Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 338

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 338: The intention of State Teacher

Before Da Qin Dynasty destroyed the second energy tower, Ye Chuan flew to the scene, then along with the flashing of cyan light, 12 human-faced snakes appeared, surrounding the group of experts wearing fiery red Iron Blooded Da Qin War Armor. Then, a cyan light flashed again and Six Winged Golden Cicada and puppet doll Hei Kui also appeared. At that time, Flame Devil, Horned Demon Na Gusi and Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes also rushed over, joining the ranks of the siege. As for the task of stopping the main army, it was handed over to Zhu Sijia alone.

The energy fluctuation within the body of Ye Chuan steadily rose. Although he was already exhausted, he continued to insanely circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, preparing a deadly attack.

Although the army of Da Qin Dynasty was big, the real threat was these 13 experts wearing Iron Blooded Da Qin War Armor in front of him. Getting rid of these 13 experts will be equivalent to cutting off an arm of State teacher Jiang Tunsheng and they will be able to continue using Heaven Concealing Great Formation to contend against the invasion of Da Qin Dynasty.


The leader commanded and resolutely led remaining 12 experts to break out of this encirclement.

Ye Chuan took the initiative to rush forward and punched to intercept the leader. The eyes of the latter flashed with pallid light and he also similarly punched out. But just the moment before the two fists collided, Ye Chuan suddenly turned sideways and let the other party’s powerful punch land on his shoulder. As for his ferocious punch, it landed squarely on the other party’s chest.

Since the situation was critical, Ye Chuan was not satisfied with only the collision of fists. He completely resorted to the style of life for life.

The leader of this group was clearly caught unprepared. He let out a muffled groan and retreated a few steps, then vomited a mouthful of blood. On his fiery red Iron Blooded Da Qin War Armor which Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were unable to penetrate, a clear fist mark appeared on the chest area.

Compared to Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, the fist of Ye Chuan was even more powerful and the strength was violent and fierce. With the eruption of 126,000 jin strength, it was hard for this solid armor to stop his fist.

“Kill, kill these 13 fellows!”

“Kakaka, look at me!”

Without the command of Ye Chuan, Flame Devil and others rushed up and fought with all their strength.

Horned Demon Na Gusi roared and his body suddenly swelled, two cold and ghastly ox horns appeared on his forehead and he directly sent one fellow wearing Iron Blooded Da Qin War Armor flying; ten meters long flame appeared on the palm of Flame Devil and it bound one opponent; many human faced snakes swayed and surrounded and fought with strong enemies.

As for Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, he laughed and unlike Flame Devil and others, he didn’t fight alone, rather he suddenly flew over to Ye Chuan and fought with the enemy leader together with Ye Chuan. His laughter still reverberated through the sky and his right palm ferociously attacked the back of the formidable enemy leader and Ye Chuan also punched repeatedly. After being attacked from both front and rear, the enemy leader suffered heavy injuries. The Iron Blooded Da Qin War Armor on his body was cracked open and his internal organs were shaken and smashed by violent power. After that, he staggered and fell to the ground. But, when he was about to jump up again, he suddenly saw a puppet doll staring at him on the ground. This puppet doll had a smile on its face but had threatening killing intent. Needless to say, it was strange.

Where did this puppet come from?

The leader was confused and before he could react, a pallid light flashed before his eyes, then he couldn’t see anything. And when he saw again, a series of fists landed on his head and his head exploded and he died.

“Your Excellency, next!”

Hei Kui who possessed a puppet doll holding a bloody dagger looked for next target with a chilling smile. Seeing those cold eyes, even Old Demon of Mount Yin, this old evil spirit, was frightened.


Ye Chuan used his unparalleled style technique and suddenly appearing behind an expert wearing Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armor, he punched at his back. The latter was fighting against a human-faced snake, and the unexpected attack from Ye Chuan sent him flying. Old Demon of Mount Yin and the puppet doll Hei Kui also rushed over. The three joined force and quickly killed this fellow.

After Ye Chuan made a move, the situation rapidly changed.

This group of experts wearing Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armor that ran amuck in the battlefield quickly had a headache. The cultivation of Ye Chuan appeared to be not up to much, but his strength as fierce. The Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armor was barely able to withstand his ferocious punch, but their body inside wasn’t able to endure. Not everyone had an unusually sturdy body like Ye Chuan. Soon, only seven were left among 13 experts under the violent attack of Ye Chuan and others and they were powerless to destroy the second energy tower.


Seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, the seven people quickly gathered together and forcibly broke out of an encirclement. Everyone cooperated to attack violently, but they were unable to trap them for a moment. Flame Devil and others hesitated, but Ye Chuan took the initiative to chase. He wanted to take this opportunity to kill this group of formidable enemies. If he didn’t kill them now, then they will mix with ordinary soldiers and stage a comeback and that would be troublesome.


“Your Excellency, be careful!”

Everybody simultaneously chased.

Old Demon of Mount Yin was the first one to react. He quickly used his innate skill and countless vines suddenly appeared in the front to block the path of those 7 formidable enemies. Although these vines that frightened ordinary soldiers were unable to penetrate through their Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armor, countless vines could bound their four limbs, slowing down their speed or even block their field of vision.

Sad and shrill screams resounded in succession.

The remaining seven soldiers fell to the ground one by one. Now, Ye Chuan was covered in blood and had suffered unknown numbers of injuries, but he led everybody to pursue relentlessly. He spared no effort to kill all these enemies. After a little while, only one fellow was fleeing in confusion by any path in the front.


Ye Chuan roared and chased quickly. But when he was just about to punch, the fellow running for life in the front suddenly stopped.

This fellow can’t run, or……

Ye Chuan had a thought and he suddenly stopped. He looked all around and discovered that he had unconsciously reached outside the gate chasing after this fellow.

Not good, I fell into a trap, this fellow was a bait!

The limbs of Ye Chuan turned cold and he quickly reacted as he felt a strong sense of danger.

From the dark, the sound of applaud came.

A middle-aged scholar walked out from the darkness while clapping. Behind, there was a large group of experts including Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. When he saw Ye Chuan, his eyes flashed with viciousness and he looked ferocious. Conversely, the middle-aged scholar who seemed to be the leader was fair and clear resembling a scholar rather than a cultivator.

“State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng?” Ye Chuan took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“Correct, I am Jiang Tunsheng.”

The middle-aged scholar nodded his head and sized up Ye Chuan, then nodding his head in praise, he said, “Pretty good, Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect truly is outstanding. Youngster, come with me to the imperial capital, I will guarantee your safety and personally request His Majesty to confer you the title of Dragon Tiger General, giving you the territory of 10000 li and also the command of 800,000 imperial guards to especially conquer various large sects for Da Qin Dynasty. How about it?”

Unexpectedly, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng didn’t make a killer move instead tried to recruit on the spot, promising a generous reward. The title of Dragon Tiger General, 1000 li territory, and taking the command of 800,000 most elite imperial guards, such position in Da Qin Dynasty might be only below Da Qin King alone, in the same position as State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng!

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