Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 332

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 332: Self-detonation

“What do I want?”

Ye Chuan smiled and said: “Simple, I want to kill you. Whatever you wanted to do to me, I want to do that to you. Could it be that you truly think that I want to ask you to come to my Cloud Mist Sect as a guest? Look at yourself, you are neither human nor ghost, even kittens and puppies will be scared out of their skin seeing you, why would I think of inviting you to my Cloud Mist Sect as a guest? A prince is not allowed, if the princess was the one that came, then that is more like it.”

Ye Chuan was very direct. He didn’t beat around the bush with Li Guang Han.

Other people might have misgivings due to his identity of Da Qin Crown Prince, and they might not dare to kill him in the battlefield, at most only capture him and negotiate with Da Qin King. But, Ye Chuan was different, he killed first and then negotiate.


Li Guang Han trembled and no words came out.

As a Da Qin Crown Prince, he was already arrogant enough, but he didn’t expect that Ye Chuan was even more arrogant than him. Originally, he wanted to use the title of Da Qin Crown Prince to threaten, but who would have thought that Ye Chuan basically didn’t regard that as a matter of any importance.

“Surround them, don’t let them escape!”

“Kill this evil Li Guang Han, kill!”

Just after a while, hundred Flying Crossbow Squad rushed over and surrounded Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and Extinction Taoist. With flying crossbow in their hand, their speed was faster than when stepping on a flying sword. With those dragon heads on both edges working like a pair of wings, they could fly faster.

Li Guang Han and Extinction Taoist were frightened seeing the might of these flying crossbows. Even Ye Chuan hadn’t expected them to be this powerful and ferocious. It seemed that even after Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress, another heaven-defying expert had appeared in the history of Heavenly Yao Sect. He should have personally refined these flying crossbows. Unfortunately, they were collecting dust in the Weaponry Pavilion of Heavenly Yao Sect. The disciples that didn’t have enough cultivation base had no idea and those who had sufficient cultivation base and experience held them in contempt. In the end, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia brought and gave them to Ye Chuan.

“Your Highness, go!”

Extinction Taoist suddenly flew towards Ye Chuan and Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han followed closely behind. The cultivation base of these two people wasn’t average, they suddenly attacked, wanting to capture Ye Chuan as a hostage.

Ye Chuan swayed and disappeared using unparalleled style technique, leaving behind afterimage for Extinction Taoist and Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. While running in the hurry, Extinction Taoist was unable to lay down Extinction Restriction he was famous for, now, if he wanted to trap Ye Chuan like before in the military camp, then that would be difficult.

“Attack!” Zhu Sijia ordered as she released arrows from her Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow.

Swish, swish, swish, void breaking sounds suddenly resounded.

Extinction Taoist and Li Guang Han gritted their teeth and tried to forcibly break out of this encirclement while dodging these whistling arrows. Even though they were injured, they continued to rush outside. Extinction Taoist was in the front with his horsetail whisk spread out. He penetrated the throat of three disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and rush out, tearing open the line of defense. Li Guang Han followed closely behind. And the moment he was about to break out of the encirclement, he suddenly had an idea. He bent over to pick up Dragon Headed Flying Sword fallen on the ground. He wanted to use this kind of big killing weapons to suppress Ye Chuan’s group in turn. But, such greet ruined his best chance to break out of this encirclement.

Countless vines suddenly sprang out from the ground and bound the left hand of Li Guang Han like snakes then quickly spread towards his body. At that time, a strange laughter resounded beside his ears.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes rushed up and joined the battle.

“Your Highness……”

Extinction Taoist turned around and shouted. He wanted to help but was already too late. He gritted his teeth and speed up his flying sword and cut off the left arm of Li Guang Han at the base.

At that time, Ye Chuan suddenly came out from the dark, and taking advantage of this occasion, he ferociously palmed Extinction Taoist. He had been waiting for a long time for this moment!

Circulating seven Heaven Swallowing Talismans, 126,000 jin strength instantly erupted.


Extinction Taoist screamed and vomited a mouthful of blood. Now, his chest had a clear handprint and he could sense that his internal organs were destroyed by this palm attack of Ye Chuan.

If there was an average Daoist Master realm expert in his place, then even if he didn’t die under this attack of Ye Chuan, then he would still be lying on the ground half dead. But, Extinction Taoist was strong, he grabbed Li Guang Han and flew away gritting his teeth. Even though he was already dripping with blood, he still fought desperately to break out of this encirclement.


Ye Chuan coldly ordered. Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and took the initiative to chase. Countless vines like endless sea waves rushed forward and numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect followed closely behind. As for Ye Chuan, he leisurely followed behind.

Since the arrows of flying crossbows had already shot him, in addition, he had landed a heavy palm attack squarely, today, Extinction Taoist was dead. As for Li Guang Han, in addition to losing an arm, he was severely injured too. Today, both of them were screwed. The more they ran, the faster they lost blood and the faster they die!

Cloud Mist Sect’s elites chased Extinction Taoist and Li Guang Han with all their strength.

At the foot of the mountain, the battle was still ongoing. Many soldiers were still resisting, but this didn’t affect the overall situation. Just leaving Six Winged Golden Cicada, Evil Eyed Cow Demons and other yao beasts along with some ordinary disciples were enough to deal with them.

Waves after waves of arrows fell like raindrops and vines often suddenly appeared in the front blocking their way. Now, Extinction Taoist was fighting while retreating. Their injuries were getting more and more serious. Especially Extinction Taoist, he bore the brunt of most of the attacks, and his entire body was dripping with blood, moreover, he was getting slower and slower. At this time, a soaring flame appeared at the distant place along with the battle cries of soldiers. The reinforcement had arrived, unfortunately, they two were already unable to keep going.

“Your Highness, this small official is already dying, help me pass my words to State Teacher and His Highness, please avenge me, flood Cloud Misty Sect with blood!”

Extinction Taoist smiled with sadness. With blood flowing from all over his body, he no longer ran. He suddenly used his last bit of power to push Li Guang Han forward, then he himself turned towards the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. After that, with a violent energy fluctuation erupting within his body, he self-detonated.

A powerful air blast tore the vines into pieces and the chasing disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were sent flying back.

Extinction Taoist who was regarded as one of the very best experts in the imperial palace was forced into a dead end by Ye Chuan and selected to self-detonate with no other choice.


Li Guang Han howled like a wild beast, then gritting his teeth, he rushed towards the distant place from where the fire had soared. At this moment, his speed vastly increased as his potential had thoroughly erupted.

Personally seeing the suicide attack of Extinction Taoist, the heart of Li Guang Han was bleeding. It was not because he had a deep feeling towards Extinction Taoist, rather because Ye Chuan had forced him to take this step. This was the greatest shame in his life. He had never been so angry like today! He vowed that if he couldn’t kill Ye Chuan, then he was worse than a dog or pig. What power, what emperor throne, they were nothing at this moment, his hatred towards Ye Chuan was far stronger!

In my life, if I didn’t kill Ye Chuan, then I am not a human!

Li Guang Han ran wildly with all his strength. Now, he had only one thought in his head, that was to kill Ye Chuan!

Behind, after that powerful shockwave subsided, Old Demon of Mount Yin and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect stood up and just when they were about to rally their forces to continue chasing, Ye Chuan shook his head and stopped them from chasing. Because of the disturbance of Extinction Taoist, Li Guang Han had already reached far away and the reinforcement of Da Qin army also had already arrived. And at this moment, he didn’t know how many reinforcements had come, so continue to chase already outweighs the gain.

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