sent to prison.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what should we do?”

Seeing the people who had hid their strength were being picked out one after another, Little Long’er got nervous. The closer they got to the gate, the more nervous he became.

“Don’t fear, continue walking forward. Everything will be fine.”

Ye Chuan carrying a banner placed his left hand on the body of Little Long’er and slowly walked forward. The people behind were somewhat impatient and they cursed in a low voice. But, Ye Chuan didn’t get angry, he just swayed weakly.

“Who’s next, come over!”

A soldier shouted and made Little Long’er and Ye Chuan go to the front of the crystal ball to check.

Little Long’er became even more nervous. The energy fluctuation within their body was extraordinary. As long as their hand touches the crystal ball, the crystal ball will immediately show the reaction. Ye Chuan was calm and he gently pushed nervous Little Long’er while slowly walking over. His eyes were squinted but his ears were standing erect in alert.

Outside the city gate, there were over a hundred soldiers. Their cultivation base was very ordinary, only around Rank 3 Wuzhe, they couldn’t even withstand a single blow;

But 100 meters away, there was a group of Azure Dragon Sect’s disciples. They were here to prevent hidden experts from sneaking in. Compared to these soldiers, these disciples of Azure Dragon Sect were a lot more powerful, but the cultivation of the most powerful person was only Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. If Ye Chuan truly fought with them, these disciples of Azure Dragon Sect wouldn’t be able to stop them.

And 1000 meters away, there were some patrolling soldiers moving back and forth, and further away, there was……

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped and sensed several powerful auras, rapidly approaching from far away. Soon, thunder-like hoof-beats resounded, a carriage surrounded by a dozen or so cavalries was rushing towards the city gate from outside. Among the cavalries, there were some later stage Daoist Master realm experts. The energy fluctuation within their body was powerful. Moreover, there was one who was almost on par with Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“The Lady is returning to the city, scram, quickly scram.”

Cavalrymen shouted loudly while brandishing a horsewhip to drove away people blocking the way. And the soldiers guarding the gate hastily spread out to two sides making a path.

Little Long’er pulled Ye Chuan wanting to go to one side, but even when he exerted his strength, Ye Chuan unexpectedly didn’t even budge.

The galloping war-horses didn’t slow down and continued onwards.

The cursing of cavalrymen and the scream of people resounded.

The complexion of Little Long’er was tense, he turned his head and looked towards the battle-horse that was about to collide against them, then prepared to attack.

But a familiar voice resounded in the mind of Little Long’er, “Little Long’er, don’t move, let them hit us.”

Ye Chuan stopped Little Longer and swayed, pretending to be nervous. He however was preparing secretly. This cavalry squad had come at the right time.

The tall and robust war-horse ferociously knocked Ye Chuan and Little Long’er flying, dripping with blood. Little Long’er limbs moved, wanting to crawl up, but in the next moment, imitating the example of Ye Chuan who was lying still on the ground, he also lied still feigning death.

“Died, hit to death, one old and one small, grandparent and grandchild died!”

“So pitiful, even though he was so old in age, he still wandered about to calculate the fortune of others for a few silver, but the result……”

People shook their head in succession, and looked pitifully at Ye Chuan and Little Long’er lying on the ground in a pool of blood. This old and young were so miserable and pitiful.

The galloping cavalry squad stopped. The cavalryman in the front was still grumbling and cursing in rage. But a head popped out from inside the carriage, lifting up the curtain of the carriage. Looking at her appearance, she was a girl. She said, “Old Wu, Lady instructed, immediately bring them back to the sect and save them.”


An old man at the side of the carriage bowed accepting the order. As for the cavalryman in the front, he became silent, not daring to utter a word. Someone quickly ran over and picked up Little Long’er and Ye Chuan from the ground, then they quickly set off. Only after the carriage disappeared, the guards surrounded the entrance gate and kept order, then began to examine again.

A small storm quickly passed. No one found this anything unusual.

Seen from the outside, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er were dripping with blood and appeared to have sustained heavy injuries, but in fact, they just had some superficial wounds. Their physical body was so tough that even if ten war-horses collided against them, they wouldn’t even have a fracture. And coincidentally, the guards who had picked them up had average cultivation, only Rank 6 Xiushi, they were unable to sense the hidden energy fluctuation of the two. Moreover, in a haste, no one thought to examine them carefully. Who would think that this one old and one child were hidden experts?

After entering the town, the speed of the carriage didn’t decrease, it rushed forward and after passing through heavy guards, they entered a lofty palace.

As they passed through a huge square, Ye Chuan slightly opened his eyes and saw a towering pillar standing tall in the square. Two large words were written on them, ‘Azure Dragon Square’.

Azure Dragon Square, Azure Dragon Sect?

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised. He had never expected that not only he would cross the sea by a trick, sneaking into Azure Dragon City, furthermore, he directly arrived at Azure Dragon Sect!

He felt that he would very likely meet Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han very soon. Ye Chuan was a little nervous and also excited.

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