Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 333

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 333: The wrath of Da Qin King

When the enemy forces were pressing towards them, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect rapidly cleaned up the battlefield.

In this battle, Li Guang Han and his group were caught unprepared. Many experts of the imperial palace died nursing a hatred, leaving many treasures scattered in the wilds. The corpses of the disciples were also taken away because they wanted to bring back their corpses to give a proper burial in Cloud Mist Sect. All the treasures left behind by the opponents were also taken away. Zhu Sijia and the disciples under her leadership were very busy.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, we caught a fellow that was feigning dead, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi came over with a middle-aged captive while shouting. Ye Chuan was rather surprised looking at this captive. The captive was a middle-aged man with a goatee. He was unexpectedly none other than advisory Yang Yixian he had seen in the military camp with Li Guang Han.

“Oh, turned out to be Lord Tang, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Ye Chuan smiled as he sized up this advisor in sore straits.

It was fine if he didn’t smile, but with him smiling, advisor Tang Yixian became even more afraid. Cold sweats flowed down from his forehead and he trembled as he didn’t know how to reply. “Ye……, noble son Ye, no, Your Excellency Ye, I……”

“Do you want to say that Li Guang Han was the one who mobilized the soldiers this time and this has nothing to do with you? Or to say, you have both aged parents and young children to support and take care of, so beg me to spare your life?” The smile of Ye Chuan became even more magnificent.

Tang Yixian subconsciously nodded his head then quickly shook his head again. He who had a whole bag of tricks in former days was at a loss at this moment. Extinction Taoist died, Li Guang Han also lost his arm. How can he escape from this big devil Ye Chuan? Now, Ye Chuan already feared neither Heaven nor Earth.

“Well, let’s not talk nonsense, I can let you live, hereafter, you will be my Cloud Mist Sect’s outer sect disciple and you are especially responsible for scouting news beside Li Guang Han. Eat this pill and leave quickly, don’t make Li Guang Han become suspicious.” Ye Chuan took out a pill from Cyan Lotus Lamp and handed it over as he spoke straightly.

Even more cold sweats appeared on the forehead of Tang Yixian as he said, “Your……, Your Highness, this is……”

“This is a poison, it’s very poisonous. You have to take antidote at the interval of a period of time, otherwise, your internal organs will fester and die. My Cloud Mist Sect is best at refining pills including all kinds of poisons. Tang Yixian, you know this point, don’t you?” Ye Chuan was very direct. Poison was poison, he didn’t deceive people saying it was a magic drug as he disdained using such means of deceiving peoples.

Even though he was fully aware that this was a poison, did Tang Yixian have a choice to not eat?

Obviously, Tang Yixian didn’t have any choice unless he didn’t want to live. Miserably looking at Ye Chuan and again looking at ferocious disciples of Cloud Mist Sect as well as ghastly Old Demon of Mount Yin, he had to toughen his scalp and swallow the pill. His current expression looked unwell as if he had eaten a dead fly.

“Go, if there is any good news, report immediately, that will benefit you.” Ye Chuan instructed.

“Yes, thank you for your kindness, Your Excellency.”

Tang Yixian bowed and turned away, hastily running down the mountain. Although he had escaped this disaster by feigning death this time, after eating the pill of Ye Chuan, he didn’t know how long he would live. Thinking of this, Tang Yixian who was wise and resourceful in former days suffered unspeakably.

“Your Excellency, look, what is this?”

Tang Yixian had yet to reach far away and Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes walked over and handed over a piece of black arm guard he picked up from the ground to Ye Chuan. This thing appeared to be a swarthy piece of an ordinary item which no one would pick up even if it was thrown on the ground, but it had an extraordinary aura. After self-detonating, the storage ring of Extinction Taoist had also exploded with him, leaven behind only this thing.

“Well, this is……”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself without speaking. He carefully looked for a while, but he unexpectedly was also unable to see through the profoundness of this arm guard. However, Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body became burning hot. This showed that this was not a simple treasure.

A low bugle call resounded, and the reinforcement of Da Qin Dynasty coordinated with each other from afar. Torches were lit up everywhere. In the dead of the night, they didn’t know how many troops had come and they could indistinctly see that they were trying to surround the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

“Leave, return to Cloud Mist Sect!”

Ye Chuan put away that strange arm guard and quickly left with everyone.

It was a pity that he was unable to kill Li Guang Han tonight. However, Extinction Taoist was forced to self-detonate. Killing this powerful expert was an unexpected harvest. And the harvest of tonight was far better than destroying a fortress.

This was the first appearance of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, and they achieved an amazing result in this battle!

Yao beast legion and the elites of Cloud Mist Sect that had attacked ferociously retreated as quickly as they had come, disappearing in the dark night. When the reinforcement of Da Qin Dynasty assembled, the troops of Cloud Mist Sect had disappeared long ago. They had even taken away the corpses of their fellow disciples.

Under the protection of soldiers, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han returned to the battlefield. And seeing open and spacious wilderness, his complexion became ghastly pale and ferocious.

“Guards, kill all the defending troops inside the stronghold at the summit for me! Then, take this bloodletter to the capital as fast as possible and give it to His Majesty!”

Li Guang Han bit his finger and wrote a letter with his own blood.

The words in this blood letter were simple, ‘The enemy is ferocious, Extinction Taoist is already dead, and this incompetent son lost an arm, this son begs father emperor to punish!’

Li Guang Han was ready to risk everything. He could no longer attend to beat around the bush. Regardless of the danger of losing the title of Da Qin Crown Prince as a punishment, he personally wrote a bloodletter to ask for help.

Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows of Cloud Mist Sect were ferocious. Even Extinction Taoist died. Now, although the main force still existed, their morale had already plunged down after this war, moreover, without a peak expert to command, it was impractical to attack Cloud Mist Sect. His only hope was after asking for help forsaking all misgivings, his father emperor would dispatch a large number of experts to crush Cloud Mist Sect!

After writing a simple letter, Li Guang Han swayed and vomited a mouthful of blood then collapsed to the ground.

This time, he had barely escaped with life, but he had suffered severe injuries. In addition to serious injuries, he lost an arm, and the arrows of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows had pierced his body everywhere, dyeing his war robe red; his spirit had also suffered serious damage. Originally, he was ambitious enough to destroy Cloud Mist Sect within three months, the result, he was slapped in his face.

“Your Highness, Your Highness……”

The soldiers rushed over and hastily returned to the main camp of Pingyuan ancient town. And a messenger quickly rushed towards the capital to deliver the bloodletter. Late at night after three days, this bloodletter was placed in front of Da Qin King at the capital. This emperor who dominated the secular world of Heavenly Fire Continent flew into a rage. With one command, his bodyguards beat the war drum, urgently summoning civil and military officials.

In the capital which was shrouded under the curtain of night, all high-ranking ministers hastily rushed towards the imperial palace. Some were sitting on the carriage, some were riding the quick horse, and some were directly stepping on the flying sword flying towards the imperial palace.

Beating the war drum in the middle of the night to summon officials, this had happened only twice in the history of Da Qin Dynasty.

The first time was when the previous Da Qin King passed away, and the whole nation was mourning; the second time was when the northern barbarian race suddenly invaded and killed 800,000 soldiers in the north. At that time, Da Qin King had urgently summoned all officials and had mobilized huge war machines to meet enemy head-on.

This was the third time, why?

Did something happen to Da Qin King? Or, did barbarian race suddenly invade again?

All officials hastily rush towards the imperial palace feeling ill at ease, since they didn’t know what had happened. Soon, civil and military officials gathered together in Qin Wang Hall all at once.

“Your Majesty, to beat the war drum to gather everyone so late at night, I wonder what happened.” State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng took the lead to stand up and ask.

The atmosphere of this hall was very heavy. The officials just looked at each other not daring to utter a word. At this moment, only Jiang Tunsheng, this State Teacher, dared to stand out and speak.

“Look yourself!”

Da Qin King threw the bloodletter to the ground. And seeing the words in this letter, the expression of everyone changed.

Who was Extinction Taoist?

He could be counted as one of the very best experts of the imperial palace, was the trusted subordinate of Da Qin King. Even he had died, how fierce was this Ye Chuan?

“State Teacher, go to the southern border in person and destroy Cloud Mist Sect for me. Can it be that everywhere under the sun isn’t this King’s land? Can it be that this King’s words are worthless? Just a small Cloud Mist Sect also dared to rebel, humph!”

Da Qin King threw down an imperial order in a great rage, then turning around, he stormed off in a huff. Behind, the heart of all officials shook.

Thinking back, it had already been close to ten years since State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng had taken half a step outside the capital. According to the rumor, he had already stepped into Half Sage realm, moreover, he could break through to Sage realm at any time and fly to the world beyond the highest heaven breaking the void. Last time, when he personally made a move, he single-handedly broke into the camp of barbarian race, and killed hundreds of commanders of barbarian race in a span of a single night, forcing them to retreat. This time, State Teacher was about to make a move in person again, this was definitely a heaven shaking matter. If he was making a move to deal with Heavenly Yao Sect, then that was fine, but making a move to deal with a small Cloud Mist Sect, wasn’t that a bit overkill?

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