Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 335

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Man Huang Feng Bao,Chapter 335: The might of State Teacher

On a dark night, Ye Chuan led Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin to the highest peak. There, occupying the commanding position, he overlooked Cloud Mist Sect and the vast mainland.

Now, these two people were his most competent left and right arms of Ye Chuan. One commanded the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and the other commanded yao beast legion. This was the army that would sweep across the Wilderness World at the fledgling stage. But, at this moment, this new army was facing a severe test. Either be annihilate under the coercion of Da Qin Dynasty or counterattack to forcibly rise abruptly, what will be the end result? At this moment, even Ye Chuan was not confident enough.

After the death of Extinction Taoist, if Li Guang Han had commanded the main army to take a major step, then that would be fine. He would have avoided direct confrontation for the time being and lead enemies deeper while often confronting the tough with toughness. But, now that Li Guang Han unexpectedly bade his time, even shrinking his lines of defense, withdrawing his shoulders and letting them destroy their all strongholds, this was not good. He didn’t know what kind of scheme he was plotting.

It was easier to avoid open attacks, but harder to guard against hidden ones, it was like that ever since ancient times.

“Jiajia, if you were the commander of Da Qin army, then how would you have attacked?” Ye Chuan suddenly asked Zhu Sijia.

“I would have done just like Extinction Taoist, advance gradually and entrench myself at every step, build strongholds while pressing on towards the entrance of our Cloud Mist Sect, then attack violently amassing all power.” Zhu Sijia replied and paused for a bit, then continued, “Naturally, in this process, dispatch experts to guard every stronghold and simultaneously dispatch elites, especially to take charge of rescuing. They will be responsible to immediately rush to the scene whichever stronghold is in danger.”

Zhu Sijia replied without any hesitation, use defense as a means of offense, ‘steady’ was focused. This strategy was conforming to the norms of society.

“Rhodes, what about you?” Ye Chuan asked Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Kakaka, very simple, kill! Meet one, kill one, meet two, kill two, no matter how big the price, it doesn’t matter. In any case, Da Qin Dynasty has plenty of people and sufficient military strength, but our Cloud Mist Sect couldn’t afford such losses.” The killing aura of Old Demon of Mount Yin was awe-inspiring. His strategy just happened to be completely opposite to the strategy of Zhu Sijia. One concentrated on ‘steady’ to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step to occupy the area and press down the sphere of influence of Cloud Mist Sect; while the other wanted to massacre thousands of li. Both strategies, no matter which, were very detrimental for Cloud Mist Sect.

Ye Chuan shook his head and didn’t speak again. Then, watching the boundless land enveloped by darkness, he fell into silence.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, if you were the commander, how would you have attacked?” Zhu Sijia asked being curious in her heart.

“Jiajia, your opinion is pretty good, consolidating at every step while pressing on towards our entrance, this can fully demonstrate the superiority of the military strength. The idea of Rhodes is also pretty good, our Cloud Mist Sect cannot afford to pay such price. Merely, there is a shortcoming in your plans. That shortcoming is it will take a long time. There might be a stalemate for three months, six months or even a year.”

Ye Chuan’s tone was low as he pointed out the shortcoming in the plan of both Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin. Then, he closed his mouth and fell into silence while looking at the boundless land below.

If he was the commander, then how would he attack?

This problem, Ye Chuan was already thinking before Zhu Sijia had asked.

Carefully looking at the overall situation of this warfare, speaking in a minor way, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was avenging personal wrongs in the name of the public interest, but, speaking in a major way, this was Da Qin King showing his national power to the cultivating sects and declaring a war to formally dip a finger in the cultivating sects. If this was the essence of this war, then Da Qin Dynasty must win and it must also be quick and overwhelming. If this war became a protracted war, then this war would lose its significance.

Then, a problem has cropped, Li Guang Han was severely injured, the morale of the army was low, moreover, Extinction Taoist, this expert of the imperial palace, had also died, so now, how can they attack to end this war quickly?

Strong reinforcement, Li Guang Han must be waiting for a powerful reinforcement. Only for this reason, he would shrink his line of defense!

The reinforcement of this time must be an expert who was powerful enough to threaten Cloud Mist Sect. Da Qin Dynasty couldn’t afford to lose the first battle and since it was already impossible to again build strongholds to advance step by step, they definitely must have a way to quickly transfer the soldiers to the depth of the mountain and directly attack Cloud Mist Sect.

Transfer Formation!

Ye Chuan suddenly saw the light as he had a thought.

Secretly building a temporary transfer formation and dispatch main force directly to the interior of the enemy troops, then attack violently to win this war in one fell swoop. Ye Chuan had used such means in his previous life when he concealed the heaven to suppress the rival warlords under the heaven. He was most familiar with this means. In this life, since he had started cultivation from the scratch, his cultivation base wasn’t strong enough to use this kind of means. Moreover, average sects couldn’t afford to do so, but what about Da Qin Dynasty?

Da Qin Dynasty that wanted to unify secular world and cultivation sects, would it not have such means? Would it not have one or two heaven-defying great experts?

The limbs of Ye Chuan suddenly became ice-cold. Now, he knew what Da Qin Dynasty wanted to do. Just killing Extinction Taoist wasn’t the end of this war, rather was just the true beginning! Extinction Taoist was already powerful enough, he was a peak Daoist Master realm expert that could be counted as one of the very best. Now, this time, does Da Qin King want to dispatch even more powerful expert? Was it Half-Sage realm expert or near extinct Sage realm expert?

“Jiajia, Rhodes, immediately expand the range of the patrol to 100 li, also add troops and strictly check secret abyss, valleys and dense forest. If they find any sign of the construction of transfer formation, then destroy it immediately.” Ye Chuan urgently gave orders. He was sure of his deduction.

Transfer formation?

Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin were shocked, but they immediately turned around to pass down the orders. However, before they could walk away, a few figures rushed towards them from far away. And Fatty Zaho Dazhi’s voice could be heard, “Not good, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, not good……”

After getting closer, Ye Chuan could see fatty and behind him was an unexpected person. He was none other than middle-aged advisor Tang Yixian.

The heart of Ye Chuan thumped. He knew that something was not good. After Tang Yixian swallowed a pill, he had become the pawn of Cloud Mist Sect that spied on the camp of Da Qin Dynasty. He was very cautious even when leaking the news, but now, how come he suddenly rush over here?

“Your Excellency, not good, State……, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng has come.” Tang Yixian staggered and nearly fell to the ground.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng?

Jiang Tunsheng was Half-Sage realm expert who was equally famous as Heavenly Yao Sect’s White Haired Heavenly Empress that could break through to Sage realm at any time.

The heart of Ye Chuan shook and grabbing Tang Yixian who was about to fall down, he asked, “Tang Yixian, when did this happen? How long has it been since State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng has arrived?”

“Five days, at least five days have passed, but I also just got the news.”

Tang Yixian’s heart trembled and he didn’t dare to look directly at Ye Chuan for fear that the latter will kill him in a rage. Honestly speaking, he truly wasn’t to be blamed. This time, Li Guang Han had unexpectedly concealed the matter of the arrival of State Teacher from everyone. Only when the main force was set in motion, Tang Yixian accidentally heard this news, and being unable to quietly leak this news, he had to come over overnight to report hastily in person.

Five days, it has already been five days, wasn’t it sufficient for doing many things?

Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia and others were shocked in their heart.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what should we do now? Continue to enlarge the patrolling area?” Zhu Sijia asked with a strained expression.

“It’s already too late.”

Ye Chuan shook his head. The cultivation of Tang Yixian was average at best. It should have taken a lot of time for him to rush over here. That time should be enough for Da Qin Dynasty to mobilize their army.

A dazzling red light suddenly shone all around Cloud Mist Sect.

In the middle of the night, along with the appearance of the transfer formation, military forces quickly appeared with torches in their hand. Soon, those torches surrounded the entire Cloud Mist Sect.

Sect Teacher Jiang Tunsheng hadn’t showed up yet, but he had used a great technique to lay down transfer formations around Cloud Mist Sect without anybody knowing, and suddenly transferring the army, he besieged Cloud Mist Sect!

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