Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 313

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 313: Kill or not

The invasion of Da Qin Dynasty’s army made everyone from the top to bottom of Cloud Mist Sect get nervous.

Ye Chuan personally took command and he dispatched a group of scouts to gather intelligence on the military force of Da Qin Dynasty. Then, in addition to Heaven Concealing Great Formation and Yao Beast War Formation, he activated even more magic formations and restrictions, laying down layer upon layer of checkpoints and traps on the path.

On the outskirts of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, the vanguard of Da Qin Dynasty that was advancing triumphantly finally stopped waiting for the vast and mighty troops of the rear. Just after two days, a large army rushed over to the outskirts of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. The mighty 200,000 strong army was stationed at a small town at the foot of the mountain called Pingyuan Town.

This was a very small town situated inside a rugged valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. There was only one path that led to the town, and houses were built on both sides of the street. Moreover, not even 100 meters away, there was a dense forest. With the wide expanse of interlinked woods, one could not see the end.

This small town was very small with just one or two thousand people living here, but this town had a very long history. It could be counted as one of the most ancient towns in this area. The ancestors of the majority of people had migrated to here from the southern border or other places. The people of this place, some made living by hunting, some specialized in trading the special medicinal herbs of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, and some rely on labor. They had a hard time getting with their life. And with the sudden influx of 200,000 soldiers, this ancient small town was so crowded that not even a one drop of water could trickle through.

That evening when the vast and mighty army was stationed in this small town, a group of uninvited guests arrived in the neighborhood forest.

Ye Chuan stood on a high hillock and coldly looked far away at military camp at the foot of the mountain. Behind him, there was Little Long’er, Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes and others.

Beyond the expectation of people, after the troops of Da Qin Dynasty pressed on to the border, Ye Chuan didn’t blindly defend to the death, he instead took the initiative to attack. He personally rushed over to the outskirts of Cloud Mist Mountain Range to observe the movement of the enemy troops. And this time, he didn’t bring many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, he just brought his powerful followers.

Perhaps, because they were in a rush, the place where military forces of Da Qin Dynasty camped for the night was too narrow. The tents were pitched too close to each other, and the soldiers were bustling about everywhere. As for the residents of this small town, either they were hiding inside their houses trembling without daring to come out or they had already fled to the mountain to hide hearing the news.

“Your Excellency, should we first give them a pleasant surprise by burning down their good military camp? Kakaka……” Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily as his eyes shone with faint green light.

200,000 strong troops, average people would be petrified with just a talk about it.  In the eyes of Old Demon of Mount Yin, they however were just 200,000 rations. Devouring the essence blood and vital yang of these 200,000 strong troops, it would be difficult to not break through to Half-Sage realm!

After devouring Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, this old evil spirit was genuinely convinced by Ye Chuan, as a result, he began to sincerely address Ye Chuan as Your Excellency.

“No, we can give them a small pleasant surprise, but it is too early to burn down this military camp, moreover, it is also not that easy. First, let’s go and see what kind of a person their commander is!” Ye Chuan clapped his hand as he instructed Flame Devil and others to bide for time. But behind them, several hundred pangolins drilled out and appeared in the forest, then under the cover of night, they rushed towards the small town at the foot of the mountain.

The enemy troop at the foot of the mountain was busy but not chaotic, clearly were well-trained. Moreover, there were also indistinct powerful auras coming from this military camp, this proves that the number of experts among these soldiers was not few. So, if they rushed over directly, then before they could find where the tent of the enemy commander was located, they might be hacked to death. Ye Chuan used his military force carefully, making full use of his strong points.

The main gate restriction and Heaven Concealing Great Formation of Cloud Mist Sect were the last defense lines. If they truly wanted to defeat the vast and mighty military force of Da Qin Dynasty, then they had to think of a way to deal with them on the mountain path. The innate skills of different yao beasts under him were the arsenal of Ye Chuan!

At nightfall, the bustling soldiers finally quieted down slowly.

After traveling such a long distance, spurring the horses to full speed, even their body forged with iron were fatigued. The soldiers lied inside the tent and fell asleep in succession. Of course, there were still a lot of soldiers on guarding duty. They walked around the military camp with a torch.

Before dawn, the soldiers on duty slowly became sparse. Some were still standing at their post with swords in their hand, but they were sleeping leaning on the walls, rocks or tree trunk. In the beginning, they just wanted to shut their eyes for a while, but before long, they truly fell asleep. Some of them were even snoring.

A cold wind blew over and rolled up fallen leaves, causing them to flutter in the streets and lanes.

A tall figure suddenly appeared in the dark alley. He was so quiet that he didn’t alert the attention of any guards. He stayed still for a while, and after a group of soldiers with a torch walked past the alley, he quietly walked out of the alley and with a flash, he was already ten meters away and with another flash, he disappeared into the dim light of night.

Ye Chuan put a good use to Cyan Feather Technique to sneak into this heavily guarded small town by himself.

Tonight, the main objectives were to look for the place where the commander of the enemy troops stayed, see what kind of personage was the person leading this invasion, and pry into the circumstances of the military forces of Da Qin Dynasty. As for the swift and fierce interception and counterattack, it was not too late to wait for the enemy to enter the mountain.

This hastily made military camp was dark, only a two-storey small wooden house was still lit with an oil lamp. Ye Chuan carefully sneaked over, and sure enough, there were many soldiers guarding outside this house. Inside the study of the second floor, a youth was sitting straight. He was tall and sturdy, and he wore a thick and heavy battle armor. Even his face was completely covered, just his eyes were revealed. In the dead of the night, he unexpectedly was still not resting, he was watching a big map of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Beside him, a middle-aged scholar with a yellow goatee who was more than 50 years old was standing, he seemed to be an adviser.

“Great General, it is already very late at night, you should rest first, taking care of your dragon body is more important.” This middle-aged scholar yawned and said. His eyes were already blurred feeling sleepy, but the youth sitting behind the desk didn’t have a trace of exhaustion.

“Tang Yixian, if you are tired, you can go to rest first, this Lord General still want to look at it for a while longer.”

The general sitting behind the desk appeared young in age, but his voice was hoarse and harsh. For an unknown reason, his voice vaguely gave Ye Chuan a familiar feeling, seemingly, he had heard it before. After pausing for a bit, this general continued, “I have obtained this opportunity with great difficulty, this is the heaven’s will, this Lord General will lead the army into Cloud Mist Mountain Range and flatten Cloud Mist Sect!”

The tone of this young general was calm, but his eyes shone with pallid light, and there was dense killing intent in his words as if he had a deep hatred towards Cloud Mist Sect!

Ye Chuan found this slightly strange as he couldn’t understand why this general had such a big hatred towards Cloud Mist Sect. But, one thing was confirmed, this youth before him was the commander of this enemy troops, so-called Iron Blooded General whose second nature was the massacre. If he killed him, 200,000 army will become a host of dragons without a head and their morale will plunge and they might even retreat before they enter Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

Kill, or not kill?

Ye Chuan who was hiding in the dark hesitated.

Originally, the main objective of tonight was just to gather the intelligence. He had not prepared to attack so quickly, but, there were only Iron Blooded General and his advisor in the study. The cultivation of this Iron Blooded General was not low, Ye Chuan could vaguely sense that he was a great expert of later stage Daoist Master realm, but the advisor beside him was not worth mentioning. Suddenly summoning Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, Golden Cicada and other yao beasts, Ye Chuan had a high chance of killing this Iron Blooded Genera. If he didn’t make a move now, then perhaps, he will not find such a good chance again!

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