Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 33

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 33: If junior apprentice-sister has any matter then remember to look for me

The information of Ye Chuan visiting to challenge, and soundly beating Gongsun Ye and others rapidly spread widely throughout the entire sect. And those people who were originally ready to make trouble and were waiting for the outcome of people who had went to scout Purple Cloud Peak after hearing the former rumor, all couldn’t help but retreated one after another, and selected the option of wait and see.

That very evening, peace restored on Purple Clouds Peak, and there no longer was any uninvited guests.

And in the next day, people again began desire strongly, as an astonishing information spread.

Early in the morning, Ye Chuan again went to give a good thrashing to Gonsun Ye and others. Yesterday, he beat them in the name of the challenge once every five days, and this time, he beat them in the name of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother inspecting the cultivation circumstance of various disciples, and said that this was the rule of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. And when He Taixu and other experts hurriedly arrived there, Ye Chuan had already gone far away.

He Taixu hatefully gritted his teeth, and the complexion of Hall Master Jin Zhikun behind him was even more unsightly. As for Gongsun Ye and other people who had recklessly taken action, they however wanted to cry. They wished to cry but no tears came.

Beating once still not vented off his anger, so he beat again next day, then what about third day? Doesn’t he want to let people live?

Gongsun Ye and others were incomparably regretting now, if they had known this would happen earlier, then even if Purple Clouds Peak had a gold mountain, they wouldn’t have dared to move ah!

After this news spread, the heart of people who were itching to take action got cold, and all the more didn’t dare to act rashly. Many people sobered up and began to understand that this was the crafty plot of Advisor He Taixu, nearly making them fall into the trap and take advantage of them.

In just this way, the crafty plot of He Taixu was left unfinished.

He Taixu who was smug and believed himself infallible in the beginning, very quickly became greatly disappointed. Ye Chuan’s means were direct and violent but was very effective.

Now the mastermind hiding in the dark, He Taixu was dejected with knitted brows, but, his sufferings had only just begun.

An even more startling gossip suddenly spread throughout the entire Cloud Mist Sect.

It was rumored that, whoever give a good thrashing to He Taixu, that person could go to the place of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan to receive a portion of rewards. The more ruthless the beating, the bigger the rewards.

With regarding to the rumor about him obtaining the hidden treasures of Paradise Realm spread by He Taixu, Ye Chuan neither denied nor admitted it in public, he merely counterattacked mercilessly, and that’s all. The rumor spread by Fatty Zhao Dazhi spread around the entire sect, and many half believing, half doubting people immediately thought to take action. Obliviously, the popularity of He Taixu, this old man who had tyrannically abused others with silkpants Jin Hua by his side in former days was not up by much, very soon, the news of him getting thrashed soundly by a masked person when he went out to stroll spread out.

People were still discussing about this spiritedly, and when they were doubting whether this news was true or false, Ye Chuan however welcomed an uninvited guest in Purple Clouds Courtyard. A masked person had come to receive the reward.

“Are you here to receive the reward?”

Ye Chuan sized up this masked person before his eyes, then with an evil smile on his face, he said, “Rest assured, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I live up to my words. Reward is already prepared, but how can you prove that you have taught that old man He Taixu a lesson?”

The entire body of this masked person was covered with baggy black robe, and black cloth mask covered the face, only exposing two sharp big eyes. And that overbearing gaze of this person emitted killing intent. Ordinary person wouldn’t dare to look straight at this person, but don’t know why, seeing the sizing up gaze of Ye Chuan, the heart of this person couldn’t help but got somewhat perturbed, “Is it necessary to prove? You can go down the mountain and ask any random person, isn’t this enough?”

“That won’t do, I can know whether He Taixu was beaten or not, but that doesn’t prove that you were the one to beat him.” Ye Chuan shook his head, “Unless, you took off that black cloth, and let me see which man of noble character you are, this is also a good way to prove.”

“Humph, do you want to cheat? Believe or not, I……” The masked person’s gaze became cold, and the killing intent suddenly rose.

Ye Chuan however was clam, and as if he didn’t felt a shred of threat from this masked person, he said, “Okay, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, don’t get too noisy.”

“Humph, brat, how do you know it’s me?” This masked person angrily took off the black cloth that was covering the face, revealing a beautiful face.

“Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, your mask was very good, until you take it off, no one would really recognize you. But your ‘just like a pair of bunny rabbit’ big breasts, how can they deceive people? Hereafter if you want to disguise yourself, you should spend more time thinking about them……” Ye Chuan shook his head, and looking at Zhu Sijia’s towering breasts intentionally or unintentionally, he evilly smiled. The instant this masked person entered the door, he immediately knew who this person was, not only because of Zhu Sijia’s impressive boobies, but also mainly due to her that unique faint body fragrance.

“I don’t care, in any case I already beat him, now bring out the reward.” Zhu Sijia angrily stretched out her hand.

As an elite disciple of Alchemy Hall, she had seen this old man He Taixu not pleasing to the eye long ago, so after Fatty Zhao Dazhi spread out this rumor, she was the first one to act. On one hand, she could vent her anger by beating He Taixu, and on the other hand, she was also curious, and wanted to see what kind of reward would Ye Chuan take out.

“Jiajia, how many days ago did you period come? I remember, your previous period didn’t seem to come this time.” Ye Chuan suddenly asked.

“It came yesterday, was half a month ahead of time…. Smelly fellow, you rogue, you……” Zhu Sijia instinctively answered, and seeing the evil smile of Ye Chuan, she suddenly came to realized, and knew that she was cheated. Then getting embarrassed and angry simultaneously, she directly slapped towards Ye Chuan. The swift and fierce wind of her palm directly disintegrated the stool under Ye Chuan’s buttocks, as Ye Chuan however like a loach had already ducked to one side.

“Junior apprentice-sister, don’t get angry like this.”

Looking at Zhu Sijia who was angry with shame, the smile on the face of Ye Chuan became even more brilliant, but his tone turned serious, “Jiajia, speak the truth, how many Dragon Snake Pills did you eat?”

“Not few, what’s wrong with it?” Zhu Sijia was dumbfounded, and instinctively answered.

The matter of her eating Dragon Snake Pills was her secret. Even her grandfather who lived together with her didn’t know about this, but how did Ye Chuan know?

Zhu Sijia was puzzled and wanted to continue attacking, but seeing Ye Chuan suddenly got serious, she was forced to temporarily wait for a moment.

“Dragon Snake Pill is a strong supplement. It can replenish qi, flourish blood and also can build foundation, but eating more is very bad for the body. Jiajia, why did you suddenly eat so much? Recently, don’t you frequently feel extremely painful in your lower abdomen without cause or reason?” Ye Chuan frowned, and looking at that fiery figure of Zhu Sijia, he looked pensive. As a former Heaven Concealing Great Saint, with a single glance, he saw what was wrong with Zhu Sijia, so he warned her timely.

“Yes, sometime I feel extreme lower abdominal pain, I……, I inadvertently discovered the Dragon Snake Pill can shorten the period, and with Great Competition right around the corner, I wanted to seize every moment to cultivate, so……” Zhu Sijia’s eyes lit up, and now she believed Ye Chuan a bit. Recently, she really often felt extremely painful in her lower abdomen without cause or reason. As she spoke, she blushed, and her heart seemed to have a fawn jumping about in and out.

“Great Competition is very important, but body is foundation, so you should not stress the incidental over the fundamental. If you eat too much Dragon Snake Pills, then the light effect would be the weakening the body and causing chaos in qi and blood. And the heavy effect would be giving rise to heart demon. Jiajia, hereafter don’t eat Dragon Snake Pills indiscriminately again.” Ye Chuan warned, and suddenly a thought appeared in his heart, then sizing up Zhu Sijia, he smiled evilly.

There was another matter, he didn’t said. Eating too much Dragon Snake Pills, not only had adverse health effect, still there was another effect, which was easy to get worked up. Among the ten thousand things of creation of heaven, the character of dragons was most licentious, and snake was also the same, so how could there be no effect if this Dragon Snake Pills were eaten like a melon seeds. No wonder, Zhu Sijia seemed to have bigger emotion fluctuation these two days, and also had even the more radiant and vivacious bearing.

“Humph, I got it, now reward, take it out!” Zhu Sijia coldly snorted, and her complexion became cold, concealing shyness in her heart.

“I gave you some directions so as to avoid you eating too much Dragon Snake Pills and get heart demon, isn’t this the best reward?” Ye Chuan shook his head, and said in all seriousness, “Of course, if you, junior apprentice-sister think this reward is not enough, then you can stay in the Purple Cloud Courtyard, and I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will give you pointers every day, and also pass down a peerless cultivation technique.”

“Fuck your peerless cultivation technique, cheapskate, big hoodlum, humph……” Zhu Sijia snorted few times, then turning around her very slender waist, she waked away. Thinking about it, what Ye Chuan had said was indeed truth, his warning came at the right time, and compared to obtaining cultivation techniques, this was very practical. Otherwise, when a great problem arose in cultivation, it would have been too late to greatly regret it.

“Junior apprentice-sister, if you feel unwell anywhere, then quickly come over to find this senior apprentice-brother, this senior apprentice-brother, I will definitely risk my life to aid……”

Ye Chuan accompanied Zhu Sijia to outside the door, and looking at her pert back view, he smiled evilly.

Zhu Sijia turned around her head and seeing that strange smile on his face, she didn’t understand what that smile imply. Even after thinking for a bit, she didn’t understand, so she couldn’t help but got even angrier, then panting in rage, she quickened her steps with her pert buttocks swaying. Finally, she simply took out her Gold Carried Glass flying sword, then stepping on this flying sword, she instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Current little girl, isn’t she all the more bold and vigorous, and even tastier?”

Ye Chuan smiled. The feeling of living again was really good, he increasingly liked this kind of life and sentiment. At this time, Golden Cicada King flew over to him and landed on his palm. Now its two wings were thinner and sharper than before. Then with his gentle blow, this little fellow changed into golden light and left, continuing the patrol of the mountain.

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