Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 32

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 32: The rule of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother

Alchemy Hall, Spring Breeze Pavilion.

In a room with dense spiritual qi, Gongsun Ye was sitting cross-legged on the ground while treating his injuries.

Last night, after he was sent flying by a palm of Ye Chuan, the injuries he suffered were not light, and after returning to Alchemy Hall, he continuously spat blood. Moreover even after tossing about till mid-night, he didn’t get any better, so that very night he came to Spring Breeze Pavilion’s secret cultivation room, hoping to quickly heal his injuries with the help of dense worldly spiritual qi.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, please stop! Ah……, pa……”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you cannot go any further, pa……”


Just at the daybreak, Gongsun Ye suddenly woke up because of strange sounds. A series of ‘pa’, ‘pa’, ‘pa’…sound frequently came through, which was accompanied by light footsteps sounds and guards wailing mournfully.

Who is so daring to actually come to Alchemy Hall to cause trouble? Doesn’t he want to live?

Gongsun Ye shook his head and discarded the thoughts of going out to watch the excitement, now, he needs to focus on healing his injuries first.

Gongsun Ye didn’t want to meddle, but, the footsteps sound increasingly got nearer, directly approaching towards his cultivation room, seemingly was specially coming for him.


Gongsun Ye was surprised, he didn’t know why but he felt jumpy, and instinctively felt restless.

Alchemy Hall was core and important place of Cloud Mist Sect. In these last few years, only the disciples of Alchemy Hall bullied others, and the people of other Halls had never dared to act wildly in Alchemy Hall, much less bullying.

Peng, that person outside the door of private room directly kicked open the door. Then a familiar and again unfamiliar face appeared in front of Gongsun Ye.

“Boy, we meet again.”

Looking at the surprised and restless Gongsun Ye, Ye Chuan laughed evilly, “Not bad, your injuries have recovered quickly, now you can take some hits.”

“Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother?”

Gongsun Ye was greatly surprised, he had never thought that the person who had come was unexpectedly Ye Chuan, “You……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what are you doing here?”

“Nothing, it’s just five days have passed, so I am looking for you all to have a contest, and also to look at your cultivation, to know whether you are getting lazy or not. As a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I’ve too much things to do, not only do I have to cultivate, I even have to worry about you guys.” Ye Chuan stepped forward, and his smile became increasingly brilliant. And this harmless looking smile however made Gongsun Ye even more jumpy. He was obviously very familiar with Ye Chuan’s this face, however it again seemed very unfamiliar too.

Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan had always maintained low-key and cultivated on the mountain, but when did he begin to easily come down the mountain and moreover took the initiative to challenge other to a battle?

Gongsun Ye felt anything but reassuring, he continuously retreated back, and shrinking back to a corner of a wall, he stuttered, “Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, yesterday, I……”

“Forget about the past matters, I’m here today, just to have a contest with you, nothing more. Don’t worry, you won’t die if you lose, at most only your arms and legs will be broken.” Ye Chuan stepped forward, and smiling evilly, he began lashing his broom without giving any chance to Gongsun Ye to speak.

A sad and shrill mournful wail, suddenly spread far and wide.

The guards and other disciples of Alchemy Hall that had rushed over after hearing the news were trembling while standing outside this private room, and not even a single of them dared to rush in. And only after Ye Chuan came out with broom in his hand, and had already went faraway did they entered the private room. There they saw Gongsun Ye was already lying on the ground with his arms and legs continuously twitching. There no danger to his life, and there was also no arms or legs missing, merely every joints on his body was dislocated.

What a great method!

Is this person really former days’ cowardly and timid Big Senior Apprentice-Brother who was bullied by everyone as well as who did not dare to appear in public?

The complexion of everybody became pale, and heart became stern.

At this time, sad and shrill wailing mournfully sound once again came through far away.

Ye Chuan didn’t go far away, rather went to other places of Alchemy Hall. Following the aura of wounds left behind by mutated flies, Ye Chuan smoothly found all other fellows that had sneaked into Purple Clouds Peak yesterday, then with the pretext of challenging them to have a content, he mercilessly taught them a lesson one after another. As expected, all the unbridled fellows that had sneaked into Purple Clouds Peak yesterday were the people of Alchemy Hall. Only after teaching all of them a ruthless lesson in public, Ye Chuan swaggered off.

Big Senior Apprentice-Brother changed, he really changed!

Whoever wants to bully him again, they don’t have eyes, and conversely inviting himself a disgrace!

The guards and disciples that had rush over after hearing the news slowly understood what’s going on, and became well aware of the entire process. Seeing Gongsun Ye and other people’s miserable state, a lot of people secretly felt relief, fortunately last night they didn’t take action rashly. Otherwise, not only they wouldn’t have obtained that so-called hidden treasure, conversely they would have been injured and humiliated in public.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chuan said nothing about the matter of yesterday, not a single word of revenge, but openly challenged them to a battle with his Big Senior Apprentice-Brother status. There were many Xiushi realm experts among guards and disciples, but they didn’t have any excuse to prevent this, so they helplessly watched Ye Chuan swaggering in, carrying out his retaliation and leave.

This news quickly spread to the high levels of Alchemy Hall. In the audience hall inside Alchemy Hall, Hall Master Jin Zhikun was sitting on the high place with gloomy complexion, and the complexion of standing underneath Advisor He Taixu was nervous and unsettled.

“He Taixu, in the end, can you do it or not?”

Jin Zhikun was angry, and his face was so black that it seems black ink would leak out soon. And his killing intent became increasingly dense, “If this goes on, who will dare to go to Purple Clouds Peak, and how will you fish in troubled water to certainly kill him?”

“I can, absolutely can. Your Excellency Hall Master, just give me a little more time, and Ye Chuan, that brat will not be able to avoid death.”

He Taixu wiped the sweats from his forehead, and due to the sweating, his long robe was already drenched with cold sweat, and mentioning about Ye Chuan, he was frightened as well as angry. He had considered thousands if not ten thousands method, but he had never expected Ye Chuan to counterattack this swiftly and violently. All of his schemes and follow-up’s deploys were instantly thrown into chaos by the counterattack of Ye Chuan.

Is this truly former days’ that anyone can bully Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan?

No, this is not a young disciple, clearly is a great monster that have lived for millions of years and have the courage to kill decisively ah!

He Taixu was howling in grief in his heart, he hated Ye Chuan to the marrow of his bones, but again was also afraid. Hate and fear was intertwining in his heart.

“Tomorrow, I want to see the result. He Taixu, I am giving you one day time again, the yao ghosts of Evil Dragon Abyss behind the mountain are already too impatient to wait, you can do as you see fit, humph!”

Jin Zhikun snorted coldly, then standing up, he walked away, leaving behind only He Taixu standing all alone while sweating profusely in the spacious audience hall.

When He Taixu and Jin Zhikun were scheming in the audience hall, inside Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chuan sent people to call over Fatty Zhao Dazhi to discuss the follow-up countermeasures.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, today you really vent off our anger! From the past till the present, only Alchemy Hall bullied other people, but now, it’s finally Alchemy Hall’s turn to taste this flavor.” Seeing Ye Chuan, Fatty Zhao Dazhi was very respectful, now he truly was sincerely convinced.

If he was in the place of Ye Chuan, then he would have already went to the place of Second Elder to take refugee, where would he find the courage to conversely visit them to fight? He couldn’t even think about this!

“This is just the beginning, fatty, help me spread this, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother has many cultivation techniques and medicine pills, and he is willing to give rewards to whoever that soundly beats that old fellow He Taixu. Meet once beat once, beat once receive reward once, and the more ruthless the beating, the bigger the rewards!” Ye Chuan instructed.

“What? Big-Senior Apprentice-Brother, this……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi had his eyes wide open, and had astounded expression on his face. After these words spreads outside, if Ye Chuan wasn’t able to give promised rewards, then there definitely will be great chaos. Could it be that Ye Chuan really got that legendary Paradise Realm’s hidden treasures?

Ye Chuan had already expected this question of Fatty, and he indifferently said, “Fatty, you only need to spread this secretly, no need to care about anything else, now go!”

“Okay!” Fatty Zhao Dazhi nodded his head and left jolting his buttocks. Although he was not good at combat, but in terms of sowing discord and demagoguery, this kind of handiwork, he was the best.

“Heh heh, want to play dirty with me?”

Ye Chuan sneered, dealing with He Taixu, this treacherous old dog, he simply disdained to do the job himself. Now he sat cross-legged in the study to cultivate, while waiting for good news of his countermine.

As once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had experienced unknown numbers of storms in his previous life, and many people had also schemed against him, but later all of them died. And here after rebirth, silkpants Jin Hua thought to scheme against him, result, he also died. Now He Taixu was not resorting to other ways, but resorting to scheming, wasn’t this just courting death?

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