Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 314

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 314: Death is better than life

A cold wind blew over and the oil lamp on the desk swayed.

A pile of documents on the edge of the desk scattered on the ground due to the cold wind. Some of them were the reports of scouts, and some were the military orders from the royal court.

The middle-aged advisor Tang Yixian lowed his head and bend over to pick up the documents fell on the ground. And after piling up neatly, when he was about to rise, he suddenly shivered.

On the dark corner of the study, at an unknown time, a figure had silently appeared! The figure was tall and expressionless, moreover, his gaze was colder than the cold wind that had just blown.

After hesitating for a while, Ye Chuan was unable to miss this golden opportunity and suddenly appeared inside.

Whoosh! Invisible airwaves suddenly emanated.

The oil lamp on the table extinguished. The middle-aged advisor Tang Yixian swayed and stood unstably. The documents he had just picked up fell to the ground once again and were swept by those invisible airwaves. Countless papers rolled up and scattered everywhere.

Ye Chuan didn’t utter a word and without any nonsense, he directly rushed to Iron Blooded General with dense killing intent and ferociously punched out with cruel coldness.

The study wasn’t big so with one step, it could be traversed, becoming a hand to hand fight.

The Iron Blooded General who was sitting behind the desk suddenly looked up. Strangely, there was no surprise and fear, he just coldly stretched out his hands to block and similarly sent out a punch.

The two fists collided, and even fiercer airwaves broke out.

The desk forged from the solid wood disintegrated, and all the papers also fluttered and disintegrated in the air. As for the middle-aged advisor Tang Yixian, he was trembling and before he could clearly see who Ye Chuan was, he vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying by invisible airwaves. And after colliding against the wall, he fell down from the second floor.


Ye Chuan shouted and rushed again. He did his best to kill this Iron Blooded General quickly, but he was shocked in his heart.

Just a moment ago, circulating several Heaven Swallowing Talismans, even if his punch didn’t have more than 100,000 jin strength, it should at least have 90,000 jin strength, but this Iron Blooded General was actually able to block bare-handed moreover he was in a hurry, how high was his cultivation base?

Rumble! A loud sound resounded, the plank under the foot of Iron Blooded General suddenly cave in and a hole appeared, then falling down, he dodged the punch of Ye Chuan. Now, he was nowhere to be seen but his voice however resounded, “Hahaha, Ye Chuan, I have waited for you. I waited for you until the dead of night, and you brat really come, hahaha……”

The sounds of sword pulling out from sheathes resounded from all around.

In the middle of the night, many soldiers suddenly rushed out and flame soared everywhere, illuminating half of the sky red.

Ye Chuan flashed and appeared on the rooftop, then looking around, his hands and legs became ice-cold.

The Iron Blooded General was standing 100 meters away and a large group of experts clustered around him. Moreover, over 1000 soldiers were aiming their bows towards this small building from all direction. Further behind, groups after groups of guards were rushing over from all directions and even more from inside the tents. All of them were holding some kind of weapon. With the building he was standing as the center, the army of Da Qin Dynasty had made a layer upon layer of encirclement, and more and more torches were lit.

Fell into a trap!

This is a trap!

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk. He understood that he was careless, no wonder his heart was restless before, he had always felt that it was too easy to sneak in. As it turned out, this Iron Blooded General had prepared this trap using himself and that advisor Tang Yixian as baits to lure him in!

This fellow is truly amazing, worthy of being the commander of 200,000 strong army!

Ye Chuan quickly learned the greatness of Iron Blooded General and at the same time, the familiar feeling got even more intense. The voice of this fellow was hoarse and harsh, but he was sure that he had heard it somewhere before!

“What an Iron Blooded General, this Ye Chuan learned a lesson.”

Ye Chuan carefully sized up this Iron Blooded General who standing 100 meters away. He wanted to see through the helmet of the other party and see who he was. Unfortunately, even after sizing up for a while, he gained nothing. The familiar feeling got stronger and stronger, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen this fellow.

“Brat, since you know I am amazing, now, open your eyes and see who I am!”

The Iron Blooded General ferociously glared at Ye Chuan and reached out to remove his helmet.

Ye Chuan looked with a fixed gaze and his eyes shone when Iron Blooded General removed his helmet, unfortunately, Ye Chuan was disappointed. This treacherous and crafty Iron Blooded General unexpectedly was still wearing a mask underneath. Even after he took off his helmet, Ye Chuan was still unable to see his face!

“What, are you that anxious?”

The Iron Blooded General sneered and throwing away the helmet, he slowly reached out to remove the mask to show his face.

All around the building, exclamation resounded everywhere.

Ye Chuan didn’t utter a sound, the soldiers all around instead inhaled a mouthful of cold air at the same time.

What kind of face was this?

Not human not ghost, half was the face of human and the other half was cold steel. That appearance, it resembled as if his face was cut into two half while still alive, then the half was filled with iron.

Ye Chuan kept his mouth shut and his complexion suddenly changed. Only after observing for a while, a familiar name appeared in his brain, “Da Qin Crown Prince, Li Guang Han?”

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

Iron Blooded General roared with laughter, he was just like a lunatic who cannot be extrapolated by common sense. After a burst of laughter, his laughter suddenly ceased and his complexion became ice-cold as he said, “Brat, finally recognized me? That’s right, I am Li Guang Han, Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, hahaha……”

The heart was Ye Chuan sunk, and he instantly saw the light. He understood why Da Qin Dynasty didn’t even show the most basic form of appearance and directly dispatch the army to flatten Cloud Mist Sect.

The commander was not someone else, unexpectedly was Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. With this fellow who sought revenge just for an angry look, let alone flattening Cloud Mist Sect, if he could, then he would burn down the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range to vent off his hatred!

The battle in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, especially at the end in Demonic Dragon Hall, the competition was intense. At that time, Ye Chuan clearly learned the behavior of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. With this fellow as the commander, even if this entire army of 200,000 fell in Cloud Mist Mountain Range, he would still want to destroy Cloud Mist Sect at any cost! There was no spare room to maneuver between them.

“As it turned out to be Your Highness, no wonder the military operations were lead with extraordinary skill.”

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and calmly responded, “Merely, I don’t understand a matter, didn’t you already die in Demonic Dragon Hall under Demonic Dragon Wheel? How……”

“I died but am still alive! That strange air bubble sent me out of the paradise realm and I returned to the capital, merely, one half of my face was cut off by Demonic Dragon Wheel, now, I am neither human nor ghost, living the life that is worse than the death. Brat, everything is all thanks to you. Now, are you satisfied? My fucking life is worse than death, hahaha……”

Li Guang Han said while caressing his face and he cried while laughing. He had become a half awake half mad great devil. There was not even a bit of confidence and bearing of before. He had the appearance of mentally deranged, and let alone Ye Chuan, even the soldiers clustered around him were also scared and they subconsciously opened a small distance.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! No wonder there was no news. There’s no way they can announce to the rest of the world this is what their prince became.

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