Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 318

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 318: You are still too inexperienced

Passing through the underground tunnel dug out by pangolins, Ye Chuan quickly slipped out of the camping site of Da Qin Dynasty army. Outside, Little Long’er was already waiting long ago, then one human and one dragon quickly left.

Returning to the hillock, Ye Chuan treated his injuries on the spot.

After he lifted his war robe, thickly dotted small red dots with blood oozing out on his back became visible. They appeared red dots from far away but upon taking a closer look, each one of them was hair sized blood hole. They had made a large area of his back feel numb.

Even Half Dragon State was unable to stop, if an ordinary person was in his place, then wouldn’t he/she have turned into a Swiss cheese?

Ye Chuan had a lingering fear in his heart. He took out a bottle of pills and handed over to Little Long’er, asking him to help smear it on his wounds.

After refining Half Dragon Physique, in addition, condensing seventh Heaven Swallowing Talisman, his strength had reached terrifying 126,000 jin. He could stand toe to toe against Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. Ye Chuan wasn’t at any disadvantage when he collided head-on with the latter’s Emperor Fist. But, encountering Extinction Taoist like expert with a big killing weapon, the matter was different. The superiority in physical strength didn’t show, and his Half Dragon Physique wasn’t able to withstand his attack. This clearly showed a large gap in cultivation realms.

“Your Excellency, the people of Da Qin Dynasty are chasing up.” Flame Devil hurriedly came out from the midst of thick forest and reported the circumstance to Ye Chuan.

Looking down standing at a high place, one could see flames soaring at the foot of the mountain. A large number of soldiers with a torch in their hand was entering the mountain. One team after another were chasing up with dense killing intent. Other than Extinction Taoist, no one knew how many other experts were hidden in the midst of this army.

“They have come at just the right time, transmit my orders, retreat and let them chase, let them rush deep into the mountain.”

Ye Chuan sneered. With the soldiers pressed on to the border, he didn’t fear enemy troops attacking in a large scale rather feared them moving steadily and act cautiously to push forward. Like that, the great disparity between the military strength of both sides would completely emerge. Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han just arrived at the foot of the mountain and began to attack on a large scale, attempting to annihilate Cloud Mist Sect in a spurt of energy. This gave Ye Chuan an opportunity to exploit. The path to enter the mountain was very complicated, many places simply didn’t have any path, so would it be so easy to attack Cloud Mist Sect from the front?

Ye Chuan stood up and using a secret law, he summoned Old Demon of Mount Yin and said, “Rhodes, I am leaving first, I leave this place to you.”

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, rest assured, I will carefully entertain our guests! So many lambs, if I was still at Five Fingered Buddhist Cave, then how could I have such a good opportunity? Kakaka……”

Rhodes laughed and he disappeared with a flash. And on the ground, all over the mountains and plains, soft shoots began to spring out, then they grew up into vines of different shapes and sizes and began swaying like snakes.

Chaotic Dance of Vine Demon!

The Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was extremely excited and he directly used his most powerful deadly innate skill.

As a vine demon known as Thousand Hands Demon, the place he liked the most was a boundless dense forest that stretched as far as eyes could see. When battling in that kind of places, his fighting capability doubles.

Li Guang Han had no less than 200,000 soldiers under his leadership. This number was already sufficient enough, but compared to the vines all over the mountains and plains, that number definitely paled into insignificance. Relying on these vines, Rhodes could accurately know the position and military strength of each group of Da Qin army. Then, he could concentrate to attack violently. Such was the situation when he was still in Daoist Master realm, once he breakthrough to Half-Sage realm, and even Sage realm, every vine that broke out from the ground would change into a true vine demon. At that time, this will become a true killing move!”

“Yi Yanzi, Na Gusi, you two are to stay behind to help Rhodes. Remember, if your attack fails, immediately retreat, don’t zealously continue fighting.”

Ye Chuan instructed and flew away riding on the back of Little Long’er.

Who was the commander of Da Qin troops? Now, he already knew and he had also experienced the power of the first-rate expert at the side of Li Guang Han. Now, he needed to treat his wounds and recharge his strength. He needed to wait for an opportunity or wait for Da Qin troops to show a fatal flaw.

Ye Chuan didn’t go far. He didn’t return straight to Cloud Mist Sect. He stopped at the peak of an unknown mountain and sat cross-legged on the spot in contemplation.

This was the highest peak in the neighborhood of the ancient Pingyuan town. Standing on the summit, one could clearly see the ancient town below and could also see the movement of Da Qin army. Little Long’er transform back into a human form and climb up a tall tree at the summit, firstly to help Ye Chuan by becoming his dharma protector and secondly to observe the circumstance below so that he could respond quickly if there is any chance in circumstance.

“General has ordered to enter the mountain and flatten Cloud Mist Sect.”

“Beheading a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, you will be rewarded 100 taels and capturing devil Ye Chuan, you will be rewarded 100 li fief.”


On the foot of the mountain, different levels of leaders shouted loudly and lead their teams into the mountain with a torch in their hand. From above, they look just like a dancing dragon in the middle of the night. As for Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han who called himself Iron Blooded General, he was already halfway up the hill with numerous experts of the imperial palace and his bodyguards clustering around him. Extinction Taoist holding horsetail whisk Jianxuehong was personally beside Li Guang Han to safeguard him. The alae of his nose frequently twitched and he regulated the advancing direction of the troop.

“Extinction Taoist, how far is that brat Ye Chuan?” Li Guang Han asked. His complexion was gloomy and he already couldn’t wait any longer.

Ye Chuan was heavily surrounded, moreover, was trapped in Extinction Restriction, but, such a good chance slipped off his hand. Thinking about this, he involuntarily found it difficult to bear. Now, since Ye Chuan had not fled far, moreover, he was seriously injured by the horsetail whisk of Extinction Taoist, if he couldn’t kill him tonight, then it would be hard to find such good opportunity later in future.

“I cannot say how far, but……, Your Highness, there are yao beasts in mountain and it is even more dangerous at night, how about waiting for the dawn to chase him?”

Extinction Taoist frowned. From the faint aura left by Ye Chuan, he could sense that Ye Chuan was not that far away in this mountain. But, yao beasts were running amuck in the mountain and it was dark at night at this moment, so he felt that searching and killing Ye Chuan at this moment was very dangerous beyond doubt.

Compared to Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, Extinction Taoist was a lot more cautious. In the battle at the campsite, he understood the strength of Ye Chuan. The cultivation base of the latter was not that high, but his physical body was so strong that he was actually able to withstand the attack of his horsetail whisk, moreover, not mentioning that his physical power was astonishing, he had a whole bag of tricks and killing moves emerged in an endless stream. This kind of person would always be the most difficult to deal with. At this time, going up the mountain to chase and kill him, a single carelessness would lead to meeting his counterattack in turn. If it was not the case for his cultivation base being not high, merely Rank 2 Daoist Master realm, Extinction Taoist wouldn’t have dared to chase after him.

“Wait unto the dawn? At that time, that brat would have already run to who knows where, how can we chase him?”

Li Guang Han gnashed his teeth. Since he was able to sit on the position of Da Qin Crown Prince, he also wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, he was intelligent and he knew that it was dangerous to climb up the mountain at this time. But, his hatred towards Ye Chuan prevailed over everything. As long as he could kill Ye Chuan, he wouldn’t mind paying a heavy price. Even the matter of annihilating Cloud Mist Sect was secondary!

“Yes, we have to chase now, taking advantage of this time when he is injured, we should chase and kill him!”

Adviser Taing Yixian also chimed in loudly. He didn’t let the opportunity to flatter slip.

It was dangerous in the mountain, he also knew this point, but since there was Extermination Taoist along with numerous experts of imperial palace guarding them, which blind yao beast would dare to block their way?

“Fine then, turn left and walk beside that cliff in the front.”

Extermination Taoist loudly pointed out the way but he secretly sighed in his heart.

If it was Da Qin King personally leading the troops, then he would have never done this. He would have acted cautiously building strongholds one by one, and only after arriving at Cloud Mist Sect, he would have attacked with full power. As ginger gets spicier as it gets older, compared to Da Qin King, Li Guang Han, this Da Qin Crown Prince was still too inexperienced. Extermination Taoist had the mind to suggest how Li Guang Han should handle this, but he swallowed all words before they got out of his mouth. Carefully weighing a person’s words and closely watching his expression, he knew that furious Li Guang Han would basically not listen to his suggestion to not enter the mountain at this moment, moreover, Li Guang Han also didn’t have the patience to slowly fight a long-drawn-out battle.

Extinction Taoist coldly glared at the middle-aged adviser Tang Yixian full of disdain. Such people who only knew how to play a scheming game and piss his pants on the battlefield, he hated such type of people the most. Now he was doing his utmost to flatter, but when they encounter danger, he would die without knowing how he died, truly not knowing the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth!

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