Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 349

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 349: Huainanzi

A cold wind whistled as Ye Chuan cultivated bitterly by himself at the summit.

During the day, he bitterly cultivated General Step and Iron Blooded Banner, gradually merging them with Cyan Feather Technique, Peerless Style Technique and so on other techniques. Now, his attack power was much more powerful and elegant, moreover, was very changeable with the mixture of truth and falsehood.

In the evening, Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the summit, comprehending the natural law and mystery of heaven and earth. During daytime, he cultivated his body and at night, he cultivated his mind. Day by day, his cultivation progressed step by step.

Seven days later, when Zhu Sijia came to the summit again, the cultivation realm of Ye Chuan hadn’t changed, he was still at Rank 3 Daoist Master realm and still had eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, but his temperament was different to some extent compared to several days ago. He appeared to have gotten thinner, but his spirit was even more vigorous. His shiny eyes unconsciously made people secretly fearful and gave them a kind of unfathomable feeling.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, honored guests have arrived at Cloud Mist Mountain Range, they pointed out that they wanted to meet you.” Zhu Sijia said.

“Oh, who?” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised.

Since Cloud Mist Sect unified Cloud Mist Mountain Range and overcame more than 200,000 strong army of Da Qin Dynasty, guests had come to pay a visit in an endless stream. There were local tyrants of the cities in the nearby prefectures of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, there were cultivators including uncommon loose cultivators, and there were also deacons and elders of some small sects. Everyone requested to see Ye Chuan but Zhu Sijia stopped all of them and made them return. However, this time, Zhu Sijia not only didn’t stop them and made them return, she personally came to notify him, who were the guests this time?

“I don’t know.” Zhu Sijia answered making Ye Chuan even more surprise. She paused and continued, “But, the cultivation of those three is very powerful, even Flame Devil was unable to stop them. Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was barely adequate. Now, Nan Tiandu is keeping them out.”

The cultivation realm of Flame Devil was already pretty good. Generally, the elder of some small sects didn’t necessarily have this kind of capability, moreover, to be able to fight on equal terms against Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, they were definitely experts, peak Daoist Master realm great experts!

“No need to stop them, invite them to Cloud Mist Hall.”

Ye Chuan put away Iron Blooded Banner and walk down the mountain.

After hearing Zhu Sijia, his interest was aroused, he wished to know who they were. Not long after, Zhu Sijia arrived at Cloud Mist Hall with three uninvited guests.

Walking in the front was a youngster who looked like a scholar. He was handsome and confident, merely, he was a bit thinner, thus, he looked as if he had a poor health. Behind, two old men followed him one on the left and the other on the right.  The old man on the left was very short. He was half a head shorter than even Little Long’er, but his physical body was robust and was rounded like a rubber ball. The old man on the right was almost exactly the opposite. He was tall and thin. He was like a thin bamboo pole that would be blown away by the wind.

These one tall and one short old men appeared not up to much, but their energy fluctuation was vast and mighty. Even compared to Old Demon of Mount Yin, they were not any inferior, clearly were two peak Daoist Master realm experts. As for the first youngster, it seems his body was weak and he didn’t cultivate, but the aura he unconsciously emitted secretly surprised Ye Chuan. He was also an expert.

“Huainanzi Zhao Ying have seen noble son Ye.”

The youth entered Cloud Mist hall in all smiles and cupping his hands before his chest, he greeted, “All said that Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple of this generation noble son Ye is a prominent talent, it seems that is truly not false.”

“Noble son must be joking, please.”

Ye Chuan made the gesture of please sit down then quietly waited.

This youth who called himself Huainanzi elegantly sat down and began self-introduction.

As it turned out, this youth that appeared nothing special to look at nevertheless was the son of Da Qin Dynasty’s Huainan Hou, Zhao Ying. People called him noble son Huainan and Huainanzi for short. There were many nobles in Da Qin Dynasty and Huainan Hou was one of them. But, he had always been low-keyed and he wasn’t particularly outstanding among nobles, still, when all was said and done, he was a noble, he had a large territory in the vicinity of the east sea and had countless subjects.

“As it turned out you are the noble son of Huainan Hou, excuse me for my lack of manners.”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised and sizing up Huainanzi Zhao Ying, he said, “Noble son Zhao, I wonder what noble matter brought you here from afar.”

When the court and the people were shaken and nobles were ready to make troubles, the son of old gentleman Hou came to their door, this was rather too suspicious. Could it be that the other party wants to pull Cloud Mist Sect to their side and stage a rebellion against Da Qin Dynasty?

Ye Chuan was calm and collected on the surface but was secretly deducing the intentions of this Huainanzi Zhao Ying.

“Noble son Ye is young and promising, leading just several thousand disciples, you overcame over 200,000 fierce army of Da Qin Dynasty, that is truly amazing. I wonder is noble son is interested to……” Huainanzi Zhao Ying shook the fan in his hand and smiled without finishing his words.

Here it comes!

Sure enough, he wanted to tie Cloud Mist Sect to the battle chariots of nobles and wanted him to join that something noble alliance!

Ye Chuan sneered in his heart and said: “Sorry, not interested.”

Nobles wanted to revolt against the might of Da Qin Dynasty and even wanted to replace them, thus, they aspired to pull cultivating sects to their sides and oppose powerful Da Qin King together. Ye Chuan however didn’t have the slightest interest and he was also not stupid enough to work as butcher’s knife of nobles. If Da Qin Dynasty was in imminent danger and was in a hopeless situation, he didn’t mind trampling overweeningly ambitious Da Qin King so that he would never be able to rise again, but it was absolutely impossible for him, Ye Chuan, to lead Cloud Mist Sect to jump on out first.

Huainanzi Zhao Ying was dumbfounded and he awkwardly smiled. Although he was already prepared for rejection, he had never imagined that Ye Chuan would reject so directly. The complexion of two old men standing behind him became cold, then snorting, they took a step forward as they emitted powerful energy fluctuation to threaten people. They didn’t even make one remark to get along well and showed the momentum to attack.

“Old fellows, do you two want to fight?”

Nan Tiandu gave tit-for-tat. As for Zhu Sijia and others, they pulled out their swords. The atmosphere suddenly became tense and the battle might break out at any moment.

“Noble son Ye, your followers truly have a fiery temper.” Huainanzi shook his head and make a wry smile. He had a helpless appearance, but he secretly signaled two old fellows to retreat.

“Yes, it’s incorrigible, all of them have a fiery temper, one more than others. Granted that they have a fiery temper, unexpectedly, how come they don’t understand that there is also the danger of something going wrong?”

Ye Chuan also shook his head and he said, “That, Rhodes, still not going to the entrance of the hall and block up all the route of retreats for me. How many times do I have to say, use your head when handling matters. It’s fine if you don’t attack, but once you attack, you absolutely cannot let the enemy have a route of retreat.”

“Kakaka, Your Excellency is wise!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and flew over to block up the door of Cloud Mist Hall. And outside the door, countless vines sprang out from underground, surrounding three laps around Cloud Mist Hall. Moreover, numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect hurried over and tightly surrounded Cloud Mist Hall. Now, if Huainanzi and other two weren’t as powerful as State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, they would be unable to escape even if given wings.

The complexion of Huainanzi Zhao Ying and other two changed.

“Noble son Ye, this is……” Cold sweats appeared on the forehead of Huainanzi Zhao Ying as he was caught unprepared.

“Noble son Zhao, as a matter of a fact, my temper is also very explosive and even fierier compared to them. So, properly manage your two followers.”

Ye Chuan said as he sized up Huainanzi Zhao Ying and others with a smile yet not a smile. This moment, those two overbearing old fellows who considered themselves the best in the world instantly became obedient like little sheep and no longer dare to utter a word.

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