Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 311

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 311: The rebirth of Nan Tiandu

Buzz! An ear piercing sound resounded, and Ye Chuan pulled Little Long’er as they retreated two steps back. Then, Ye Chuan circulated Dragon Slaying Talisman which was condensed just a moment ago and he held the sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword. His complexion was stretched taut as he fixedly stared at the corpse of the evil dragon.

Even after the head was pierced through by a flying sword, it was still not dead, was it truly an undying evil dragon?

Ye Chuan got nervous. Now that the ancient restriction had already broken, if this over one thousand meters long evil dragon before his eyes truly came back to life, then he might not be able to run away!

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it’s me, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

The evil dragon opened its eyes with great difficulty and looked at Ye Chuan. Now, it was breathing, it had truly returned to life, but its expression was completely different from before. There was no ferociousness and cruelness, moreover, he couldn’t feel any killing intent, instead indistinctly felt a familiar feeling.

“Junior apprentice brother Tiandu, is that you?” Ye Chuan found this hard to believe but soon understood what was happening.

This wasn’t rebirth rather possession!

The human body of Nan Tiandu was gone, but because of the inheritance of Heaven Shaking Great Sage, his spirit was especially tenacious, he had always been resisting this evil dragon Meng Ao from getting completely devoured. After Dragon Slaying Flying Sword killed this evil dragon, this gave Nan Tiandu a very rare chance to reverse the situation and seize the body of this evil dragon! It was somewhat hard to believe, but as a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan had seen many similar matters and other strange sights in his previous life, so he immediately saw the light and put away Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

“It’s me, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it’s me!” The mouth of this evil dragon moved once again. His voice was weak but it was certainly Nan Tiandu without a doubt.

He was able to survive this time because, on one hand, Ye Chuan killed that terrifying evil dragon, on the other hand, the fate was on his side. With fate on one’s side, one could come back to life even after lying on the grave.

“Good, very good!”

Ye Chuan was excited. He walked over and prepared to help Nan Tiandu bind up his wound. But a cyan light flashed before his eyes and a figure appeared in front of him.

The cyan robed Seventh Elder who had always been unwilling to set foot inside this Evil Dragon Abyss suddenly arrived at this underground hall and stopped Ye Chuan. His eyes were blazing like torches as he stared at the evil dragon who made an unexpected recovery and instructed to Ye Chuan, “Youngster, stop, don’t touch him!”

“Mas……, Master……”

The newly born Nan Tiandu looked up and seeing the cyan robed Seventh Elder who had suddenly appeared in front of him, he looked somewhat at a loss but subconsciously called out ‘Master’.

Ye Chuan was shocked in his heart. What was going on here, how can Nan Tiandu address Seventh Elder as Master?

This wasn’t possession!

Could it be that this evil dragon was feigning death and pretending to be possessed by Nan Tiandu, wanting to escape?

The killing intent of Ye Chuan rose and circulating Dragon Slaying Talisman within his body, he prepared to use the Dragon Slaying Flying Sword once again. If this was truly the plot of this evil dragon, then he would thoroughly kill this evil dragon even if he might anger the cyan robed Seventh Elder!

“Master? Do you still remember me as Master? Good, good, good……”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder was excited, he suddenly turned to Ye Chuan and said, “Youngster, no need to be tense, the true evil dragon Meng Ao has already died.”

“Then this……” Ye Chuan was puzzled.

“This is not possession, is fusion.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder paused and added, “The evil dragon Meng Ao died in your hands, that is his well-deserved punishment. But, under a freak combination of factors, his spirit and the spirit of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple Nan Tiandu which he had swallowed fused together. Now, he is both my disciple Meng Ao and also your junior apprentice brother Nan Tiandu. The fusion of spirit is very mysterious and also very dangerous. These two kinds of completely different memories collided with each other, that is enough to make average people have their spirit disintegrate before the through fusion of spirits, so don’t touch him. Youngster, leave this place to me.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder explained in a very easy fashion in a few sentences. Now, he looked excited, he didn’t have that sadness of before, it was replaced by expectation.

This dragon rolling on the ground with greatly damaged vitality was not only the new life of Nan Tiandu, similarly, was also the new life of the evil dragon Meng Ao.

The cyan robed Seventh Elder was greatly disappointed by original disciple Meng Ao, so he bestowed Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to Ye Chuan and borrowed the hand of Ye Chuan to kill this evil dragon. But, after returning to life and fusing with the spirit of Nan Tiandu, Meng Ao would definitely lose a lot of memories, therefore, he would return to his original nature. This was something this cyan robed Seventh Elder wanted to see.

“Child, sleep, have a good sleep, when you wake up from your sleep, everything will be all right, sleep.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder suddenly used a jade ruler and used a technique, making this huge dragon lying on the ground to fall asleep. Then, he said, “Child, in all these last years, Master was wrong. Life is short, what’s the use of searching for the true immortality? All-powerful ancient great sages also fell similarly, and celestial beings also disappear in the long river of time. As a matter of fact, cultivation is also not everything in life, this time, Master will not force you to cultivate madly. I will no longer let you walk down the wrong path.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder muttered to himself and as if he was taking care of his own child, he emotionally looked at the asleep dragon on the ground. He seemed to be speaking these words to the huge dragon lying on the ground and also seemed to be speaking to Ye Chuan who was standing on one side. He paused for a bit and explained in a very easy fashion, “A very long time ago, Meng Ao was a very obedient and very sensible child. Under my strict supervision, he made a great effort in cultivation hoping to set foot on the pinnacle of cultivation someday. When he was young, he went out to temper himself and at that time, he met a girl. In order to avoid disturbing his cultivation, I separated them. Since then, Meng Ao didn’t speak often and just cultivated. And taking advantage of the time when I was not paying attention, he cultivated a demonic technique and fused with a dragon, becoming half yao half demon. After that, he cultivated further and further down the evil ways. Speaking about it, everything was my fault, I was not good enough!”

When speaking, he was remorseful and uneasy. The reason why his disciple Meng Ao walked down the evil ways was fundamentally his fault as a master. Precisely because of this, after sealing Meng Ao who had walked down the demonic path at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, he was unwilling to step foot in this abyss.

“Everything is according to fate. Seventh Elder, can this disciple ask you a question? Who are you and what relation do you have with my Cloud Mist Sect?” Ye Chuan asked. He was very curious about the identity of this cyan robed Seventh Elder.

When he and Ghost Hand Medicinal King had established Cloud Mist Sect, this place already had this abyss, but it was not called Evil Dragon Abyss. However, according to the retelling from the current disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, Evil Dragon Abyss had been in existence for a long time. This meant this master and disciple should have been here from a long time ago.

“A very long time ago, this was a world filled with Sages. The entire Wilderness World was under the control of an expert called Heaven Concealing Great Sage. Later, Heaven Concealing Great Sage fell and disappeared, and the entire world welcomed unprecedented chaos and turmoil. Heavenly sages fought, clans fought, everyone fought and blood flowed like rivers. Moreover, the world cracked open and many time and space rifts appeared. From those time and space rifts, many experts of the world beyond the highest heaven came. Then, the battle became even crueler and practically all the Sages of Wilderness World fell……”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder spoke in a low voice, then intentionally or unintentionally looking at Ye Chuan, he slowly said, “At that time, I was leisurely staying in this mountain. I basically didn’t know the brilliant and cruel world outside this mountain. Later, I met a woman on this mountain, she gave me a peerless technique and led me to the world beyond the highest heaven. After many years, I returned to Wilderness World, and I abided the promise to that woman to help her guard this world and wait for a person to appear.”

“Seventh Elder, who is that woman? Also, who are you waiting for?” Ye Chuan asked closely. His heartbeat quickened and figures of each and every woman of his past life appeared in his mind, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, Elegant Fox King, or……

“I don’t know. I stayed in the world beyond the highest heaven for a very long time, then discovered that I don’t know many matters. Some people even say that this place is just a microcosm, and the world beyond the highest heaven is the real Wilderness World, but I still don’t know where this is true or false.” The cyan robed Seventh Elder answered.

“Then how will you know who is the person you are waiting for?” Ye Chuan asked again.

“I don’t know, he/she will naturally appear when he/she should appear.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder raised the jade ruler and used a technique to seal the underground hall, then left and a voice came from far away, “Youngster, leave, don’t come back to disturb the hibernation of this dragon. After their spirits are thoroughly merged, he will awaken on his own. If there is something in the future, then you can come to the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss to look for me and shake that wind chime I gave to you. Remember, my name is Meng Qi, you can call me Old Meng or Seventh Elder.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder appeared as if he was unwilling to speak any more. He left behind these words before leaving.

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