Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 341

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 341: Heroes assembled


The speed of Nan Tiandu was amazing. He dived down from the sky and ferociously collided with State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng.

Over one thousand meters long huge dragon, it was just like a mountain, and colliding all of a sudden was very ferocious!

Both parties retreated in succession from the center of the battlefield.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng also had no choice but to give up attacking Ye Chuan. He held Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner high with his both hands and waved it left and right, giving rise to ‘whoosh whoosh’ sounds.

After waiting for a long time, instead of cyan robed Seventh Elder for whom Ye Chuan was waiting for, Nan Tiandu who was at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss came.

And under the gaze of everyone, Nan Tiandu with a huge body and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng’s Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner collided.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng let out a muffled groan and took three steps back. As for Nan Tiandu, he was sent flying and his head was badly mangled. His head had nearly blown up.

Over one thousand meter long dragon was unexpectedly sent flying by a banner?

Both sides were shocked. State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was far stronger than the imagination. A Half-Sage realm expert, his strength was truly heaven-defying, it was beyond common sense!

“What other means do you have? Use all of them! Today, this lordship will let you die completely convinced, and round you all up at one fell swoop!”

The killing intent of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng became denser, then jumping up, he brandished his Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner again towards Nan Tiandu. The huge dragon wailed mournfully as a deep would appear on his body. At this moment, the dragon scales that a flying sword couldn’t even scratch were unable to withstand a single blow of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng.


Ye Chuan roared and called Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, then rushed forward to stall State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. This old fellow’s ferociousness was even beyond his imagination, but if he didn’t make a move now, then Nan Tiandu would die under his hand.

Countless vines suddenly sprang out from the ground and wound around State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng like a snake, submerging him.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes also made a move without any reservation. He knew that these vines were useless against State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, they will be unable to kill him, but, at the very least, they could stop him and stall for time. Sure enough, they slightly delayed State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, thus, he was unable to finish up Nan Tiandu. Now, he was very ferocious and rushed over to kill Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, from behind, Nan Tiandu boldly rushed over again regardless of his safety.

Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu fought a bloody battle against State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. This battle was incomparably ferocious. Even Flame Devil and others, these later stage Daoist Master realm experts, were unable to intervene in this battle.

Both sides, regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty, all retreated far away from this center of the battlefield and watch this battle without blinking.

This battle was incomparably ferocious and was also a vital battle. If State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng won, no need to say that Ye Chuan and others would die a tragic death on the spot, Cloud Mist Sect would also be flattened. If State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng loses, then the army would be routed and the first step of Da Qin King to dip his finger in cultivating sects would fail. For Da Qin Dynasty, this will be a heavy blow.

But, the problem was civil and military officials above, will they be able to take the news of the defeat of State Teacher having both courage and cunning who would break through to Sage realm at any time?

Everyone was endlessly nervous. Soon, they knew that State Teacher wouldn’t lose, he was set to win.

After not many dangers, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng who was being besieged by Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu slowly began to counterattack ferociously. Now, that Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner in his hand was even heavier than the bronze cauldron of Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong. It was at least 100,000 jin in weight. It would deal even more severe injuries now.

With everybody watching, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng became increasingly braver. The strength of Half-Sage realm was slowly displayed. Even when three experts were cooperating, they were not his opponent. Soon, Ye Chuan and other two were dripping with blood. Old Demon of Mount Yin who had always been laughing arrogantly couldn’t even smile now. He was having a hard time even to stand up. At this moment, he felt like he had become a small demon like in Five Fingered Buddhist Cave.

“Kill, kill, kill all of them, hahaha, kill……”

Li Guang Han was endlessly excited.

He had waited too long to see this. He had endured his anger and grievances for so long just for this moment!

Seeing Ye Chuan was about to die under the hands of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, no one was more excited than him! The grievances of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the hatred caused by the love of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and the blood debts of Cloud Mist Sect, all will be settled at this moment.

“Miss Jiajia, what should we do?” Fatty Zhao Dazhi anxiously asked.

Li Guang Han was endlessly excited, but the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were endlessly frightened. If Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, died, then the pillar supporting Cloud Mist Sect would collapse. None of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect might be able to escape, they would be chased down and killed by the soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty.

“Pass down my orders, give up the sect, take the path near Evil Dragon Abyss to withdraw and scatter into the depths of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, but regroup at the seashore of the other side of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.”

Zhu Sijia ordered as she helplessly watched bloody Ye Chuan. No one was more worried than her, but she had no choice but to forcibly calm down and make a final decision. She absolutely cannot let the inheritance of Cloud Mist Sect cut off in her generation!

Cloud Mist Sect is finished!

But, as long as the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were still alive, one day, the sect will be built again and its inheritance will continue!

“Okay, Jiajia, let’s go together!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi transmitted the orders of Zhu Sijia, then grabbing the right hand of Zhu Sijia, he hastily pulled her away. He wanted to take advantage of this time when the soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty had yet to react and the Heaven Concealing Great Formation had yet to completely disappear to hastily evacuate.

“Ye Chuan, my Big Senior Apprentice Brother, this is the eternal parting, wait for me until I lead all disciples to the seaside without any danger, then I will return to accompany you to sleep forever in this mountain!”

Zhu Sijia turned her head back with tears flowing down her eyes.

She wanted to stay and accompany Ye Chuan. Although she knew that she would surely die, at least, she would be able to die together with Ye Chuan. Without Ye Chuan, staying alive was more painful. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do that because she carried a heavy responsibility of evacuating all disciples, so although death was better than life, she shouldn’t die. No one could understand this pain.

“Jiajia, let’s go, we cannot change the fate of Big Senior Apprentice Brother, run, quickly run!”

Fatty was also crying, but he still forcibly pulled Zhu Sijia and ran like mad. He feared that Zhu Sijia would stay behind to die. Ye Chuan was set to die, and after Cloud Mist Sect loses Ye Chuan, this pillar, it couldn’t afford to lose Zhu Sijia too. If Zhu Sijia also died, then Cloud Mist Sect would truly end. The disciples would immediately disperse and thoroughly collapse.

A hint of seven colored light suddenly appeared at the horizon and quickly flew over.

“Old dog, stop!”

A could voice resounded and a flying sword whistled towards State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, followed by a terrifying energy fluctuation. This energy fluctuation was far more powerful than Flame Devil and other later stage Daoist Master realm experts. Shockingly was a peak Daoist Master realm expert.

Sensing Ye Chuan was in danger, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia hurried over from Heavenly Yao Sect regardless of everything. After cultivating in a pair for a long time, they had formed a kind of connection. As a result, when one of them was in danger, even if they were far away from each other, the other could sense it.

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