Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 329

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 329: Big fish

One hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were quickly distributed.

Zhu Sijia selected the most elite disciples and formed a flying crossbow squad with a Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow in their hand. This was an elite force of Cloud Mist Sect to fight back Da Qin Dynasty and also the future hope of Cloud Mist Sect. If these hundred disciples died, then the vitality of Cloud Mist Sect would be greatly damaged even if Da Qin Dynasty didn’t attack them.

After experiencing the power of Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows, Old Demon of Mount Yin drooled and scrambled for one. As for Fatty Zhao Dazhi, he pestered for one, but, both of them were rejected by Zhu Sijia. All hundred Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows were taken away by her.

After the preparation was complete, Cloud Mist Sect attacked once again.

This time, they didn’t choose the stone fortress of Da Qin Dynasty that was nearest to Cloud Mist Sect, rather chose a stronghold in the middle. The stronghold at the front was guarded very strictly, in turn, the strongholds in the middle which were far away from the frontline were rather relaxed.

Just like before, Old Demon of Mount Yin was the first one to make a move. After getting along for a period of time, yao beast legion and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had become more and more proficient in cooperation.

Under the command of Old Demon of Mount Yin, Six Winged Golden Cicada flew out and hovered around the fortress at the summit, quietly sizing up the current circumstance. In order to occupy favorable terrain, almost all strongholds of Da Qin Dynasty were built at the top of a mountain as they could have a good view of the surrounding terrain, but it was also easy to suffer besieging.

A tough and tensile vine slowly sprang out from the ground. The vines didn’t hastily rush out to injure people, rather the overwhelming majority of them hid underground, wantonly absorbing the energy around them.

This was another method to break the restriction of the fortress. When Ye Chuan was in seclusion, Zhu Sijia and others had used this method to break Tyrant King Restriction of Da Qin Dynasty. Ye Chuan used force, he used huge power to suddenly smash a small point to break the restriction instantly. On the other hand, Old Demon of Mount Yin used a clever skill, slowly breaking the restriction. If there was not enough energy supply, then this powerful Tyrant King Restriction would naturally collapse. Often, the guards of the fortress would notice something strange only after it was already too late.

The sky gradually darkened and night fell.

Old Demon of Mount Yin patiently cracked the Tyrant King Restriction of the fortress. As long as this restriction was broken, the main force would swarm in. Other than several yao beasts that scouts the circumstance, the big army was hidden in a valley halfway up this mountain. At first glance, the fortress was very quiet without any unusualness.

But at this moment, a row of torches that were especially conspicuous in the dark appeared at the foot of the mountain. A large group of people was walking towards the fortress at the summit. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were hiding halfway up the mountain hid even more carefully.

This group of people approached nearer and nearer. There were at least thousand people in that ground. After they arrived at close proximity, a familiar face appeared in front of people. It was neither human nor ghost, was none other than Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han who was commanding the army this time. They came neither early nor late, they were unexpectedly walking towards the fortress at the summit at this moment at this perfect time. Around Li Guang Han, a group of bodyguards was clustered including Tang Yixian and expert Extinction Taoist. It appeared as if this group was patrolling or just happen to pass by here when they decided to rest.

“Quick, quick, quick, still not opening the door and coming out to welcome? His Highness has come personally, still not moving quickly, don’t you all want to live?”

Someone shouted loudly as a messenger quickly rushed towards the summit to order the guards to quickly open the door.

Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han walked in the middle of the troops. With attendants crowding round, he appeared very imposing, but his complexion was sinister and ruthless, clearly was not very happy at this moment.

In this period of time, he had been living in the big military camp of Pingyuan ancient town without leaving. And after waiting for half a month in a small wooden house, he was unable to suppress anymore. Although the army had been pushing forward by building strongholds, under the constant harassment and counterattack of Cloud Mist Sect, they would often lose two strongholds after they build three which was equivalent to retreating two steps back after taking three steps forward. As a result, their advancing speed had drastically slowed down, and the battle had gradually reached a stalemate. This made him uncomfortable. Today, under the urge of Tang Yixian, he finally persuaded Extinction Taoist to come out and take a stroll as well as personally inspect the strongholds on the way.

After reaching deep into Cloud Mist Mountain Range, the counterattack of Cloud Mist Sect had become fiercer and fiercer, so Extinction Taoist opposed the idea of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han leaving the camp at this moment. However, Li Guang Han insisted on having his own way, so he was forced to personally accompany him, hoping nothing would happen throughout the journey.  Unfortunately, they just happen to meet the ambush of Cloud Mist Sect, moreover, had met Ye Chuan who had just exited seclusion.

Ye Chuan was sitting cross-legged in a dark corner and seeing the figures of Li Guang Han and his groups, his eyes shone.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what should we do now, should we attack or not?” Zhu Sjia walked over to Ye Chuan and asked for instruction in person.

Before, she had some assurance for this battle, but with the sudden reinforcement of Da Qin Dynasty which included Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han in person as well as the experts around him, it was hard to say whether they could win this battle or not. A slight carelessness and they would meet a violent counterattack, in turn, suffering heavy casualties.

“Attack, why not attack? Tell Rhodes, make a move now, immediately!” Ye Chuan coldly ordered. Since he finally caught the big fish Li Guang Han, how could he let this chance slip?

Attack now?

Zhu Sijia was somewhat surprised, but she turned around accepting the order.

Giving up to attack the fortress, instead switching to attack the group of Li Guang Han, the harvest would be even bigger. And they also didn’t need to spend the time to break some restriction before attacking. Even if they were unable to kill Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, as long as he was severely injured or his left or right hand was cut off, it would be much better than eradicating a stronghold.

Countless vines switched their direction as they poured halfway up the mountain. With sufficiently good eyesight, one could notice the appearance of soft shoots which rapidly grew into vines on the mountain.

Upon receiving the order, Old Demon of Mount Yin quickly acted.

Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and his group continued to walk towards the fortress at the summit. It was getting darker and a cold wind blew over, but no one noticed any difference. However, when the vines grew as tall as a person and were only 100 meters away, Extinction Taoist finally noticed the difference. He suddenly stopped and sensed around carefully.

“Extinction Master, what happened? Is there a yao beast?”

Li Guang Han was confused. He was a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert but he couldn’t sense anything. There was the aura of yao beasts, but they were just pangolins, evil eyed cow demons and other low leveled yao beasts which hid to one side seeing them. As for high leveled yao beasts that could pose any threat to them, there was none.

“Your Highness, not yao beast, it’s……”

Before Extinction Taoist could finish speaking, he felt danger which got stronger and stronger.

At that time, countless vines suddenly poured out from all direction. In an instant, they rolled up like sea waves and blotted out the sky. And at the same time, Old Demon of Mount Yin’s laughter also resounded throughout the sky just like the bugle of Death God.

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