Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 34

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 34: In a plight with no way out

Not long after Zhu Sijia was sent off, Ye Chuan received a wave of uninvited guests in succession.

Among them, there were mysterious masked person, outer sect disciple with big bamboo hat, and also grandiose inner sect elite disciples. All of them without exception had come here to get their reward after giving He Taixu a good thrashing.

After Zhu Sijia had left, people had immediately followed the trend.

Some people saw Alchemy Hall and Advisor He Taixu not pleasing to the eye, so when they could soundly beat He Taixu venting their anger and still could get a reward, they naturally didn’t want to miss this kind of opportunity.

Ye Chuan was already prepared for this and rewarded all of them one after another.

The cultivation of some people was not shallow, but they had fatal flaw in their cultivation technique, and he casually pointed them out from them; some people seemed powerful, swift and fierce, but in fact their years of cultivation had left behind internal injury, and he solved them for them; some people specially wanted cultivation technique, and Ye Chuan also didn’t disappoint the other party, he just took out a piece of blank paper in front of them, and write down a cultivation technique for them.

As once Heaven Concealing Great Saint who had concealed the heaven with his hand, Ye Chuan once had grasped 3000 martial techniques, and every one of them were extremely important. And having come to contact with but not cultivated techniques were even more. All of them were worthless to him, but for these ordinary disciples, these were hard to come by profound technique, and they nevertheless felt as if they had found a priceless treasure.

Every people who went up to the mountain, all returned from a rewarding journey.

This news quickly spread again creating a sensation within the entire sect. Now even more people began to go frenzy. There was no direct evidence that Ye Chuan had obtained the treasure from that legendary Paradise Realm, but his every action deepened the suspicion of everyone. Moreover they don’t need to directly go and rob to obtain the treasure of Paradise Realm, just obtain the favor of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother and get rewarded, so what was there to wait.

The number of people that beat Adviser He Taixu suddenly increased. As long as he made an appearance, this former tyrant advisor who used powerful connection to intimidate people suffered a tragedy. Now if he made an appearance once, he would get beaten once. Even if he kept hiding inside the Alchemy Hall, he wasn’t able to avoid his fate of getting beaten. The guards and disciples of Alchemy Hall were also people, and who among them didn’t want to obtain that reward which could make people drool.

Now He Taixu who had spread rumors so that he could make Ye Chuan fall into deathtrap, conversely fully experienced the abuse.

Moreover the complexion of Hall Master Jin Zhikun was gloomy now a days, and his patience had already reached its limit, merely giving He Taixu a final day’s time. And on the other side, Ye Chuan met plot with plot, which in turn made him miserable to the ends. Currently facing pressure from two sides, this He Taixu who often refer himself as far-sighted in former days was unable to bear, and felt a day drags past like a year. And under this helplessness, he was forced to make a reckless move.

Late in the night, when the disciples in Cloud Mist Sect had already either entered seclusion to cultivate or entered into dreamland, a shadow quietly appeared in Purple Mist Peak.

He Taixu with gauze wrapped around his head took advantage of night time to come outside Purple Cloud Courtyard, wanting to fight Ye Chuan to death.

His scheme came to nothing, and if he didn’t kill Ye Chuan, then Hall Master Jin Zhikun would banish him to Evil Dragon Abyss, leading to a dead end. Even if Hall Master Jin Zhikun spared his life, Ye Chuan would never drop this matter. This entire day he had fully experienced the people’s beating, this way he inevitably would be beaten to death one day. Now there was death in both of his left and right sides, so he simply was ready to risk everything.

After attentively listening outside the door for a while, He Taixu as if agile leopard cat stealthily entered into the Purple Could Courtyard, then coldly smiling, he pulled out a dagger smeared with strong poison from his bosom. After that as if a viper, he stealthily went towards the study where oil lamp was illuminating. Inside the room, under the dim light of an antique Cyan Lotus Lamp, indistinct back view of Ye Chuan was visible. It seems, he was sitting cross-legged on the ground to cultivate.

“Boy, give me your life!”

He Taixu gnashed his teeth, and his cultivation of Rank 1 Xiushi completely show out, then directly breaking open the window, he entered into the room, and rushing to the rear of Ye Chuan, he ruthlessly stabbed towards him. Seeing his attack was a success, an evil grin involuntarily appeared on his face, but in the next moment, his smile stiffened. He had stabbed only a wooden log with a clothing draped over it, and there was basically not even a trace of Ye Chuan there.

“Ai, there is no need to strike to take a human life, wasn’t there only a small misunderstanding and small contradiction?”

Faint sigh came though behind him.

Ye Chuan had silently, without him knowing when, had already appeared behind He Taixu. Then looking at stiff faced He Taixu, he asked with an evil smile: “He Taixu, looking for me?”

“You……, you already knew I was coming?” He Taixu quickly turned around, and seeing Ye Chuan who had made preparation against him in advance, he was somewhat dazed.

His attack failed, and now his drive had already exhausted and was replaced by instinctive uneasiness. His cultivation was clearly more than one rank higher than Ye Chuan, but he didn’t know why, just looking at the smile of Ye Chuan, he was scared, and his right hand that was holding the dagger trembled. He Taixu had never felt like this even when he had faced other expert of Xiushi realm.

“Of course I knew. If I couldn’t predict even this much, then wouldn’t I have already died in your and that silkpants Jin Hua’s hand?”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and indifferently continued speaking: “Now, you have two choice, either die, and go to the underworld to continue to follow your young master Jin Hua, or, choose to give up vice and return to virtue, and hereafter remain in Purple Cloud Peak becoming my slave. You have to do all the works in front of you, if there is nothing else, then you can make a cup of tea for me or sweep the floor or something like that. And if your performance is good, I can give you some pointers, and also pass down some exceptional cultivation technique. In truth, even death cannot wipe out your crimes, and it is better to directly kill you, but, I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is so soft and kind-hearted, ai……”

“Pei, you are soft and kind-hearted? You are more ruthless than a yao ghost, and more sinister than great devil!”

He Taixu cursed in rage. He however was not like young master Jin Hua, he was experienced person, and he would not easily get moved by few words of Ye Chuan. And before his voice disappeared, he quickly rushed forward. Even if he had to die, he wanted to at least make Ye Chuan a scapegoat, or perhaps, he might luckily kill Ye Chuan and successfully flee down the mountain. Then relying on the abilities he had learnt in Cloud Mist Sect, he would become free and at ease in the secular world, Da Qing Dynasty, then looking for a person from large family, he would again became an inept advisor.

Once people were forced to a dead end, their latent talent would be forced out.

The current speed of He Taixu was much faster than any time before, and the dagger coated with strong poison stabbed towards Ye Chuan. Now it was only half inch away from Ye Chuan.

Little guy, your prediction with miraculous accuracy and scheming, in front of absolute power, they are useless, leading you to dead end.

He Taixu smiled, then couldn’t help but burst into a loud laughter and his face twisted hideously.

But, just when his dagger was about to cut the throat of Ye Chuan, he suddeny felt a pain in his buttocks, as if a wasp stung him, then half of his body became numb. Buzz buzz buzz, humming sound suddenly came through behind him.

“Damn it, what is this?”

He reached out his hand and forcibly slapped his own buttocks, but there was nothing. Then ferociously turning back, a golden light flashed before his eye, then along with a sharp pain, his right eye was drenched with blood and went blind. And opening his left eye, he saw thickly dotted mutated flies rushing towards him. Very soon, they reached in front of him.

“Ah……, brat, how can you be so sinister?”

He Taixu gave a horrible shriek, and covering his blinded right eye, he ran like a mad. In a split second, his one eye was blinded, and he was not even able to see what that golden light was, moreover he didn’t know any means of Ye Chuan. Now he was thoroughly frightened, and didn’t dare to stay here for even a moment.

“I am not sinister, this is your incompetence. He Taixu, obediently kneel down and receive your death, you can’t escape.”

Ye Chuan indifferently answered, while leisurely chasing him. Tonight, He Taixu, this old man who had reached a dead end will die, and never get the chance to see the sun of tomorrow.

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