Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 322

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 322: Stone fortress

When Ye Chuan and others were discussing the countermeasures in Cloud Mist Hall, Da Qin Crown prince Li Guang Han had also summoned all commanders in the camp to discuss.

After eating a loss, Li Guang Han finally became a little wiser. Now, he understood that Ye Chuan was already no longer that Ye Chuan of former days and it was much harder to deal with him. This time, he learned his lesson and listened to the suggestion of Extinction Taoist to act cautiously. From Pingyuan ancient town, they began to carry forward step by step, wanting to make full use of big and powerful military strength to launch an all-out attack on Cloud Mist Sect.

The huge war machines of Da Qin Dynasty quickly operated, displaying their ferocious features.

Very soon, the vanguard began to take action. First, they burn down the forest in the neighborhood of Pingyuan ancient town without leaving behind a single tree seedling. All kinds of vines were also burned down leaving nothing behind. The original dense forest disappeared in a brief amount of time, and now, there was no place to hide around this ancient town. Looking from a high place, one could see everything within ten li. This completely cut off the possibility of a sneak attack.

After the big fire was stamped out, Da Qin army began to build the first stronghold on the top of a mountain. Farmers, farm cattle and carriages within the radius of 100 li were called up to transport large pieces of stones and a strong fortress was built rapidly. Thousands of elite soldiers laid out a restriction to guard. If someone wanted to make a surprise attack on the campsite, then they must first pass through this fortress. And to do this, with the current strength of Cloud Mist Sect, it would take at least four hours which was more than enough time for the main army at the foot of the mountain to respond.

With the first stronghold, next, there will be second, third……

According to the order of Li Guang Han, the main army slowly pushed forward.

Taking every step forward, they would first burn down the dense forest of the surrounding, carrying out the scorched earth strategy. After burning down everything within ten li, the logistic army would flood up and build a stone fortress there. Naturally, they couldn’t find stones there, so using materials on hand, they used clay to build thick earthen walls and again use huge logs to build a fence around outside, guarding heavily.

For seven days in succession, Cloud Mist Sect didn’t make any move. Perhaps, they had misgivings towards the powerful military strength of Da Qin army or perhaps, they used this kind of strategy to push forward step by step, so Cloud Mist Sect was at its wits’ end, allowing Da Qin army to build strongholds so smoothly.

In the campsite, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han enclosed himself in his bedroom day and night, drinking alone in depression while personally examining the success reports of soldiers carefully and critically.

Without the attack and obstruction of Cloud Mist Sect, the speed of advancing of the army was much faster than expected. Every day, they would advance at least several tens of li. But for Li Guang Han, this speed was still too slow. If this continuous, then it would take at least one month to reach the entrance gate of Cloud Mist Sect.

One whole month, wasn’t that enough for that brat Ye Chuan to make many preparations? Just in case, if that brat fled with his junior apprentice sisters and junior apprentice brothers forsaking Cloud Mist Sect seeing this situation was anything but reassuring, then where should he go to look for him? What about his revenge?

Recalling how Ye Chuan had made him eat loss time and time again, Li Guang Han was very depressed. He couldn’t wait to kill him in person. At this moment, he was not afraid that he wouldn’t be able to destroy Cloud Mist Sect rather feared that Ye Chuan might flee without fighting. If an average person was in his place, then he would definitely defend the sect to the death. They wouldn’t forsake the ancient sect that had the inheritance of millions of years. But, as for that brat Ye Chuan, Li Guang Han didn’t know what he would do. He feared this point.

On the eighth day, when the night fell, a news of victory was sent back. The fifth stronghold was smoothly built and a thousand elite soldiers were stationed there.

Looking on the map, the five strongholds were connected with a line and its arrowhead penetrates Cloud Mist Mountain Range. In particular, this just built fifth stronghold was built on the peak of a mountain commonly known as the Stone Mountain among the local people. The mountain was densely covered with stones and the three sides were cliffs. No need to say that it was easy to guard and hard to attack, the front was also a wide expanse of flat land. When the weather was fine, one could see another big mountain dozens of li away. This stronghold provided a strong safeguard to build the next stronghold, accelerating the speed of advancement.

After this news came, the main forces cheered loudly. Li Guang Han was also so happy that he drank until he was dead drunk.

But, at this time, in Stone Mountain, the soldiers stationed in the fifth stronghold welcomed a sudden and unexpected bloody battle.

Like the soldiers at Pingyuan ancient town, the soldiers stationed in this fifth stronghold were also extremely excited. In order to celebrate the successful completion of the task, someone quietly carried out a pure alcohol. No one knew how those alcohols appeared there. Perhaps, it was secretly collected by a certain high-ranking military officer, or perhaps, left behind by the conscripted laborers that built this stronghold. Under excitement, soldiers drank it. In the beginning, the commander responsible to guard this stronghold still exercise restraint and strictly prevented anyone from drinking more than three cups. But, after drinking began, no-one remembered this rule including the commander himself, as a result, soldiers drank so much that they reeked of alcohol.

Under the curtain of night, the Stone Mountain was very quiet. Only not well-known insects were twittering once in a while.

In the last few days, Cloud Mist Sect didn’t have any movement and the soldiers had easily completed the missions, this made soldiers loosen their guard. Especially after drinking, everybody was unguarded. They believed that, the strong stone fortress along with powerful restriction was enough to make the people of Cloud Mist Sect retreat. Even if they tried to forcibly launch a surprise attack, they would be unable to break in, so everybody was at ease and went on a drinking spree.

Danger arrived just when the soldiers were at their most unguarded state.

The very first person who noticed the strangeness was a guard who had went to urinate. Just when he undid his pants to urinate, he suddenly discovered the stones around were strange. At an unknown time, green things had appeared above them, seemingly a green oilcloth was spread above them. Looking carefully after rubbing his eyes, he discovered that they were not green oilcloth, they were vines.

Not good, it’s enemy attack!

This guard quickly reacted. After the first battle, the soldiers talked about the vines and the leaders also had repeatedly emphasized that once even the shadow of a vine was discovered, regardless of anything, immediately sound the alarm.

The alert guard didn’t even pull up his pants. He immediately raised a bugle, wanting to sound the alarm. Suddenly, something flashed before his eyes, it appeared as if a fly flew past him, but he felt cold on his neck and touching his neck with his hand, he discovered that his hand was covered in blood. Then, he fell to the ground with a crash and died. Just before dying, he discovered that it was not a fly but a rare Golden Cicada resting on his right arm. With his little bird still exposed, he stopped breathing.

After killing a person with one hit, Six-Winged Golden Cicada left looking for the next target.

Meanwhile, the rustling sound slowly resounded. And more and more vines climbed up this mountain densely covered with stones, surrounding the fortress on its summit. Halfway up the mountain, other than countless vines, there was a large group of fully equipped Cloud Mist Sect disciples. They wore standard white war robes with a sharp sword in their hand and a flying sword under their feet. Under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, they were waiting for the last moment to arrive.

At the foot of the mountain, Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground. Circulating seven Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he suddenly opened his mouth and vomited a flying sword. The sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword changed into a smear of red light and flew into the skies and after flying to the summit, it broke the restriction of the fortress. Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes who had been waiting for a long time laughed heartily and countless vines flooded into the fortress like sea waves. Behind these countless vines, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were whistling towards the fortress stepping on the flying sword.

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