Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 324

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 324: Must endure

No longer after the party of Ye Chuan left, the reinforcement of Da Qin Dynasty arrived.

Looking at this unrecognizable fortress, every one of the reinforcement was frightened. But, entering the fortress, they saw a row of shining white buttocks, this scene stunned everyone. Some people wanted to step forward and release them, but they were blocked by an invisible restriction. Ordinary soldiers basically weren’t able to break it, so they had to urgently ask the supreme headquarter for help.

For an expert, the distance of a hundred li was nothing. The experts from supreme headquarter quickly arrived.

This time, the guess of Ye Chuan wasn’t wrong. Hearing the news, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han rushed over in person. He saw that row of shining white buttocks hung down from the roof beam which swayed along with the wind, and his heart was in chaos, then became furious.

The left butt had ‘Zixia, I love you’ written on it while the right butt had the drawing of a lazy frog. The left and right side of this frog’s face was different. The left side had rich expression and the right side was ice-cold resembling a piece of pig iron. Wasn’t this clearly provoking him?

“Your Highness, quell your anger, this is the evil plot of that brat Ye Chuan, you must not lose your temper like he wants!”

Extinction Taoist hastily stepped forward and persuaded. He was worried that Li Huang Han who had calmed down with great difficulty and began a protracted war would recklessly make a major attack again.

Ah! Li Guang Han roared like a berserk yao beast, then ferociously punched, forcibly breaking the invisible restriction.

The air rippled and twisted, bringing along a chaotic air current. The invisible restriction that stopped ordinary soldiers was gone, moreover, those over 300 soldiers hung down from the roof beam simultaneously vomited a big mouthful of blood. Their internal organs were ruptured and before the eyes of everyone present, they died with their eyes wide open.

The reinforcement had arrived so these over 300 soldiers had finally relaxed. But, beyond their expectation, they weren’t able to escape the catastrophe in the end. Moreover, they didn’t die in the hands of the enemy Cloud Mist Sect, rather died in the hands of their own.

The soldiers who had urgently come to reinforce became pale, and looking at berserk Li Guang Han who killed people without batting an eyelid, every one trembled, worrying they would become the next innocent victim. The complexion of Extinction Taoist was also ugly and felt bitter in his heart. He had already urged him time and again with good intentions for many times and had thought many means to make Li Guang Han calm down, but in the end, everything was useless.

Your Majesty, this small official isn’t incompetent, rather His Highness is……

Extinction Taoist sighed as a word appeared in his mind he couldn’t speak out.

If a person is too impulsive, moreover, wantonly become like this, then how can he accomplish great matters?

Extinction Taoist didn’t say anything on the surface. In his heart, he however was very disappointed with Li Guang Han, this Da Qin Crown Prince. His face was cut into two halves becoming neither human nor ghost. But this didn’t matter, in any case, man didn’t need to rely on face to make a living. As long as, he ascended the throne in the future and become the next Da Qin King, he didn’t need to worry about not having many women. But, if the heart wasn’t good and was not calm, shrewd and ruthless enough to handle affairs, then it would be absolutely impossible to become an outstanding emperor. Even if he became Da Qin King in the future with great difficulty, he might not be able to sit stably in that position.

Even after killing over 300 soldiers who had lost their face with one punch, Da Qin Crown Prince still had yet to vent off his pent-up anger. He looked sinister and ruthless and his chest was violently rising and falling as he panted heavily. His pair of red eyes seemed to want to swallow people.

The heart of surrounding soldiers beat rapidly and they subconsciously retreated in succession. No one dared to raise their head and look at Li Guang Han, this abnormal general.

“Extinction Taoist, when can I kill that brat Ye Chuan?” Li Guang Han suddenly asked. When everyone thought that he was driven mad and he would once again reckless charge towards Cloud Mist Sect to kill, he forcibly forced down the fury of his heart.

Extinction Taoist was rather surprised and his eyes shone as he said, “We continue to advance step by step and handle the matter according to the plan. If Cloud Mist Sect ceased to exist, even if that brat Ye Chuan runs away, he would just become a stray cur. He can only escape for the time being!”

“Well, continue to advance step by step, flatten Cloud Mist Sect for me!”

Li Guang Han’s voice was hoarse. He left leaving behind those words, returning to the supreme headquarter of Pingyuan ancient town.

He hated Ye Chuan to the bones, if he could, he wanted to immediately kill to Cloud Mist Sect and personally tear Ye Chuan to shreds. But, at the last moment, he calmed down with great difficulty, not because he gave up killing Ye Chuan rather he knew that anger would not solve the problem.


Must endure, continue to endure!

Li Guang Han was gloomy. He left by himself and his speed became faster and faster. Middle-aged Tang Yixian reacted the fastest, he summoned a group of his personal bodyguard and eagerly followed up.

“Your Highness is brilliant!”

“Farewell Your Highness!”

Behind, Extinction Taoist bowed and the soldiers quickly fell to their knees, not because they greatly respected Li Guang Han, rather because their legs went soft and trembled nonstop. Even before Li Guang Han, this Da Qin Crown Prince, had left, a lot of people were already standing unstably. For soldiers, the most terrifying thing wasn’t Cloud Mist Sect’s great devil Ye Chuan, rather Li Guang Han, this Da Qin Crown Prince. A slight carelessness and they would die without knowing how they died.

“Guards, clean up the battlefield, increase the number of soldiers stationed at each fortress to 3000 from 1000 and dispatch a later stage Daoist Master realm expert to guard each fortress.”

Extinction Taoist gave orders and looking at distant mountains, his killing intent soared.

Suffering a setback was nothing, as long as Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han didn’t intervene recklessly and gave him the command of army, then he could definitely destroy Cloud Mist Sect and kill Ye Chuan. After increasing the military strength and dispatching an expert to guard each fortress, even if Cloud Mist Sect wanted to carry out a sneak attack on the strongholds of Da Qin Dynasty, it would not be so easy!

Facts proved that Extinction was truly right.

Next, two sides came into frequent contact. In the beginning, the attacks of Cloud Mist Sect made Da Qin army terror-stricken, but slowly, casualties began to appear on Cloud Mist Sect’s side and even suffered a crushing defeat. Their sneak attack was useless and they fell into traps in turn, suffering an insane counterattack. Sometimes, a stronghold had more than 5000 soldiers to ambush, or even over 10,000 soldiers, moreover, many experts too. Carelessly carrying out a surprise attack, it would turn into a violent encounter.

The morale of Da Qin army was greatly enhanced. Li Guang Han also saw the hope and excitedly waited for the last moment. In turn, Cloud Mist Sect suffered setbacks time and again and the wounded soldiers filled the sect. Along with the increasing numbers of strongholds of Da Qin Dynasty, they got closer and closer to Cloud Mist Sect. The situation was grim and this made Zhu Sijia and others frown in worry. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin who had always been arrogant and aggressive was at his wits’ end. At this moment, Ye Chuan however had entered seclusion cultivation, so he neither saw nor heard about the matter outside. This made Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others think hard about countermeasures.

After giving a gift to Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, Ye Chuan returned to Cloud Mist Sect and entered the seclusion cultivation. He had already expected this predicament of the sect, but he intentionally entered the seclusion cultivation so as to force Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others to think of a way by themselves. Under a powerful pressure, the potential of people could erupt. Like this, they could truly achieve the aim of that big training. Those who had been killed or injured were weak ones that couldn’t adapt. Those disciples and yao beasts with tenacious will who survived and have the ability to adapt were the ones Ye Chuan needed.

Ye Chuan didn’t need the weak. What he needed were the real elites who can follow him to campaign and dominate all across the entire Wilderness World!

The pressure weighted down like a mountain and the situation was getting worse, but everything was within the expectation and grasp of Ye Chuan!

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