Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 325

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 325: Come out of seclusion

After the seclusion of half of a month. Ye Chuan walked out of Heavenly Dragon Hall.

The seclusion of this time wasn’t to cultivate his cultivation base rather his mental state. Calming down his heart, he paid no attention to outside matters, letting Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin handle all matters. This was also a kind of cultivation.

As a superior, not only he must firmly grasp the authority, he also needed to understand the concept of delegation of power. Otherwise, he would only have a group of puppet-like rigid and inflexible subordinates. Naturally, in the process of delegation, one must pay a certain price, i.e. there would be a certain impact in the short term but it was worthwhile in the long run.

At this moment, Heavenly Dragon Peak was desolated. Flame Devil, Na Gusi and others had gone out, fighting alongside Zhu Sijia and others. Even the few guards of Heavenly Dragon Peak had also gone to battle. After walking around, Ye Chuan only saw one person in the vicinity of Evil Dragon Abyss, Sea Demoness Hai Lili. Everyone else had gone out but she was still taking care of the Heavenly Dragon Tree and Mist Bamboo.

He hadn’t seen for a period of time but the branches and leaves of Heavenly Dragon Tree had gotten denser and many fresh green soft shoot had sprouted. Perhaps, Heavenly Dragon Rice could be harvested next year. As for Mist Bamboo seedling, it had also grown quite taller. Its branches and leaves condensed a thin layer of mist. Inhaling it, one could smell a lingering fragrance.

“Noble son Ye!”

Sea Demoness Hai Lili who was watering the plants turned back hearing the light footsteps. And seeing Ye Chuan, she hastily greeted. Perhaps because Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed was finally growing and there was a hope to harvest Heavenly Dragon Rice that was vital for her clan, or perhaps because she innately liked doing this kind of work, she appeared refreshed and pleased, looking all the more bright and beautiful.

“Hai Lili, how come you didn’t go out with Jiajia and others to temper yourself?” Ye Chuan asked.

The cultivation of this Sea Demoness was not that high, only was Rank 2 Daoist Master realm, but her innate skill was extraordinary. It had the potential to instantly petrify the spirit of people. On the battlefield, this was definitely a big killing move.

“Big sister Jiajia left me here. She said that since all the experts of the sect have gone out, she wanted me to stay and guard the sect.” Hai Lili paused and added, “In addition, I also don’t like to fight and kill. It would be better for me to take care of Heavenly Dragon Tree and Mist Bamboo seedling.”

“Fair enough.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. The innate skill of this Sea Demoness was a big killing move, but it can’t be used in quick succession, moreover, one would suffer from a backlash if used excessively. Besides, the situation had yet to reach the final critical moment, so it was better to keep a trump card until the end because using it in advance, Da Qin army would definitely be prepared for it. After a pause, Ye Chuan continued, “Oh, by the way, about the matter I said last time, do you have any news?”

“No, there is no news of Tuoba Xiaoniao father and daughter for the time being. But, I have already informed to my clansmen and they are already searching high and low in secret. Also……”

Sea Demoness Hai Lili looked up at Ye Chuan and said, “After hearing the news of Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed has taken root and grew up to Heavenly Dragon Tree, my grandfather and others said that they must come over and see. Perhaps……, perhaps they will hurry over to Cloud Mist Mountain Range before long, noble son Ye, you see……”

“Fine, let them cover over, and at that time, look for Jiajia for the arrangement.”

Ye Chuan smiled and thinking the arrival of Sea Demon clansmen was a good thing, he turned around and left. Behind, the mouth of Hai Lili moved seemingly wanted to say something, but seeing Ye Chuan had already walked far away, she was forced to give up.

After leaving Heavenly Dragon Peak, Ye Chuan walked out of the sect alone and followed the energy fluctuation of Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others.

Although the ferocious counterattack of Da Qin Dynasty and the grim situation were already within his expectation, since half a month had already passed, it was time to understand the specific state of situation and see if there was any change or not.

On the mountainous terrain, Ye Chuan walked as if on wings as he ran wildly in the wilderness.

After refining Dragon Slaying Flying Sword given to him by cyan robed man Meng Qi, he could also fly stepping on the sword. But, he preferred to run. He liked the feeling of having his feet planted on solid ground and freely run wildly in the wilderness to his heart content. This was the habit from his previous life.

To be able to solve any battle with only fists without using treasures, restrictions and other means, this was the aim Ye Chuan always pursued. Whatever the case or time, one’s body was the most important and also most reliable. Treasures might get lost or damaged, restrictions might lose efficacy, but one’s doughty body was different, it was best to rely on one’s doughty body.

This kind of thoughts was a basic general knowledge millions of years ago when Sages emerged in an endless stream and compete against each other. The overwhelming majority of cultivators knew this. Unfortunately, nowadays, this kind of thoughts had already disappeared long ago. The greater part of cultivators dreamed about obtaining a powerful treasure or profound technique to quickly raise their strength, or even wanted to reach the sky in a single bound, but, they didn’t strive to strengthen and temper their own body.

Before cultivating, one needed to refine the mind first to understand basic general knowledge. Unfortunately, current cultivators had already forgotten, therefore, cultivating sects gradually declined, the Half-Sage realm experts appeared so rarely, and they even were suppressed by the emperor of the secular world. If this was millions of years ago, it was impossible for this to occur even in the imagination. No matter how powerful the emperors of the secular world were, they were nothing but ants in the eyes of cultivators in those times.

The speed of Ye Chuan was very fast. He arrived at a mountain valley at noon.

In the valley, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had just retreated from the frontline and gathered there to rest. Some were leaning on the cliff while panting in exhaustion; some were wiping the bloodstain on their sharp sword with a piece of cloth torn from their own clothing; Some were lying on the ground dripping with blood, waiting for the rescue; and many female disciples were hastily moving back and forth to bandage the wounded.

“Brothers, I am not bragging, but just a moment ago in that war, if it was not for Jiajia stopping me, I would have rushed up with a sword and killed the commander of the other party.”

The big voice of Fatty Zhao Dazhi came from inside a grotto. He seemed to be enormously proud of his success. Ye Chuan walked over without batting an eyelid and saw fatty was bragging in the grotto with his saliva flying everywhere. A large group of people was sitting around him. He continued, “It’s been so long, today, this battle was the most enjoyable. First, ambush those dogs, then charge and annihilate their 3000 elites, truly was so satisfactory. If Jiajia hadn’t stopped me, then I would have brought back the head of that leader, then it would have been even better.”

“Senior apprentice brother fatty, is that true?”

“Yes, senior apprentice brother fatty, you are not deceiving us, are you?”

The surrounding disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had doubts. Fatty Zhao Dazhi was well-known for being timid. Just charging was already far-fetched, but nearly killing the leader of the stone fortress, when did he ever show such braveness?

“Take a look at what this is, it is the military plate of Da Qin Dynasty. I snatched it from the body of that leader.”

Fatty proudly raised an order plate and the sounds of amazement resounded, attracting the surprised gaze of people. This fellow was covered with blood. He seemed to be injured seriously, but his face was full of excitement as he was addicted to boasting around the outer sect disciples.

Outside the grotto, looking at the proud appearance of fatty, Ye Chuan shook his head and smiled. Fatty was fatty, he never changed his habit of bragging. Just bumping into an order plate, he was bragging so much that he appeared as if he would have killed the commander of the other party if no one had stopped him. If he had truly killed the leader of the other party by fluke, then wouldn’t he brag to the heaven, saying he nearly killed Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han who was safeguarded by massive forces?

Ye Chuan was unable to find a way out to straighten fatty, but he also relaxed as he knew that Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin had won again. There was still more than 800 li distance from here to Cloud Mist Sect, it was sufficient to give Da Qin Dynasty a headache. While he was deliberating whether to go in and teach fatty a lesion or not. He suddenly heard light footsteps coming from behind. But, it appeared as if the owner of this footsteps was afraid to alert other people, moreover, this footsteps was completely different from average people’s footsteps.

Ye Chuan suddenly turned around and happened to saw a person walking towards him. This person was wearing a white standard robe, also seemed to be a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, but wore a big bamboo hat on the head, covering facial features. At first glance, Ye Chuan felt strange. He felt that something was wrong, moreover, he vaguely felt a familiar feeling.

Spy of Da Qin Dynasty or the first-rate assassin invited by Li Guang Han?

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk as he circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

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