Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 312

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 312: The enemy troops pressed on to the border

The cyan robed Seventh Elder disappeared but Ye Chuan still stood still.

“The sages have fallen, time and space rifts appeared, the world beyond the highest heaven……”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself. He had already guessed something but hearing the words of the cyan robed Seventh Elder, Meng Qi, he was shocked.

When he was trapped in God Burial Valley for millions of years, too many things had happened!

The historical trend basically was, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. When he concealed the heaven, Wilderness World was a monolithic bloc, all Sage experts didn’t dare to act willfully and wildly. But after he was trapped in God Burial valley, the Wilderness World became a host of dragons without a head, thus, it naturally broke up quickly and then killed each other. Moreover, at that time, the forces of the world beyond the highest heaven also appeared.

Could it be that those people who set up to trap him in God Burial Valley in those years were also instigated and manipulated by the forces of the world beyond the highest heaven in secret? And his true opponents, were they hiding behind the scenes?

Ye Chuan suddenly had this thought and his eyes flashed with pallid light.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what happened?” Little Long’er felt a little uneasy.

“Nothing, Little Long’er, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan calmed down and turning around, he left with Little Long’er.

Originally, he thought that he would show unrivaled techniques of his previous life step by step, declaring his, Ye Chuan’s return. But, as it now seemed he still needed to continue hiding and cultivate. His enemies were very likely to be far more powerful and not simple than his expectation. Before exceeding his previous life’s strength, go to look for the enemies of his previous life was just courting death. He needed to be low key and act cautiously. He fell prey to a plot in his previous life as he was too powerful and wind always harmed the outstanding tree in the forest, moreover, because he was on the spotlight, it was harder to guard against the hidden foes.

The huge snake that had always been guarding the underground grotto entrance had disappeared at an unknown time. Perhaps, it ran away after sensing the ancient restriction of the underground hall had broken, or, the cyan robed Seventh Elder Meng Qi drove it away.

Without this huge snake to pester and stop their path, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er quickly left. They were totally oblivious to the gradual astonishing transformation of the dragon lying in the underground hall. Its entire body dimmed and continuously changed in shape. Sometimes, it transformed into an unfamiliar man, sometimes, transformed into Nan Tiandu, then again reverted back to the huge dragon. It constantly changed, and in the end, the huge body shrunk more and more, unexpectedly transforming into a rare small yao beast. Its upper body resembled a rat and its lower body resembled a dragon. But the shape continued to change and its energy fluctuation also got strong for one moment and weak for another moment.

The fusion of spirits was far more dangerous and complicated than seizing a body. This was a passive process and the final result was unpredictable. Ye Chuan and the cyan robed Seventh Elder Meng Qi could do nothing but let nature take its course. Even after both people had left, the spirits of Nan Tiandu and evil dragon Meng Ao were still fusing slowly.

Returning to Heavenly Dragon Peak, Ye Chuan quickly issued an order to formally make the area of Evil Dragon Abyss a forbidden area. He strictly forbade disciples to walk near Evil Dragon Abyss. And after warning everybody, he entered seclusion cultivation again.

The words of cyan robed man Meng Qi made Ye Chuan roughly understand the great changes that occurred in Wilderness World after he was trapped in God Burial Valley, this gave him a heavy pressure. Now, after eliminating both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, Cloud Mist Sect had unified Cloud Mist Mountain Range, becoming the overlord of this place. Moreover, his cultivation had also advanced by leaps and bounds. He successfully condensed the seventh Heaven Swallowing Talismans making the strength of his punch have 126,000 jin strength, but if he wanted to truly dominate Wilderness World again, then this was still far from being sufficient.

Ye Chuan cut off all distracting thoughts and quickly immersed in cultivation, comprehending the true essence of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique. Unfortunately, after a little while, his cultivation was interrupted once again.

In the evening after three days, suddenly a hurried knocking sounds came from outside.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, senior apprentice brother Fatty is seeking audience, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……” The voice of Little Long’er came afterward.

“Come in.”

Ye Chuan slowly opened his eyes. He was somewhat confused. Where did senior apprentice brother Fatty come in the sect?

Under the lead of Little Long’er, Fatty Zhao Dazhi with sticking out stomach came in. It had only been a few days but he seemed to have gotten fatter. Others were too busy becoming thin and pallid, but he was getting fatter.

This fellow, from little fatty, now he had become senior apprentice brother fatty!

Ye Chuan couldn’t help laughing. When he had just reincarnated and returned to Cloud Mist Sect, he had grabbed this fatty and spanked him, that scene appeared in his mind.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, big bad news, Da Qin Dynasty came……, came……” Fatty looked pale and he was so nervous that he wasn’t able to complete his sentence.

“How many are there?” Ye Chuan interrupted fatty and directly asked.

“Many, at least……, at least 200,000 troops, without messenger, they……, they directly attacked!” Fatty wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and his legs went soft as he added, “According to the report from scouts, the soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty have already arrived in the periphery of Cloud Mist Mountain Range and all local forces that didn’t cooperate were destroyed. They directly massacred the inhabitants of the captured towns!”


Ye Chuan suddenly stood up and Little Long’er quickly stepped forward and spread out a huge map. It depicted the terrain within several hundred li of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, marking all towns and paths.

Ye Chuan was solemn as he carefully looked at the map in front of him.

Da Qin Dynasty trying to dip their fingers in cultivating sects, this was an open secret, so since they couldn’t hand over pills, Da Qin Dynasty was very likely to seize this opportunity to launch an attack on Cloud Mist Sect to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys. Ye Chuan had already expected this point. But, what was unexpected was, Da Qin King unexpectedly didn’t even put the outer appearance, he directly sent his army to attack. He didn’t send anyone to demand pills and also didn’t send anyone to declare the war, he directly dispatched his army to crush Cloud Mist Sect. Da Qin King truly was Da Qin King, he perfectly displayed the domineering and unreasonableness of the emperor of the secular world.

“Those captives of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect we sent down the mountain, weren’t they fostered?” Ye Chuan asked fatty without moving his eyes away from the map.

“Miss Jiajia fostered quite a few relatively remarkable fellows, and they also occupied many territories in the vicinity of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, establishing a buffer zone. But, when Da Qin Dynasty’s army arrived, they were either massacred in the battle or surrendered or holed up.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi answered with a worried frown.

200,000 soldiers of enemy troops were pressing on to the border, moreover, all of them were elites directly sent from the capital, they were more than sufficient to crush any cultivation sect other than Heavenly Yao Sect like giants. Although Cloud Mist Sect had made a lot of preparations and swallowed up both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, this time, could they contend against the army of Da Qin Dynasty?

“We don’t have much time, it’s too fast.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and sighed. Fostering forces in the vicinity of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, this was a clever move, merely, the time was too short. They didn’t have enough time to be deep-rooted so the army of Da Qin Dynasty easily uprooted them.

“Do you know who the commander of Da Qin Dynasty army is for this time?” Ye Chuan asked. But his eyes slowly sweep the map as he recalled every checkpoint of the mountains.

Fatty shook his head and said, “I don’t know the specific, but they say it is a young man known as the Iron Blooded General. He is not very old in age, but he is a superb military commander, moreover, the massacre has become his second nature. All along the path, he had already annihilated unknown numbers of forces that didn’t cooperate.”

“Iron Blooded General?”

Ye Chuan sneered. He would like to see what kind of skills did this so-called Iron Blooded General has and also see whose means were more ruthless!

In his previous life, he had dominated the entire Wilderness World but not those numerous nobles and other sages. He had risen to prominence by killing throughout his way, leaving behind mountains of corpses and sea of blood. If one should truly talk about the meaning of iron blooded, then perhaps, even Da Qin King who dominated hundreds of millions li land also wasn’t his opponent!

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