Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 331

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 331: Chase to kill in the wilds

Swish, swish, swish, whistling sounds resounded.

Ordinary soldiers had yet to react, but Extinction Taoist was already retreating quickly, pulling Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han behind.

Sad and shrill screams suddenly resounded throughout the night sky and rows after rows of soldiers fell.

There was one arrow that had shot straight towards Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. Its power exhausted only after it pierced through the chest of three soldiers in succession, then it disappeared changing into red light specks.

The heart of Li Guang Han jumped crazily. He almost blacked out in this instant and cold sweats appeared on his forehead.

If it was not for Extinction Taoist pulling him away, or if those three bodyguards weren’t standing in front of him by coincidence, then now, the one rolling on the ground would be him!

“Withdraw, retreat to the main camp, quick!”

Extinction Taoist gave an order in a stern voice and then pulling Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han who was still in a daze, he turned away. He gave up meeting with the soldiers at the stone fortress of the peak, he turned around and fled down the hill.

With a hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, the fighting capability of Cloud Mist Sect had increased sharply, moreover, Ye Chuan was bringing up the rear in person. It was very likely that the stronghold at the peak will be destroyed tonight, so it was a bad idea to rush to that stronghold as they would be surrounded by Cloud Mist Sect with nowhere to go. Besides, there were countless vines in the front, they couldn’t rush forward even if they wanted.

The remaining soldiers also retreated hastily. When coming, they had an awesome bearing, now, in the blink of an eye, they threw away their helmet and chainmail in terror. Even Extinction Taoist was injured, who was the opponent now?

Compared to soldiers, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was even more depressed as he gritted his teeth.

He had come out of camp after a long time, but he unexpectedly met Ye Chuan and his ambush. In the past, he would have definitely risked his life, but now, he only had thoughts to run for his life.

“Chase, don’t let anyone escape!”

Ye Chuan commanded coldly as he personally led everyone to chase. The guards of the fortress finally reacted. They dispatched a squad to reinforce, but this squad of 300 soldiers was drowned by the vines in an instant, as a result, the remaining soldiers became so scared that they were jumpy and they hastily closed the door and no longer daring to show themselves. As for the elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and yao beast legion, they chased after Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and his group with all their strength.

At this moment, the dim light of night shrouded the earth and the cold wind was bone chilling.

On this dark towering mountain and precipitous ridge, both sides staged a fierce chase. Soldiers would fall to the ground time to time.

Perhaps, in order to desperately fight to protect Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, or, perhaps, they perfectly knew that it was hard to avoid death, soldiers frequently stayed behind in batches trying to stop the pursuing troops behind. Unfortunately, regardless of ordinary soldiers or the experts of inner palace, under the bombardment of hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, they were unable to resist, followed closely by a large number of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples rushing forward and then yao beast legion, all of them changed into unrecognizable corpses. Slowly, the group of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han became fewer and fewer.

Someone urgently asked help from a nearby stronghold, but the nearest stronghold was at least 20 li away. When the reinforcement arrived, even their corpses might have already become ice-cold. Besides, unless the main force hurry over or some powerful experts rushed over, all others would only be courting death in vain by coming here. Under the bombardment of those terrifying Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, many died!

In this chase, Ye Chuan had been chasing maintaining a fixed distance between him and Li Guang Han’s group, silently waiting for the final moment to arrive.

Tonight, encountering the group of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was a chance, a very rare chance. The target of Ye Chuan was not only Li Guang Han, furthermore was also Extinction Taoist. Killing this evil Taoist was equivalent to chopping off the hands of Li Guang Han and disposing of half the fighting capability of Da Qin army. Then, from the next battle, they would have the initiative.

Ye Chuan still had lingering fear towards the Extinction Restriction of Extinction Taoist. Since this was a rare chance, he would not let this fellow slip off. He must kill him taking advantage of his current injury!

“Your Highness, if this goes on like this, we will not be able to escape.”

Extinction Taoist suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the ferocious army of Cloud Mist Sect, furthermore, Ye Chuan in the midst of this army, then his complexion tightened.

While fleeing from halfway up the mountain to the foot of the mountain, their vast army of more than thousand men had already reduced to less than a hundred. If this continues, then they would be wiped out, not a single one would be able to escape. Encountering this kind of rare chance, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were pursuing relentlessly with soaring killing intent.

“Don’t move, stay behind to cover the retreat, let His Highness leave first!”

The middle-aged advisor, Tang Yixuan, shouted, and like a stray cur, he enviously looked at Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. He was dying to turn around and leave first by himself. Result, just after he shouted, Extinction Taoist kicked him flying, and after falling to the ground, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

A villain is truly poisonous!

Extinction Taoist had already found this villain Tang Yixian not pleasing to the eye. And at this time, he was still jumping out, wasn’t this just courting death?

“Dark Raven, Baizhi, you two, lead everyone and stay behind to cover the retreat!”

Extinction Taoist coldly ordered and he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out his fate flying sword, then along with Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, he stepped on this flying sword and flew away in the blink of an eye. Behind, a large group of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples used crossbows to attack and soldiers fell one after another. They were even unable to cover the retreat and they dispersed in confusion. Even powerful Dark Raven and Baizhi, these two powerful experts of imperial palace were also the same. They wanted to break out of this encirclement taking advantage of this confusion, but, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi tied them up. And those countless vines and yao beast legion besieged them heavily.

The speed of Extinction Taoist was amazing. He hastily turned back to look and his face became even gloomier. This time, Cloud Mist Sect was too ferocious. The soldiers left behind will not be able to stall for more time.

A cyan light flashed and Extinction Taoist gritted his teeth as he accelerated. The loss of this time was too big and they suffered heavy casualties. This was the most disastrous loss since the start of this war. They had carelessly fallen into the ambush of Cloud Mist Sect, but as long as Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was safe, this will not affect the overall situation. The victory or loss of this war had yet to be decided.

A red light streaked across the sky in even faster speed.

Extinction Taoist who had turned back to look at the situation back turned his head forward and just when he was about to use all his strength to quickly leave this place, his limbs suddenly got cold.

In front, there was a tall figure standing. Ye Chuan stepping on Dragon Slaying Flying Sword was blocking their path ahead with a long whip in his hand.

“Your Highness, the moon tonight is so beautiful, since you have already come here, how about staying in my Cloud Mist Sect?”

Ye Chuan smiled at Li Guang Han while lightly waving the whip in his hand, issuing an ear-piercing sound. Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, Dragon Binding Chain, both of them were big killing weapons given to him by the cyan robed elder, Meng Qi. He was grinning from ear to ear wielding them looking just like a person who wouldn’t even harm an ant, but his killing intent was soaring and Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body were circulating faster as he prepared a deadly attack.

“Surnamed Ye, what do you want?”

Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han looked pale and even was trembling slightly.

His cultivation was also not low, his cultivation realm was far higher than Ye Chuan, but even Extinction Taoist wasn’t his opponent, no need to speak about himself. Moreover, looking back and seeing the Flying Crossbow Unit was already approaching, his heartbeat involuntarily became faster and faster.

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