Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 336

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 336: Fall of the entrance gate

A big battle broke out suddenly.

Without negotiation and without the appearance of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, the army of Da Qin Dynasty attacked ferociously.

The same 200,000 soldiers, under the leadership of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, they were as fearful as a flock of little sheep, but under the leadership of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, they were ferocious like wolves or tigers.

Ye Chuan sat on Cloud Mist Peak and personally directed the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and yao beast legion to fight. But, the bad news came nonstop.

The patrolling party outside was the first to lose contact, which clearly was fraught with grim possibilities. The sentry posts and lookout towers at the foot of the mountain were also destroyed after a little while and the army of Da Qin Dynasty quickly pressed on to the entrance gate. Then, a bloody battle started. Groups after groups of Da Qin soldiers bravely throw themselves into the death traps and disciples spared no effort to defend the entrance gate not fearing death. And Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows continuously shot arrows.

Rows after rows of soldiers fell under the bombardment of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows. Even Daoist realm experts couldn’t withstand the bombardment of these flying crossbows let alone these ordinary soldiers. With hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows gathered together, their might was powerful enough to make one bristle with anger. The experts of the imperial palace mixed in the midst of soldiers wanted to launch a surprise attack taking advantage of this confusion, the result, all of them fell without exception.

These flying crossbows brought by Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia were powerful, but other than launching only three arrows at a time, there was another fatal flaw, which was they needed a large amount of vitality to use. Ordinary disciples were unable to last long. After several rounds of attack, they felt aching and limp, so they must continuously take turns. The soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty quickly noticed this, and taking advantage of the time when the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were taking turns, they violently attacked, nearly seizing the entrance gate quite a few times.

Around the small entrance gate, an intense battle occurred.

Da Qin Dynasty suffered heavy casualties, one group after another group of soldiers fell, but the casualties of Cloud Misty Sect also wasn’t small. No need to speak about the violent attack of ordinary soldiers, but there were many experts mixed among the soldiers. Obviously, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng not only came in person, he had brought many experts with him. A slight carelessness and Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows in the hands of disciples would be snatched by them.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, activate the restriction, if the restriction isn’t activated, then the disciples will not be able to guard any longer.” At Cloud Mist Peak, Zhu Sijia said looking at the fierce battle at the entrance gate.

According to the order of Ye Chuan, only disciples of Cloud Mist Sect met the enemy head-on and other than the most basic entrance gate restriction, all other restrictions were not activated. Old Demon of Mount Yin as well as yao beast legion under his command had yet to take action. Since the offense of Da Qin Dynasty was so fierce, the disciples will not be able to last long.

“Wait a bit more, don’t guard if they are unable to guard.” Ye Chuan indifferently instructed. After a brief shock, he calmed down.

Since State Teacher had come in person, this war had become much more dangerous and it had become harder to defend. If they continued to defend, then he didn’t know how big of a price they should pay and the loss would outweigh the gain. To win this battle, he had to take risks.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you are saying to give up entrance gate to attract enemies deep inside, wouldn’t that……” Zhu Sijia was greatly shocked. Fatty, Flame Devil, Little Long’er and other standing behind him were also in the similar state.

Giving up the entrance gate meant that the army of Da Qin Dynasty will swarm in and flood all peaks and ancient palaces of Cloud Mist Sect with blood.

“Just an entrance gate, lost then lost, even abandoning the entire sect is also fine, as long as people are alive, there is a hope, but if people are dead, then the sect would be thoroughly finished.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said and he was calm or even ice-cold, coldly looking at this situation without any emotion fluctuation. Then, he coldly ordered, “Jiajia, pass down my order, all old, weak, sick and disabled are to be transferred to Cloud Mist Peak and Heavenly Dragon Peak, and bring Second Elder at Cloud Mist Hall. If they are unable to guard the entrance gate, then don’t guard, let the people of Da Qin Dynasty come in. All said that the State Teacher of Da Qin Dynasty possesses unfathomable power, I want to see what kind of capability he has!”

Ye Chuan was calm outside but a dense killing intent was soaring inside his heart.

Compared to Extinction Taoist, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was many times more powerful, but he forced Cloud Mist Sect to give up entrance gate without showing up himself. But, if he thought that he could bully Ye Chuan like this, then he was wrong. Even if he had to give up the entire Cloud Mist Sect, he would make State Teacher Jiang Tunseng pay a heavy price. Even if he couldn’t kill him, he could at least kill this army of 200,000!


Zhu Sijia hesitated for a while and gritting her teeth, she accepted the command. Even though she was a female disciple, she was more decisive than most of the male disciples. She passed down orders as she prepared to risk everything with Ye Chuan, staking the entire Cloud Mist Sect. Win, they would be able to force Da Qin Dynasty to retreat, lose, they would lose everything!

The orders were quickly conveyed and the disciples became busy. All the important things were transferred to Cloud Mist Peak and Heavenly Dragon Peak beside Evil Dragon Abyss. As for the things they couldn’t take away, they buried them on the spot or even directly burned them down. They would rather burn them down than giving them to Da Qin Dynasty.

Zhu Sijia also became daring. On one hand, the situation forced her as she knew that they were unable to defend; and on the other hand, she was confident with Ye Chuan.

“Your Excellency, the entrance gate is abandoned, but why do you still want to guard that Heavenly Dragon Peak?” Old Demon of Mount Yin asked. He was confused, would it be better to concentrate all forces to defend only Cloud Mist Peak?

“That place is the place where dragons prosper, it is our route of retreat. Moreover, Heavenly Dragon Tree and Mist Bamboo, these worldly treasures, grows there. We cannot abandon it unless as a last resort.” Ye Chuan replied and paused for a bit then said, “Rhodes, quickly lead your yao beast legion and enter the battle. Remember, entrance gate can be abandoned, all peaks and palaces also can be abandoned, no need to defend them to the death, keeping as many people as possible alive is the most important. Try every any means to kill intruding soldiers, and delay their advance.”

Ye Chuan stood up and burning Jade Incense, a fragrance curled up and he used a technique.

Rumble, the earth shook and a mist gradually appeared from under the ground and gradually enveloped Cloud Mist Sect. Then, an aura of suppression slowly spread all over.

Heaven Concealing Great Formation!

Ye Chuan finally activated Heaven Concealing Great Formation that terrified countless Sage realm experts in his previous lifetime. Activating it, nearly half of his entire energy was consumed along with a lot of vitality.

“Cloud Mist Sect cannot endure, kill!”

“State Teacher has ordered, raid Cloud Mist Sect, capture great devil Ye Chuan alive!”

Da Qin soldiers shouted loudly and under the leadership of the experts of imperial palace and different level commanders, they bravely charged into the death trap. Bang, don’t know who took the lead to chop off the fallen entrance gate of Cloud Mist Sect, but the vast and mighty army swarmed in. As for the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, they hastily retreated and dispersed all around in confusion, disappearing into the dense forest of mountain peaks.

After paying a heavy price, they finally captured the entrance gate of Cloud Mist Sect. This hard-won victory made soldiers cheer loudly and began chasing the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. The huge army also scattered, wanting to seize every peaks and palaces of Cloud Mist Sect.

An ancient sect that had the inheritance of millions of years, it should have countless cultivation techniques and countless treasures.

The eyes of soldiers became bright red. Even the experts of the imperial palace that were mixed among the soldiers were also the same. Although Cloud Mist Sect had declined to the third-rate sect, it had the inheritance of millions of years which however was older than Heavenly Yao Sect. After attacking Cloud Mist Sect, they wondered how many priceless treasures they would obtain!

Even without the command of all levels of commanders, the soldiers rushed while contending with each other. Everyone was rushing to massacre and plunder.

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