Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 348

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 348: Bitter cultivating at the summit of a mountain

“Okay, stop fighting.”

Seeing Ye Chuan and Nan Tiandu were about to fight again, Zhu Sijia quickly rushed over and shouted. She was worried that they would be unable to control themselves. At the level of these two people, accidentally losing their control, they might fatally injure the other.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I have a news.”

Zhu Sijia added another sentence. This sentence quickly made the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan calm down and he quickly walked over and asked, “Jiajia, what’s the news?”

Although the storm had already passed and Cloud Mist Sect was temporarily safe, but Ye Chuan still cared about every move of Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect. The current Cloud Mist Sect was far from being strong enough, so they needed to be cautious.

“The news of State Teacher withdrawing and return to the capital without destroying our Cloud Mist Sect has shocked the court and the commons. They said that some were already impeaching State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng saying he abused his position for personal gain and didn’t fulfill his duty. And there are already some ministers that advice to again dispatch more troops to destroy our Cloud Mist Sect.”

Zhu Sijia paused and went on to say, “Meanwhile, among the people, rumors have been rising from all direction in Heavenly Fire Continent questioning the national power of Da Qin Dynasty. Some places with somewhat weak guard even revolted against the rule of Da Qin Dynasty. As for the nobles, they are secretly looking on from the sidelines. Although they took no action and didn’t join the ranks of rebellion, the undercurrent is surging. It is said that nobles have secretly joined hands to establish an alliance, secretly discussing to rebel together against Da Qin Dynasty.”

Zhu Sijia had dispatched many disciples to gather information in all directions and they gathered all kinds of information in time.

Even if Da Qin Dynasty wanted to come, will they be able to dispatch the army?

Fatty Zhao Dazhi, Little Long’er and others stayed silent. Cloud Mist Sect had obtained the time to take a breather with great difficulty. If Da Qin Dynasty stages a comeback, then perhaps, Cloud Mist Sect would truly fall.

“This is a good news.”

Ye Chuan slowly said. Although his heart was also somewhat heavy, his insights were far above Fatty, Little Long’er and others. “The army has to come from afar, every time they went to war, they would consume a lot of national power. Failing once, Da Qin King will not easily come again. The territory of Da Qin Dynasty is vast and looks very powerful, but with large numbers of nobles, it actually is also crisis-ridden. Now, facing the misgivings of nobles and shocked imperial court and the common people, Da Qin King should have a headache.”

The thinking of Ye Chuan was clear. Seeing through the surface matter, he grasp the essence, analyzing and deducing the movement of Da Qin Dynasty.

Da Qin King was overweeningly ambitious and he wanted to dip his finger in cultivating sects, but the secular world was his foundation. With numerous nobles shaking the foundation, he would not easily dispatch the troops to suppress cultivating sects. If there truly was an alliance of nobles, then Da Qin King should be having a headache. At this moment, he couldn’t easily come back to attack Cloud Mist Sect, this hard bone. And to attack other cultivating sects, he needed to find a plausible reason.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, then what should we do now? Furthermore……” Zhu Sijia was somewhat restless as she added, “Furthermore, even though it has already been so long, there is no news of my grandfather. Was he imprisoned by Da Qin King or did he run into some danger?”

The danger of Cloud Mist Sect had passed for the time being and Zhu Sijia recalled the matter of her grandfather who had gone to the capital to meet Da Qin King. She was worried about his safety.

In this period of time, she had been sending people to inquire about any news of her grandfather but she got nothing.

“Jiajia, you should continue focusing on the matter of the sect. Post a notice of recruitment in the cities around Cloud Mist Mountain Range and recruit talents.” The gaze of Ye Chuan swept through the people present and his gaze rested on Horn Demon Na Gusi, then taking off Dark Underworld Ring he was wearing, he instructed, “Na Gusi, take this Dark Underworld Ring and go to the capital, then think of a way to infiltrate into Long family, one of the three major aristocratic families of the capital.”

“Your Excellency, you want me to disguise as a Dark Underworld Emissary?” Horned Demon Na Shusi quickly understood the meaning of Ye Chuan.

“Yes, to be precise, disguising as Exploiter Hu, join other Dark Underworld Emissaries. If I am not wrong, then other Dark Underworld Emissaries should have already infiltrated into Long family. You should be careful, don’t easily show your true appearance. Other than joining the ranks of other Dark Underworld Emissaries, you have another mission, think of a way to inquire about the news of Great Elder Zhu Guohong.” Ye Chuan instructed.

After encountering the experts of Long family in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, he understood that Dark Underworld Emissaries had already infiltrated into Long family and there was already the sign of stirring up trouble. Although Exploiter Hu had already died, Dark Underworld Archfiend still existed. He was probably even more terrifying lurking danger compared to Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect. He must think of a way to deal with it as quickly as possible. Horned Demon Na Gusi was a demonic cultivator and his cultivation of Nine Demonic Transformation Secrets had reached a profound level. Now he could transform all the time. No one was more suitable than him to sneak into the capital and gather the news.

“Okay, this subordinate obey your command.”

Horned Demon Na Gusi bent and accepted the orders, then transformed into a skinny old man from three meters tall fellow with horns. After that, he wore that Dark Underworld Ring in the index finger of his right hand. Now, on his left chest, he had a black tattoo. His current appearance was exactly the same as Exploiter Hu.

“Not bad, Dark Underworld Ring can not only disguise your identity, rotating it, you can also use a trump card at the critical moment to save your life. Don’t forget this, now, go.” Ye Chuan looked and nodded his head.

Horned Demon Na Gusi rotated the ring and a dark fog indistinctly appeared outside his body. In the midst of this dark fog, skeletons, specters and so on evil spirits condensed. Then, with a thought, the black fog and evil spirits dispersed with the wind, and even the Dark Underworld Ring he had worn also disappeared. It was very mysterious.

“This subordinate is leaving, take care of yourself, Your Excellency.”

After repeatedly testing Dark Underworld Ring, Horned Demon Na Gusi flew away, the activating the transfer formation of Cloud Mist Sect, he went to the capital.

“Well, everyone can leave and do what they should do.”

Ye Chuan looked at disciples who had rushed over to watch the battle and indifferently instructed. After that, he raised Iron Blooded Banner and looked at it. With the addition of General Step and Iron Blooded Banner, his fighting power had reached beyond his expectation.

With just condensing eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans and reaching Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, he had this kind of fighting power, what would happen if he condenses ninth Heaven Swallowing Talisman?

With big killing weapon Iron Blooded Banner in his hand, Ye Chuan was looking forward to his next cultivation.

In his previous life, He cultivated Heaven Concealing Secrets and concealed the heaven, in this life, he gave up Heaven Concealing Secrets, instead chose to cultivate Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he had obtained in God Burial Valley, and this cultivation technique truly didn’t disappoint him. Every time he condensed a Heaven Swallowing Talisman, it increased his strength by 18,000 jin. After cultivating and condensing all 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, what kind of existence he would become?

Ye Chuan who once dominated the entire Wilderness World also was unable to imagine. Now, Ye Chuan began to cultivate again without any worries.

With Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Flame Devil, Nan Tiandu and other powerful followers, now, he could practically no longer concern himself with the specific matters of Cloud Mist Sect, so he began to concentrate in cultivating. Battling against State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, he was severely injured and nearly lost his life, but he had also gained many benefits. The most immediate benefit was, now, Ye Chuan was able to get a clear understanding of the gap between himself and pinnacle experts of current Wilderness World.  So, he made determined effort in cultivation.

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