Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 337

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 337: Yao Beast Battle Formation

The soldiers were eager to fight while dreaming about obtaining numerous treasures and return with a good result, but soon, the cruel facts shattered their good dreams.

The dark mist that covered Cloud Mist Sect became denser and denser. Next, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect they were chasing disappeared without a trace. At this moment, looking around, they discovered that they were surrounded by dense mist and realize that they had lost their way. Immediately afterward, they suffered ferocious ambush. Countless vines shot out from the midst of dense mist. They bound the soldiers’ hands and legs, strangle their throat and penetrate their body.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes finally attacked. Under the cover of Heaven Concealing Great Formation, he initiated a ferocious attack. Every wave of attack caused large numbers of soldiers to fall.

After going deep into Cloud Mist Sect, the soldiers discovered that everything was anything but reassuring. No need to mention that the sky was filled with dense mist, there furthermore was an obscure energy fluctuation that made the heart of people tremble and their movement become slow. Moreover, the energy within their body also become chaotic and they were unable to display even half of their full strength. They felt as if a mountain was weighing down on them and this made people grasp for breath. The nearer they were to Cloud Mist Peak, the stronger this feeling.

The might of Heaven Concealing Great Formation gradually emerged.

Ye Chuan had only stressed on the word ‘pressure’ of Heaven Concealing Great Formation which just suppressed the energy within the body of enemies. Furthermore, there were also other even more powerful words like ‘chaos’, ‘kill’ and so on he was unable to display. Now, his cultivation base was limited, so he was far from being able to display the true might of this Heaven Concealing Great Formation, but it was still enough to make soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty complain incessantly.

The soldiers that were isolated deep into enemy territory were lost and were in danger. Under Heaven Concealing Great Formation, it was difficult to progress. Outside, even more soldiers were still pouring inside the sect, dreaming to flatten Cloud Mist Sect and snatch large numbers of treasures.

Heaven Concealing Great Formation was not only very dangerous to soldiers, it also severed their communication, so every group that intruded into Cloud Mist Sect were practically on their own.

Some soldiers were unable to reach far before they suffered the surprise attack of countless vines and got submerged into vines in an instant; some suddenly fell into holes covered with a thin layer of soil and leaves while walking, these were pitfalls dug by pangolins. The bottom of these holes were filled with sharp blades with hypertoxic smeared on them, so they instantly lost their life; Some escaped the attack of countless vines and also didn’t fall into a pitfall by fluke, but a group of golden eagles suddenly dived from the sky, and before they could react, the sharp claws of those eagles would dig out the eyes of many soldiers. In this situation, one could well imagine the end fate of a person who lost his eyes.

After Da Qin Dynasty ferociously attacked the gate, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had retreated and Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes along with yao beast legion under his command had begun to display their power. As for the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, after resting and reorganization for a while, they began to attack again under the leadership of Zhi Sijia. They worked in coordination with yao beast legion to inflict greater damage to Da Qin Dynasty. The combination of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows and yao beasts that appeared and disappeared mysteriously was an absolute nightmare for any opponent.

A dense smell of blood spread far and wide. Cloud Mist Sect enveloped in dense mist became a huge meat mincer and also became a graveyard for many soldiers.

A huge banner suddenly appeared outside the gate of the sect. Swaying it left and right, a strong wind blew over and the dense mist of Cloud Mist Sect slowly dispersed, revealing numerous peaks and 108 towering energy towers of Heaven Concealing Great Formation. Soldiers quickly rushed towards those energy towers, wanting to break Ye Chuan’s Heaven Concealing Great Formation.

At Cloud Mist Peak, the complexion of Ye Chuan became pale and it became difficult to maintain Heaven Concealing Great Formation even when he hastily used a technique. The dense mist gradually dispersed and even those towering energy towers swayed as if they were about to be blown off by this strong wind.

Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner!

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng suddenly made a move. He wanted to break Heaven Concealing Great Formation of Ye Chuan in one fell swoop.

Without this powerful restriction, the fighting capability of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and yao beast legion would fall sharply, and they will not be able to stop these shoulders of Da Qin Dynasty.

“Defend energy towers, Flame Devil, Na Gusi, go!”

Ye Chuan gave orders as a blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth. This was the backlash of forcibly maintaining Heaven Concealing Great Formation. If he continued, he might suffer even more terrifying backlash.

With Half-Sage realm State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng making a move, Ye Chuan felt great pressure.

In his past life, a Half-Sage realm expert was not even worth mentioning to him. He could easily crush them to death with his finger, but now, since his cultivation base was only trivial Rank 2 Daoist Master realm, a Half-Sage realm expert was a huge mountain!

On the battlefield, Old Demon of Mount Yin was also keenly aware of the main force of the enemy, so he quickly led yao beast legion to intercept. Now, a battle for energy towers suddenly broke out, and this was even fiercer than the battle for sect gate.

Outside the sect, Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner continued to sway and strong wind continued to blow. As for Ye Chuan, he crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to contend against this force. Now, the energy towers were completely visible in the midst of dense mist, if they were destroyed, then the Heaven Concealing Great Formation of Ye Chuan might disperse, no longer protecting the sect; With these 108 energy towers intact, those soldiers that had intruded Cloud Mist Sect would have to pay a heavy price.

Ye Chuan and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng were fighting even though they were far away from each other and the soldiers of both sides also fought desperately.

When both sides were locked in a stalemate, a hint of red light suddenly shone into the eyes of Ye Chuan. That was a group of warriors wearing fiery red battle armor. Every one of them was later stage Daoist Master realm expert. There were a dozen or so of them and they gathered together to attack a tower. Defending disciples of Cloud Mist Sect desperately counterattacked but they were unable to stop them. Zhu Sijia quickly led a flying crossbow squad, but even the arrows of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were unexpectedly useless against their fiery red battle armor; Old Demon of Mount Yin also rushed over, unfortunately, yao beast legion was also similarly unable to stop them, moreover, his vines were also unable to penetrate through their fiery red battle armors.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng used another trump card. After learning about the impressive might of Cloud Mist Sect’s Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, he especially brought a dozen or so iron blooded Da Qin battle armors from the capital and just like Iron Blooded Da Qin Banner, they were also big killing weapons refined by Da Qin King and other great experts. Ordinary attacks were basically useless against them!

Along with a rumbling sound, an energy tower collapsed and the surrounding dense mist quickly dissipated revealing a large piece of land. In Cloud Mist Peak, Ye Chuan opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of blood. Each energy tower was closely linked with Heaven Concealing Great Formation, moreover, also liked to his body. Destroying an energy tower was equivalent to cutting him with a sword!

“Big brother Ye Chuan……”

Little Long’er rushed over to support Ye Chuan. He was confused in his heart and didn’t know what he should do. Zhu Sijia, Flame Devil and others had already left, now, he was the only one beside Ye Chuan.

“Little Long’er, go, bring big sister Hai Lili here.”

Ye Chuan commanded and flew towards that group of experts wearing Iron Blooded Da Qin Battle Armor.

Now, it was time to take action in person. Retreating from Cloud Mist Sect was the last resort, he had to persist as much as possible. Otherwise, all the previous efforts would go to waste, in addition, Ye Chuan had a hope. He hoped to persist until cyan robed Seventh Elder Meng Qi take action. He was the only person until now within Cloud Mist Sect whose cultivation he was unable to see through. If cyan robed Seventh Elder Meng Qi took action, he might be able to force State Teacher to retreat.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if he can have someone else activate the formation if his cultivation is too low. Doesn’t make sense leaving a formation nobody else was able to use all these millions of years.

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