Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 347

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 347: The battle of brothers

Whoosh! Iron Blooded Banner whistled towards the back of Little Long’er.

Ye Chuan had told to fight because he wanted to test the might of General Step. So, he naturally used only 30% of his strength, he didn’t seriously use the full strength of 8 Heaven Swallowing Talismans.

Little Long’er suddenly accelerated. His speed was sufficiently fast and he suddenly rose once again to dodge the attack of Ye Chuan. The heavy banner smashed down hitting only the afterimage of Little Long’er.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, here I come!”

Little Long’er stretched out his claw and clawed towards Ye Chuan. His five fingers were bent like a hook, like that, if his claw was to hit Ye Chuan, then a large piece of his skin and flesh would be torn out.


Ye Chuan suddenly changed his move. His previous chopping down move changed into sweeping and the heavy banner hit the left side of Little Long’er. At this instant, the wrist of Ye Chuan felt numb and the flagpole vibrated with a buzzing sound. As for Little Long’er, he was sent flying, but he suddenly circled around and returned without any injury. The first collision was evenly matched. Iron Blooded Banner was strong, but the demonic dragon physique of Little Long’er was also especially fierce.

“Okay, come again!”

Ye Chuan jumped towards the sky as he suddenly stabbed his banner towards Little Long’er like a spear. This time, he increased his power to 50%.

Little Long’er took this head-on. His speed was astonishing just as in the past. Seeing the Iron Blooded Banner was about to pierce him, he instantly rolled about and brushed past the flagpole towards Ye Chuan. The eyes of Ye Chuan shone. He also didn’t retreat. He took advantage of this occasion to wield this flagpole downward. Since Little Long’er was already close at hand and a violent energy erupted all of a sudden, Little Long’er was sent flying once again as he was caught unprepared.

Roar! Little Long’er held his head high and roared, then he flew back again with increased fighting spirit. Unfortunately, no matter which angle he rushed forward from and no matter how fast he was, he was always hit. He was even unable to approach Ye Chuan as the Iron Blooded Banner would stop him. Ye Chuan brandishing the heavy and huge Iron Blooded Banner was like an impregnable fortress. Attacking rashly, not only the attack of Little Long’er failed, on the contrary, Iron Blooded Banner would hit him flying. Fortunately, Ye Chuan didn’t use his full strength and used just 50% of his strength, otherwise, Little Long’er would have his flesh badly mingled.

The physical body of Demonic Dragon Clan was doughty, unfortunately, Little Long’er was still too young. For an adult Demonic Dragon who had lived for a long time, Little Long’er was just an infant. He was far from being able to display the true might of their race’s innate skills. In Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, just relying on doughty body, he was able to fight evenly with Ye Chuan and even was able to easily withstand the corrosion of poisonous mist; but now, with Ye Chuan condensing eighth Heaven Swallowing Talisman and breaking through to Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, Little Long’er was clearly not his opponent.

The fierce battle at the peak quickly alarmed everyone. Zhu Sijia, fatty and others rushed over in succession.

And seeing Ye Chuan had recovered completely, everyone was endlessly relieved. Especially Zhu Sijia, she felt that it was worthwhile for her to endure the hardship and tiredness of these past few days. Moreover, seeing the might of Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan, everyone couldn’t help but simultaneously took a deep breath.

General Step, no one including Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes had ever heard nor seen this kind of distinctive and ferocious technique before. Iron Blooded Banner, after this big killing weapon fell into the hands of Ye Chuan, its might was still vaguely at the same level when it was still in the hands of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. Not to mention Little Long’er, even peak Daoist Master realm expert Old Demon of Mount Yin would have a bad end facing current Ye Chuan.

Little Long’er suddenly stopped and grasp for breath.

After the fierce battle, Ye Chuan who was holding this over 100,000 jin heavy Iron Blooded Banner didn’t look to be tired, Little Long’er however was too tired to even get angry. Such ferocious attacks were taxing, but it also relied on the endurance and control. If the control wasn’t good, then the same attack might cost double the physical strength. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, only was Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, but his physical strength, endurance and control were astonishing. He was far better than other cultivators in the same realm in those aspects.

At that time, a powerful dragon roar came from the direction of Evil Dragon Abyss.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I am coming!”

The voice of Nan Tiandu resounded as a fiery red huge dragon flew over. Even though his body was over a thousand meter long, his speed was astonishingly fast.

“Hahaha, well, junior brother Tiandu, today, we brothers should fight three hundred rounds!”

Ye Chuan laughed heartily and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, his energy fluctuation rose sharply.

Nan Tiandu wasn’t a young dragon like Little Long’er. He however had fused with an evil dragon that had been trapped inside Evil Dragon Abyss for unknown numbers of years, and his current cultivation was a step better than Old Demon of Mount Yin. Fighting with him, he didn’t need to hold back, he could go all out, and Ye Chuan just happened to want to test the might of General Step without holding back.

Honglonglong, an ear-deafening sound resounded in the ears of everybody. Nan Tiandu not only had a huge body, but his speed was also fast. He quickly arrived at the summit where Ye Chuan was located.

Ye Chuan held his head high and roared as he held Iron Blooded Banner high. Then taking one step, the banner in his hand vibrated issuing a buzzing sound; taking another step, the banner issued sounds that resembled wardrums making people’s blood boil; taking the third step, Iron Blooded Banner swept like lightning, hitting towards Nan Tiandu.

Bang, a loud explosion sound resounded as if two mountains had collided.

The banner in the hand of Ye Chuan bounced back and bent to almost 90 degrees, moreover, the web between the thumb and forefinger of Ye Chuan tore and blood began to ooze out. As for Nan Tiandu, he let out a muffled groan and was forced back quite far away, but there were no visible injuries. If Little Long’er was in his place, then a large chunk of his dragon body would have been badly mangled.

“General Second Step, Gods and Ghosts Wails!”

Ye Chuan was so overbearing that he ignored that he was bleeding and took a step forward. Then, lifting the heavy Iron Blooded Banner high, he smashed down ferociously.


Nan Tiandu roared again. He didn’t dodge instead received it head-on.

A strong invisible shockwave suddenly spread all around.

Zhu Sijia and others who were standing at one side watching the battle found it hard to stand. They were nearly sent flying off the cliff by just this shockwave. Fatty Zhao Dazhi found it even more unbearable, he was sent flying, but the instant when he was about to fall off the cliff, Old Demon of Mount Yin caught him and pulled him back. After that, the disciples who had rushed over after hearing the news to watch this battle retreated far away in succession.

“Junior brother Tiandu, be careful!”

Ye Chuan paused and circulating eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he flew forward again. Nan Tiandu also didn’t shrink back, he also rushed forward to confront the tough with toughness.

This time, even more powerful shockwave erupted. The air above this peak rippled and distorted, seemingly, the void was about to tear creating a time and space rift.

The huge dragon body of Nan Tiandu was suddenly sent flying one thousand meters and a clear bloody scar appeared on his head. Ye Chuan was also sent flying back, he was barely able to stop at the edge of the cliff, and with the support of Iron Blooded Banner, he half knelt at the edge of the cliff, gasping for breath.

Circulating eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans, the strength of 144,000 jin had suddenly erupted, but he was still unable to defeat Nan Tiandu.

Ye Chuan was surprised in his heart, experiencing the strength of Nan Tiandu after his rebirth.

At the same time, Nan Tiandu was even more surprised. What was the cultivation base of Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan? He was just a Rank 3 Daoist Master realm but already was this powerful, when he breakthrough to peak Daoist Master realm, who can be his opponent below Half-Sage realm experts?

These two brothers were two of a kind, they were mutually shocked and admired each other. Nan Tiandu won in terms of the doughtiness of body and cultivation, and Ye Chaun won with big killing weapon in his hand!

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