Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 345

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 345: Iron Blooded Banner

After three days, Ye Chuan finally woke up.

This time, he was severely injured. That palm attack of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng nearly blew out his internal organs, even his Half Dragon Physique was unable to withstand. Fortunately, he survived in the end.

With the help of Zhu Sijia, Ye Chuan got out of the bed and standing on the peak of the mountain, he looked down towards the mainland below.

A gentle breeze blew. It made people feel cool but not cold. At this moment, the atmosphere was refreshing and the sun was shining brightly. Inside and outside the sect, the disciples were busily bustling about. The battlefield had already been cleaned. The corpses of both sides were already buried. Now, the disciples were busy rebuilding the entrance gate and destroyed energy tower.

Da Qin Dynasty had finally withdrawn and the storm had finally passed.

“Jiajia, did Da Qin Dynasty truly withdraw?” Ye Chuan asked.

Now, he couldn’t see any soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty outside the gate, but Ye Chuan was still ill at ease. If State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was to stage a comeback at this moment, then not a single one would be able to escape, all will be rounded up in one fell swoop.

“Yes, I personally saw them withdrawing. All the soldiers also had already left and the camp of Pingyuan ancient town is already demolished.” Zhu Sijia replied.

Due to the severe injury of Ye Chuan, he was in a coma for three days, so Zhu Sijia resolutely took the heavy burden and personally went to scout in the daytime and personally took care of Ye Chuan at night without sleeping properly. She personally applied the medicine to his severe injuries. At this moment, although her figure was still gentle and graceful, her complexion was clearly thin and pallid compared to former days.

“What about the side of Heavenly Yao Sect? Is there any movement?” Ye Chuan asked again.

Da Qin Dynasty had withdrawn, but for Cloud Mist Sect, the danger had yet to pass. Compared to Da Qin Dynasty, Heavenly Yao Sect might be even more difficult to deal with. Once they initiate the attack, experts would rush over in crowds.

“No, they say……”

Zhu Sijia somewhat hesitated and said, “According to the reliable information, after White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi took back Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia to Heavenly Yao Sect, she announced that she would be entering seclusion cultivation to break through to Sage realm in one fell swoop. And she strictly forbade any disciple from leaving without authorization.”

“In other words, the matter of Heaven Burning Furnace is settled just like this. Or to say, at least for the short term, there is no threat from Heavenly Yao Sect.” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, but thinking for a bit, it was reasonable. Perhaps, the identity of Hong Zixia might have persuaded White Haired Heavenly Empress.

“Well, everything has passed.”

Zhu Sijia replied in a low voice. Her expression was somewhat complicated and she looked down not daring to look at Ye Chuan.

The news of White Haired Heavenly Empress sealing the cultivation of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and suppressing her beneath Heavenly Yao Peak was strictly sealed off under her orders. No one dared to tell the truth to Ye Chuan. Otherwise, with the character of Ye Chuan, he might immediately rush over to Heavenly Yao Sect. But, not mentioning his current weak state, even when he was at his strongest state, that was just like a moth darting into a flame.

“Good, that’s good, the storm has finally passed.”

Ye Chuan sighed and said, “However, we still cannot be careless, watch out for the comeback of Da Qin Dynasty, or, something might happen in Heavenly Yao Sect. We must closely watch these two overlords.”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, rest assured. I have already made the arrangement for this. In this period of time, you should only focus on healing your injuries. Besides, when disciples were cleaning up the battlefield, they found some good spoils of war. Take a look at them.” Zhu Sijia hinted and left with fatty Zhao Dazhi. Soon, they returned with disciples carrying many spoils of war. There were sharp flying swords, indestructible Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armors, moreover, also a treasure Ye Chuan hadn’t expected, Iron Blooded Banner.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng had left leaving behind his big killing weapon Iron Blooded Banner. Ye Chuan didn’t know whether he didn’t want it or he was so shocked by White Haired Heavenly Empress that he unconsciously left it behind.

This banner was big and also heavy. More than ten disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were having a hard time to carry it. In terms of just weight, it might already be the heaviest killing weapon.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you have innate superhuman strength, moreover, a Rank 2 Daoist Master realm expert. You led disciples to hold out against 200,000 strong soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty. This Iron Blooded Banner, only you can lift it, also, this kind of big killing weapon, only you are worthy of it!”

Nan Tiandu in human form walked over and said.

Now, after fusing with the body of Evil Dragon Meng Ao, his cultivation base had surpassed the cultivation base of Ye Chuan. He already had half a step into Half-Sage realm. It was better to use the words ‘innate superhuman strength’ for him, but this unparalleled millennium genius who reborn after the calamity was reverent and respectful in front of Ye Chuan. On one hand, he had goodwill towards this Big Disciple and also felt grateful to Ye Chuan for saving him at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss; on the other hand, he sincerely admired Ye Chuan.

In the last battle, Ye Chuan had lost, but he lost honorably.

Losing to Half-Sage realm State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was not disgraceful. He fought many experts that had higher cultivation realm than him and defeated 200,000 strong soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty, this was true capability! If any other disciple was in his place, then they might have either surrendered or let Da Qin Dynasty trample or would have already abandoned Cloud Mist Sect and fled for life.

Nan Tiandu was ambitious and proud, and he seldom admired anyone, but he had always been reverent and respectful to Ye Chuan. This was the case in the past and now was still the same even though his cultivation base was far higher than Ye Chuan.

Big Senior Apprentice Brother is Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it is not only the cultivation realm that can conquer the heart of people, courage, stratagem and behavior were even more important. This is the true charm of the strong!

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother is mighty!”

“Welcome Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother is mighty!”

The disciples came over one group after another to pay respect to Ye Chuan who had just waken up as they cheered in unison.

If one said that after Ye Chuan fought in three sects’ competition, suppressed the internal strife and swallow up Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, showing his courage and stratagem, he became the pillar of Cloud Mist Sect, then now, after repelling 200,000 strong army of Da Qin Dynasty, he thoroughly conquered all disciples. Now, he possessed absolute authority inside the sect. His prestige reached so high that even the prestige of Great Elder Zhu Guohong was far below him.

Not a Sect Master, but like a Sect Master, or even above Sect Master!

This was what Ye Chuan was in the heart of the disciples.

As for Ye Chuan, he suddenly reached out to grab the heavy Iron Blooded Banner and then waved it.

He had just recovered and his injuries had yet to heal completely, moreover, his body was still very weak, but, this Iron Blooded Banner which even more than ten disciples were having a hard time to carry, he lifted it alone and his killing intent soared. For a moment, he had a momentum that truly resembled the momentum of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng.

When he concealed the heaven in his previous life, Ye Chuan had intensively dabbled in studying many techniques of the world, so Iron Blooded Banner, this kind of weapon posed no problem for him. He even knew a lost peerless technique to wield a banner type weapons. Waving it, other than energy and pressure, it indistinctly contained a profound mystery. This technique was better than that of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, moreover, seemed to be especially tailor-made for him. With this banner in his hand, his fighting spirit was overwhelming. This in turn made Zhu Sijia worried that moving so much, his injuries might reopen.

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