Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 328

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 328: What a shrewish woman

“Big……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what happened?”

Zhu Sijia blushed. She was somewhat shy and also somewhat happy. She felt as if something was wrong, but under the teasing of Ye Chuan, she was unable to think what was wrong.

“Jiajia, I am poisoned.” Ye Chuan said with a wounded appearance.

“What poison, where is the wound?” Zhu Sijia panicked.



“No, a bit lower.”

“Then, lower abdomen?”

“Even lower.” A hint of an evil smile appeared in the corner of Ye Chuan’s mouth. He played the same old tactics, merely, the woman in his arm had changed from Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia to junior apprentice sister Zhu Sijia.

Zhu Sijia who was unaware of the hidden facts was nervous as she worried that Ye Chuan was truly poisoned. She used her soft hand to trace down the lower abdomen of Ye Chuan, and the result was……

“Pei, rogue!”

After her right hand touched a certain part of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia was dumbfounded, then reacted very quickly. She was both shy and angry and she subconsciously hit, which resulted in the tragedy of Ye Chuan. Even though he had already refined Half Dragon Physique, someplace was still fragile, and Ye Chuan was unable to endure such a violent attack by Zhu Sijia.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I……, I didn’t mean it, are you…… are you fine?” Seeing Ye Chuan was curling up in pain. Zhu Sijia hastily supported him, then rubbed the stomach of Ye Chuan with a guilty appearance.

“Jiajia, you say, at this moment, what is the use of rubbing the stomach?” Ye Chuan said.

Zhu Sijia also knew that rubbing the stomach was useless, but, if she didn’t rub stomach, then should she rub that place of Ye Chuan?

“Humph, you deserve it, it would be best if it was broken.”

Zhu Sijia snorted and walked out of the cave as if she was fleeing from a calamity. If she stayed, then who knows what Ye Chuan would make her do. Although she already liked him, her grandfather had yet to return, moreover, she hadn’t formally and legally married him. At this moment, doing that would embarrass her to death. And feeling shy, she forgot to ponder where was wrong.

This girl, she truly is shrewish.

Ye Chuan smiled and slowly stretched himself and sat down. There was no trace of injury.

An unexpected disturbance passed just like this.

With the shrewd nature of Zhu Sijia, if she had calmly observed and pondered, then she would have noticed that the so-called assassin was not normal. It was not good to expose the identity of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

Ye Chuan picked up a flying crossbow on the ground and carefully observed it.

After a while, a scorching hot flame appeared at the center of his palm, then began to refine a flying crossbow on the spot.

These flying crossbows were brought out from Heavenly Yao Sect’s Weaponry Pavilion by Heavenly Maiden. Although very few pay attention to these flying crossbows, as long as they were used in a battle, one day they would attract the attention of the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect. At that time, it might be very unfavorable for Heavenly Maiden Hong Ziixa.

Ye Chuan thought so and decided to refine these flying crossbows in the cave. Although he couldn’t change them too much, he could at least change its appearance. Even if they were discovered by the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect in future, there will be some excuse.

Slowly a layer of red light appeared on the black flying crossbow.

The Profound Dark Wood fused with a drop of blood, and even after being roasted in the high temperature, the flying crossbow didn’t deform, but slowly changed red. This was the characteristic of Profound Dark Wood. Now, the original black flying crossbow became red, looking even more ferocious.

Even after the color was changed, Ye Chuan didn’t stop, he continued to circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to continue refining. Slowly, the wings of this flying crossbow also changed from wings shape to indistinct dragon head. Now, at first glance, it was completely different from its original appearance. Even if an expert of Heavenly Yao Sect was here, he might not be able to see that this was the treasure of Heavenly Yao Sect’s Weaponry Pavilion.

When Ye Chuan was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he was also a weapon refining expert. Now, millions of years later, his refining technique was even more unrivaled in the world.

Winged Flying Crossbow, the original version of these flying crossbows, was refined by him, so although it was impossible for an average person to change their original shape, it was not too difficult for him.

For three days, Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the cave without leaving.

Refining flying crossbows were not too difficult, but it was very taxing. Originally, one needed to be Sage realm expert to refine them freely, so it was rather strenuous for Ye Chuan to refine them with only Rank 2 Daoist Master realm cultivation base. After refining all 100 flying crossbows, Ye Chuan was exhausted, but his eyes were glimmering with excitement. He quickly called Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Little Long’er and others.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what is this?”

Zhu Sijia picked up one flying crossbow and felt a strong sense of danger that alarmed her. Little Long’er and others were also the same. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin also inhaled a mouthful of cold air in secret as he could feel danger from these flying crossbows.

“Flying Crossbow, a kind of spirit crossbow that can fly faster than flying sword, later….., call it Dragon Headed Flying Sword.”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and gave these flying crossbows a new name.

Although his previous life was amazing and brilliant, that had already become the thing of the past. What is important was this life. Similarly, although Winged Flying Crossbow was powerful, it was already the thing of the past. In this life, he wanted to refine even more powerful Dragon Headed Flying Sword. Now, was just the preliminary refining, later, after he broke through to Sage realm or Half-Sage realm, he could kill ferocious dragons and place their power and soul into those flying crossbows and refine them into a true Dragon headed Flying Crossbows. When that moment comes, the power of these Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows would be far higher than previous Winged Flying Crossbow.

In his previous life, he only concealed the heaven, in this life, he wanted to swallow the heaven!

Ye Chuan was ambitious and will never be satisfied easily.

“Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow……”

Zhu Sijia muttered to herself and she injected her spirit power into it. Then, she immediately floated up in the air and shot three energy arrows. And they just happened to brush past the scalp of Fatty Zhao Dazhi and hit the solid cliff behind, making three deep holes. Unlike Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, fatty didn’t have such a strong willpower, he was so frightened that he trembled and his legs went soft. Just now, as long as Zhu Sijia was even a bit off, then his head would have penetrated.

“Well, what a good bow technique!”

Everybody cheered as their eyes shone with excitement.

Zhu Sijia swayed in the air and made a series of rapid acceleration and emergency stop along with high-speed maneuvers. Sure enough, just like Ye Chuan said, compared to stepping on flying sword, this flying crossbow was faster, moreover, was easier to control. Her graceful figure left behind a series of graceful afterimages in the air and her momentum became fiercer and fiercer. Now, the dragon heads on two edges appeared just like two real dragons, reminding people dragon bodyguards of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, are these for us?” Zhu Sijia stopped and was excited. She was keenly aware of the extraordinary significance of these Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows. This wasn’t one, rather no less than 100. They can be equipped with a team of elites. On the battlefield, the sudden appearance of elites holding this kind of flying crossbows could definitely wipe out enemies.

“Yes, they are for you all. Jiajia, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work now!”

Ye Chuan stood up and his killing intent soared.

He had been in seclusion for so long, letting Da Qin Dynasty move forward without any trouble. Now, it was time to make Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and others taste a bitter taste that would make them suffer untold misery.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder what his plans for the Heavenly Yao Sect are. They should be relatively easier for him to deal with since he knows their secrets inside out.

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