Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Divine Yang Body

With Ye Chuan pursuing after him, He Taixu fled in confusion by any path, rushing towards the mountain behind Cloud Mist Sect. The mountain was covered with dense forest, and there were sharp thistles and thorns everywhere. Very quickly, He Taixu’s clothing became rags and he was covered with cuts and bruises.

What’s worse, wherever his foot stumbles or got entangled in thistles and thrones, the swarm of mutated flies would rush up to him in swarm, and they would bit and absorb his blood and energy. Gritting his teeth, he fled for an hour, but not only he wasn’t able to shake off Ye Chuan, instead he became increasingly weak due to excessive loss of blood.

Ye Chuan was not impatient, just like the cat that had already caught the mouse, he leisurely followed behind He Taixu.

With Golden Cicada King and swarm of mutated flies as guards, no need to speak about He Taixu who was only Rank 1 Xiushi, even higher level cultivators wouldn’t be able to threaten him much. All along the path, far behind, on one hand, Ye Chuan was properly enjoying He Taixu, this old dog’s sorry figure and sufferings, and on the other hand, he was also silently waiting for the final opportunity to come.

Either not strike, or if strike, then kill with certainty!

Ye Chuan who was very experienced calmly and hardheadedly waited for a chance, making He Taixu who set his mind to perish together thoroughly despair.

This old man appeared battered and exhausted, but after all was an old fox with vicious natural deposition, there were several times when he deliberately fell down, waiting for Ye Chuan to step forward, so that he could violently counterattack all of a sudden. Only it’s too bad, wanting to scheme in front of Ye Chuan, he was destined to lose; and him feign death to counterattack was also futile effort.

Ye Chuan simply didn’t need to step forward personally to examine, as with his single thought, Golden Cicada King would rush over to him. Then its sharp claws and teeth with blade like wings would quickly make He Taixu gave out a horrible shriek repeatedly, and even if he wanted to pretend, he wouldn’t be able to pretend. After the right eye, even his remaining left eye was unfortunately stabbed and blinded by Golden Cicada King. Now with both of his eyes dripping with blood, he was no longer able to see anything, and just like a headless fly, he fled in disarray all around. And accidentally he unexpectedly arrived at Evil Dragon Abyss of behind mountain.

Not Good!

The eyes of Ye Chuan flashed with pallid light, and he suddenly accelerated, wanting to personally kill He Taixu, this old man. Unfortunately, although this old man was unable to see, but perhaps was feelings or perhaps was instinct, he straightly rushed towards Evil Dragon Abyss and suddenly stopped beside it.

“Hahaha, brat, come on, come to kill me!”

He Taixu glared towards Ye Chuan with two bloody eyes, and as if gone mad, and also perhaps because he knew that it was hard to avoid death, he instead became even more frenzied, and his face twisted hideously, “Come on, come to kill me, hahahaha……”

“Old man, do you really think I cannot kill you?” Ye Chuan sneered, boldness of execution stems from superb skill, he directly pressed forward.

“Hahaha, I know I will die for sure, but I will never die in your hand. Even after changing into ghost after dying in Evil Dragon Abyss, I will not let you off, hahaha……”

He Taixu roared with laughter, and suddenly jumped into Evil Dragon Abyss. Ye Chuan quickly rushed and reached out to catch but only tore a piece of that old man’s clothing. Even after a good while, the insane laughter of this old man could be heard faintly from inside the abyss, which increasingly got distant. Shrouded by dim light of night, Evil Dragon Abyss seemed even more unfathomable, and with Yang Qi surging, cultivating here would get twice the result with half the effort, but the feeling of danger grew with each passing moment. Standing beside the cliff for a short while, Ye Chuan indistinctly felt unwell, and the blood and qi within his body surged chaotically.

This yao qi is getting increasingly dense. In the end, what secret is hidden under this Evil Dragon Abyss?

Ye Chuan heart became solemn, and he didn’t dare to stand beside this cliff for a long time. Just looking for a while, he hurriedly left.

Silkpants Jin Hua died, now, old man He Taixu also died, but to Ye Chuan, the threat was still far from being completely eliminated. The real opponents Hall Master Jin Zhikun and Third Elder behind the scene were still glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Returning to Purple Cloud Courtyard, he sat down to cultivated, but Ye Chuan had an uneasy feeling. He didn’t know whether this was happening because he had a hidden trouble or because he had just went to Evil Dragon Abyss. Pondering for a while, he took out Cyan Lotus Lamp, and once again let out his spirit. Then along with the ill wind, his spirit went straight to the place of Hall Master Jin Zhikun.

In the dead of the night, cold wind blew!

Before he was near Alchemy Hall, Ye Chuan felt surging yang qi in his face. And his spirit floating in the sky felt burning pain, as if he had thrown himself into a volcano. Still as if a moth darting into a flame, he gritted his teeth and continued to advance forward, arriving to a secluded and tranquil courtyard. There, from the far away, he saw Hall Master Jin Zhikun doing shadowboxing by himself within his courtyard. His style was simple and blunt, but his fists and kicks were surging with dense yang qi, and his whole body’s blood qi was seething.

“Divine Yang Body?”

Ye Chuan was startled inwardly, now the threat of Jin Zhikun had increase further by a step.

After breaking through to Xiushi realm, people can cultivate all kinds of martial techniques to possess remarkable abilities. They could cultivate flying sword, could send out their spirit to make a spiritual tour within a thousand li, and so on, but there were also some people who like in Wuzhe realm continue to temper and refine their body. And after they strengthened their body to the pinnacle, they would obtain Divine Yang Body, then all kinds of diseases and ailments wouldn’t be able invade them, moreover even the ghosts wouldn’t be able to approach them. This kind of Divine Yang Body was natural nemesis of Yin Spirit Xiushi!

Such strong Yang Qi, is this fellow about to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, transforming into a Yang Spirit Daoist Master?

The spirit of Ye Chuan suddenly stopped, and from Jin Zhikun, he felt strong threat.

The cultivator specializing in body and Yang Qi were slow to progress, but they would be very strong in each realm. They often can bypass the rank and kill a higer ranked cultivator, and while they were in Xiushi realm, beheading a rank higher Xiushi realm cultivator was not difficult.

Now, Jin Zhikun was still Rank 7 Xiushi, but once he broke through to Daoist Master realm, perhaps even Great Elder and Second Elder would be suppressed, changing the leadership of the sect. And when that time comes, with the cooperation of Third Elder, who would be his opponent? And if the Sect Master is still not present at that time, then wouldn’t the entire Cloud Mist Sect fall into his hand and let him slaughter as he please?

With the enmity of killing his son, this fellow had still not come to take revenge, rather was suffering in silence while stalling for time.

Ye Chuan suddenly understand why Jin Zhikun was restraining his emotion, and why didn’t he personally come to make trouble for him. Now with the support of Great Elder and Second Elder, his position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother seemed as stable as Mount Tai, but once this fellow Jin Zhikun successfully breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, the situation will be reversed thoroughly!


In the night sky, suddenly the sounds as if a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves resounded.

The dim light of the night suddenly sunk, and the surroundings within the radius of 100 meters suddenly became pitch-black, not even the moon and the stars could be seen. In the void, many skeletons’ shadow appeared vaguely. And from the original awe-inspiring Alchemy Hall suddenly as if changed into a huge grave, dead qi rose to the sky.

Chaotic Ghost Dance!

Ye Chuan circulated all of his spirit’s energy, and released a rare technique of demon sect.

This technique was the defining technique of an absolutely lawless Ghost King of thousands of millions years ago. And after beheading him, Ye Chuan had robbed this technique. In the beginning, this technique could only create a skeleton shadow to seize the soul of human, but after achieving success in cultivation, this skeleton could be changed into entity from the mere shadow, and then later, could be evolved into Asura, Ghost King grade ultimate ghosts. The might of this technique was no small matter.

The knowledge of Ye Chuan defied the natural order, once he grasped 3,000 techniques, unfortunately, now he was only Rank 6 Wuzhe, so even using Spirit Nightwaling was very difficult, let alone Chaotic Ghost Dance, this technique which naturally required great amount of power. But without caring about the backlash he would suffer, to interrupt the cultivation of Jin Zhikun so that he would be unable to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, he had to take risks to launch the attack.

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