Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 319

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 319: Time to choose

Differently shaped vines slowly occupied every inch of this dense forest and slowly its range got bigger and bigger.

Old Demon of Mount Yin was like a stranded fish put back into the water. This dense rainforest was like his garden.

More and more people climbed up the mountain and the rows of torches became a long fiery dragon.

Even after Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and others crossed halfway up the hill, Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t make a move;

Even after several hundreds of elite soldiers rush up immediately after them, Old Demon of Mount Yin still didn’t make a move. Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi were somewhat unable to control, but this old evil spirit still lied low in the groove waiting silently.

After nearly one-third of pursuing troops crossed the halfway point, Old Demon of Mount Yin finally made a move.

Sad and shrill sounds suddenly resounded throughout the night sky.

The first one to die was a small leader who had over a hundred elite troops behind him. This entire group of people entered the woods that appeared ordinary. They didn’t see anything strange around them, but after walking a few steps, the small leader in the front suddenly fell into a hole. This hole wasn’t deep, but unfortunately, there just happened to be a sharp rock protruding inside, and it directly penetrated the chest of this small leader. He was beyond saving in an instant. The soldiers behind quickly rushed up and lifting the torch to illuminate, they saw a scalp tingling scene.

A big leader quickly heard the news and he rushed over to examine. After examining for a while, he regarded this as an ordinary accident so he ordered soldiers to continue advancing.

“Everyone, be careful, pay attention to your underfoot!”

“Raise the torch higher, keep up the pace and be careful to not fall behind!”


The deputy leader of the squad temporarily took the command and he walked forward as he warned loudly. In the dense forest, there were thousands of this kind of small squads, scattered everywhere moving towards the peak. They had received orders to search out injured Ye Chuan.

The soldiers weren’t afraid, they were even talking and laughing. Like the big leader, they treated the matter of just now as an accident, but soon, the entire group of people felt something was strange.

Just after walking a short distance, the deputy leader who had just taken the lead met with an accident. The difference was, he didn’t fell into a hole, rather he misstepped and fell while walking and his neck happened to clip on a vine that was tied on two trees. Also, no one knew what kind of vine this was but it was very thin and tough comparable to a steel string, moreover, was as sharp as a blade. With the weight of deputy leader, his neck was cut open by this extremely thin vine and his entire head nearly fell off. Soldiers hastily rushed up, but they couldn’t stop bleeding even though they used their hands to cover his throat.

“There is……, there is a mountain demon, quick……” The deputy leader struggled for a while, then his head slanted to one side as he stopped breathing. It was good that he died as death ended all his troubles, but other soldiers were panic-stricken. Their two leaders had died in succession, moreover, they had died so strangely, it was truly terrifying when they carefully thought about those incidents.

Cloud Mist Mountain Range had an extensive chain of mountains, it covered more than several thousand kilometers. The mountains were covered with dense forests and it had a wide expanse of untraversed forest and ever since ancient time, there were many legends about this forest. According to one legend, there was a kind of mountain demon in these mountains. It was not much bigger than a monkey but was super strong and fast and it could even summon wind and rain. Unlike common yao beasts, mountain demons were evil creatures somewhat similar to specters, which especially sucked essence blood and vital yang of people. It couldn’t be killed with an ordinary method. Moreover, it comes out for food at night and meeting it was equivalent to meet one’s doom. Because its shape was somewhat similar to a monkey, it was also called the mountain monkey.

Seeing the death of their two leaders in succession, in addition, the words of deputy leader before his death, this made soldiers quickly recall this terrifying legend. At this moment, everyone was sweating profusely in their head beset with imaginary fears. There were many people climbing up the mountain, but they had scattered all around. Even though the entire 200,000 soldiers had come out, with this mountain being very big, two hundred men squads were at least one kilometer away. This small amount of distance was nothing on a flat ground, but in the midst of dense rainforest, this distance appeared as if those two squads were at the two ends of the world. Very often, they could hear sounds but couldn’t see people.

With the death of both leader and deputy leader and that terrifying rumor, soldiers quickly fell into chaos. They became a host of dragons without a head. Some people insisted on moving forward towards the summit and join the big army, some people suggested to stay on the spot and wait for the dawn to move forward and some people wanted to retreat, saying they didn’t dare to continue advancing.

Rustle, rustle, a rustling sound came at that moment. The sounds weren’t big but it resembled the footsteps of people.

“Everyone, be careful!” An experienced soldier quickly became alert. Unfortunately, a host of dragons without a head was unable to quickly get into a battle formation to defend.

Strange vines suddenly came from all directions. Underfoot, stone gaps, bushes……, countless vines sprang out from all places, tying up soldiers’ limbs, body or neck and even pierced through their chest like blades.

Blood-curdling screams suddenly resounded throughout the night sky.

The nearby 100 men squad rushed over, hearing the news, but seeing the scene in front of them, their scalp tingled and they trembled, raising the torch in their hand.

In a short period of time, a squad of 100 men was completely annihilated. Everyone had different wounds, but one thing was the same. Each corpse was withered, they had turned into mummies without a drop of blood within their body. And the strange matter was, they couldn’t see a drop of blood on the ground.

“It’s mountain demon, specializing in sucking essence blood and vital yang, definitely is a mountain demon.”

Someone quickly recalled that terrifying legend. All soldiers who had rushed over were terrified and before the leader could examine what had happened, a sad and shrill scream resounded once again.

A similar scene appeared all over the mountain in succession.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes drifted from place to place, moving freely in the dense forest while killing one squad after another. Once in a while, when he encountered an expert mixed within the soldiers, he naturally let Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi deal with him. He was only responsible to create widespread panic and chaos.

His strange laughter continuously reverberated through the mountain.

With the cover of night and dense forest, Old Demon of Mount Yin killed everywhere. He had never before felt this carefree. Under Ye Chuan, there was no better person than him to create widespread panic and chaos. The Da Qin army that entered the mountain quickly fell into chaos.

The group of Li Guang Han that had been walking straight towards the summit in the front suddenly stopped. They turned around and look back at the dense forest behind them and they became solemn.

The aura of Ye Chuan was getting nearer and nearer. It was very likely that Ye Chuan was treating his injury not far away at the peak of this mountain, but at this moment, suddenly a large scale chaos had occurred behind them. The panicked soldiers were making an uproar and screaming. This made them feel nervous, moreover, they didn’t know how many ambushes Ye Chuan laid down on this mountain.

“Your Highness, this is a trap! This brat Ye Chuan is clearly baiting us. We must order the entire army to retreat and withdraw from the mountain. We cannot hesitate!”

Extermination Taoist warned with a serious expression.

The means of Ye Chuan, he had expected them. The mountain was covered with dense forest, the sky was dark, the soldiers were scattered everywhere at this moment, moreover, a widespread chaos had occurred among the soldiers, this was fatal, a single carelessness could make the entire army fall apart.

Li Guang Han was in an awkward situation and his complexion was livid.

They had chased to this place with great difficulty and he knew that Ye Chuan was not far away in the front, so turning away and retreating at this moment, not only all his previous efforts would be wasted, he would also lose this golden opportunity. Continuing forward, not mentioning whether he could kill Ye Chuan in one fell swoop, the army behind might suffer even more powerful ambush and have heavy casualties. And once the army dispersed in defeat, it would be difficult to gather new army once again.

Using 200,000 soldiers to bet on a chance to kill Ye Chuan, was it worth it?

Li Guang Han hesitated as he encountered a difficult choice.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Worth it? Of course it is! He’s got nothing to lose except his life in which living is worse than dying.

    1. Still, he is afraid of dying. No matter how much living is worse than death, people still cling to their life.
      By the way, thank you for always commenting to support me. I greatly appreciate it.
      And thank you all other readers too for supporting me.

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