Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 320

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 320: A villain is poisonous

“Your Highness, that brat Ye Chuan is ahead, he is screwed when he is caught. Meanwhile, you can order the army to retreat. The cultivation base of that brat is not up to much, moreover, is injured, we don’t need many people to kill him, just taking along a squad of bodyguards is enough to kill him.”

The middle-aged advisor Tang Yixian realized the thoughts of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han so he stepped forward to suggest.

This suggestion was perfect beyond doubt for this situation. The eyes of Li Guang Han shone. Previously, he had ordered the army to enter the mountain to search for hiding Ye Chuan, but now, he had already locked on to the aura of the latter, so there will be no effect even if the army retreats.

This is a good suggestion!

Advisor Tang Yixian was skilled in strategy but even more good at figuring out the thoughts of people, as a result, he was able to resolve the difficult problem in the heart of Li Guang Han.

“Good, transmit my orders, the army is to retreat immediately to the camp. Tang Yixian, after returning to the capital, I will reward you for your first-class merit!”

Li Guang Han ordered loudly and walked away, leading the crowd towards the summit. Only a messenger turned around and went down the mountain, and soon, a low compelling bugle sound resounded throughout the night sky. Then, the panicked and chaotic soldiers scattered everywhere retreating in succession.

“Your Highness, it is unsuitable to make a move tonight, it would be best for us to retreat too.”

Extinction Taoist followed behind and tried to dispel the thought of Li Guang Han to continue pursuing.

The circumstance of the mountain was bad, Ye Chuan had clearly prepared ambushes. At this time, with the main force retreating and leading only a group of bodyguards to penetrate deep into enemy territory, wasn’t this clearly asking for Ye Chuan to ambush them?

“Extinction Taoist, no need to speak again, I have already decided. Tonight, I must kill that brat Ye Chuan!”

Li Guang Han insisted on having his own way and let alone heeding to his advice, on the contrary, he sped up. Now, less than 100 people were walking towards the summit in large strides.

Extinction Taoist sighed and advisor Tang Yixian just happened to come up, and at the moment when advisor Tang Yixian brushed past him, Extinction Taoist coldly glared at the latter and coldly said, “Tang Yixian, everything is because of this lousy idea of yours, you villain. If something happened to His Highness, then even without the order of His Highness, this lordship will personally tear you apart and exterminate your entire family!”

Extinction Taoist truly had killing intention. His eyes glaring at advisor Tang Yixian were so cold that they appeared as if cold daggers.

All said that a villain should be handled toughly otherwise they would act willfully and wildly. But in fact, a villain is poisonous, is a kind of hypertoxic!

With a villain around, it was equivalent to having a chronic disease by poison. A slight negligence and one would be poisoned by a villain at an unknown time. Accumulating over a long period of time, that poison would suddenly erupt and a villain would become the cause of death!

“Senior Taoist, I……, I was…… I was just casually speaking a little. This is the matter His Highness had decided himself, who can change his decision?”

Advisor Tang Yixian knew that he was in the wrong and he didn’t dare to argue with Extinction Taoist or even dare to look face to face. After speaking, he hurried forward and closely followed Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han.

Behind, looking at the back view of advisor Tang Yixian, the complexion of Extinction Taoist became colder and colder.

Tang Yixian like person who only knew how to play schemes but couldn’t withstand a single blow in the battlefield, Extinction Taoist had always looked down to such people. This kind of villain would do anything for the limelight regardless of any dangers. He didn’t even care about putting Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han in danger. Even in death, he wouldn’t know how he died.

Looking at the back of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, Extinction Taoist sighed once again and just when he was about to follow with no other choice, his heart suddenly jumped and he stopped his steps. Moreover, he accidentally discovered that there were many vines all around them on all sides. They were dense and dark and their tips were fluttering with the cold wind.

But, there is something wired about these vines!

Extinction Taoist pondered for a little while, and he clearly recalled that there were no vines around them just a moment ago. Where did so many vines appear from all of a sudden?

Rustling sounds came from the darkness.

When Extinction Taoist was wondering, he suddenly felt peculiar under his feet, and looking down, he saw green buds under the feet of everybody, then they instantly changed into strange vines which grew bigger and bigger.

After the army under Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han retreated, Old Demon of Mount Yin quickly rushed back and began to deal with Li Guang Han’s group who had penetrated deep into enemy territory.

“Protect His Highness, withdraw!”

Extinction Taoist suddenly jumped and rushed towards Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han.

On the ground, the vines continued to overgrow and swayed like snakes. Instantly, the group of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was separated and screaming sounds resounded. Without warning, countless vines blotted out the sky and bound their limbs, strangled their throat and pierced through their chest.

“Protect His Highness!”


The entire group of people screamed and they did their best to cut off these vines. Every one of them used their techniques to rush towards Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han to assemble.

Not to mention these vines were strange, they were especially ferocious too. If a group of ordinary soldiers was in their place, then they might have already been wiped out. Fortunately, all were experts, and many of them were the experts of imperial palace Li Guang Han had invited. Each one of them was outstanding. Just like cutting vegetables, they chopped off vines and rushed out. Over hundreds of vines simultaneously rushed towards Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, but before he could make a move, Extinction Taoist jumped over and used the horsetail whisk in his hand to cut off all the vines approaching them.

The group reacted quickly with power. But, there were still several people that unfortunately died on the spot and become dried corpses in front of them.

Several powerful experts had died, but adviser Tang Yixian who didn’t have high cultivation base was completely fine. Since he stood beside Li Guang Han, the soldiers saved him too. But, he looked deathly pale, his heart was jumping violently and he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to take a step away from Li Guang Han.

“Dark Crow, Bai Zhu, you two, come with me, as for others, protect His Highness, go!”

Extinction Taoist ordered in a stern voice making a prompt decision to rush towards the summit. Behind, two experts of imperial palace kept up with him with surging killing intent. All of them were later stage Daoist Master realm experts.

Originally, Extinction Taoist strongly opposed the suggestion of chasing Ye Chuan overnight, but now, he took the initiative to rush ahead. To catch brigands, first catch their king, first kill wounded Ye Chuan at the summit and everything else would be easier afterward.

Countless vines sprang out from the dark and dense forest and rushed forward to stop Extinction and other two.

Extinction Taoist brandished his horsetail whisk and rushed in the front like splitting a bamboo. Those countless vines weren’t able to stop him. But when he was about to reach the summit, the space between his eyebrows suddenly jumped violently, and subconsciously placed his horsetail whisk horizontally in front of him. Ding, a blood-red flying sword flew out from the midst of those dark and dense vines and he just happened to block it with his horsetail whisk and that solid horsetail whisk fell to the ground.

Ye Chuan seized the perfect opportunity to make a move. He had thrown Dragon Slaying Flying Sword taking advantage of this chaos, unfortunately, Extinction Taoist still blocked this.

“Your Highness, welcome to Cloud Mist Mountain Range, I have a gift for you, take it, the good play is just beginning.”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded and the heaven and earth suddenly became quiet. Those vines that blotted out the sky and covered the earth suddenly disappeared completely.

Under the protection of his guards, Li Guang Han plucked up his courage and climbed to the summit. Ye Chuan had already disappeared without a trace. There was only a piece of gift left behind on the smooth slabstone. Leaves and muds were used to make a lazy frog, its left half face was leaves and its right half face was black mud.

Standing at the air vent, pigs can fly, only a lazy frog that indulges in fantasy is an exception!

The words of Ye Chuan appeared in the mind of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. And the instant he looked at this gift on the slabstone, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was truly driven mad and he ferociously punched out, shattering that lazy frog along with the hard slabstone into pieces as he roared, “Ye Chuan, you brat, don’t run away if you have guts. I will fight 300 rounds with you! Come out, you brat, come out for me……”

Li Guang Han punched repeatedly to vent off his anger on a piece of rock like an insane beast that lost its intellect. His voice reached far and wide but he didn’t hear any reply from Ye Chuan. He only heard a vague sound of laughter coming from a distant place as if the legendary mountain demon was mocking him.

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