Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 310

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 310: Dragon Slaying Talisman

After resting for a while at the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss, bandaging his wound and swallowing a medicinal pill to restore his strength, regardless of the dissuade of Zhu Sijia, Flame Devil and others, Ye Chuan once again jumped down the Evil Dragon Abyss with Little Long’er.

In the vicinity of the underground grotto, they two again encountered that ash gray huge snake.

Perhaps, this huge fellow received orders to guard the underground grotto entrance or perhaps, it was unwilling to leave this place after battling with Little Long’er, it was still at the underground grotto entrance. Moreover, seeing Little Long’er again, it ferociously rushed over.

Under the direction of Ye Chuan, Little Long’er no longer entangled with this huge snake. They just ran around the Evil Dragon Abyss, finally shaking off its chase. After that, one human and one dragon, they quickly rushed into the underpass and arrived at the huge underground hall. Behind, the huge snake quickly chased, but it was already too late. Perhaps, it had misgivings towards that evil dragon of the underground hall, the huge snake remained outside not daring to chase inside.

“Brat, you came again, moreover, brought this little reptile? Hahaha, you have come at just the right time, hahaha……”

Seeing the figures of Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, the evil dragon roared with laughter and suddenly rushed forward, then swung four rune chains, but just a few meters away of Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, those chains fell to the ground.

Ye Chuan had chosen a perfect distance. He wasn’t too far away from this evil dragon and also wasn’t within its attack range. Since he was already prepared for this, he didn’t even bat an eyelid, but Little Long’er was greatly shocked. Although he was also a dragon, moreover, a higher ranked dragon than this evil dragon, the ferocious attack of this more than 1000 meters long dragon frightened him. If the ancient restriction was not binding it, then he, just a newborn little demonic dragon, was far from being a match for this evil dragon. He feared he might not even be enough to fill the gap of its teeth.

“What a fine evil dragon, stop being so savage and hand over my junior apprentice-brother Nan Tiandu! Otherwise, I will destroy you today representing Cloud Mist Sect!”

Ye Chuan came prepared this time but he didn’t immediately attack. He carefully sized up this ferocious evil dragon while secretly using his spirit to sense the movement of Nan Tiandu. After sensing for a while, Ye Chuan was unable to sense the aura of Nan Tiandu as if in this short amount of time, Nan Tiandu had dissipated inside the stomach of this evil dragon, so he couldn’t help becoming anxious.

“Nan Tiandu? Hahaha, brat, are you talking about that kid I swallowed recently?”

Evil Dragon Meng Ao roared with laughter and its huge body restlessly swayed, making those tune chains clank. “Hahaha, that brat had some skill, he actually had inherited the inheritance of Heaven Shaking Great Sage. Although his body was gone, his spirit was still able to withstand destruction, but what about that? In the end, that is useless in front of this lordship! Refining his spirit, this lordship will become new Heaven Shaking Great Sage, then transform into the Dragon King of this Wilderness World, hahaha……”

Evil Dragon Meng Ao roared with laughter as he tried to struggle free. As for Ye Chuan, his limbs suddenly became ice-cold.

Nan Tiandu had already lost his physical body?

The heart of Ye Chuan sunk. And in the next moment, he pulled Little Long’er and retreated. Violent energy fluctuation erupted out from within his body as all Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body insanely rotated. His killing intent also rose sharply, then pulling out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword given to him by cyan robed Seventh Elder, he said, “Evil Dragon, you kill my junior apprentice brother, I will annihilate you to avenge my junior apprentice brother!”

Swish! Dragon Slaying Flying Sword changed into a red light as it flew out of his hand, then automatically locking onto the head of this Evil Dragon as if it had intelligent, it whistled through the air.

The laughter of the evil dragon ceased abruptly and shouted in panic, “Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, no, master, spare my life……, master, spare my life, no……”

Evil Dragon Meng Ao moved all around in that narrow space and did all it could to struggle free from the rune chains. Unfortunately, no matter where he moved to, it was impossible to shake off the sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, so it could only give a horrible scream.


The evil dragon screamed and just when the sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword stabbed its head, it violently struggled and its huge body twisted as scorching hot flames sprang out from its body. It rolled about and struggled in pain. This violent struggle shook the entire underground hall and the four huge pillars became dimmer. It appeared as if this ancient restriction was about to collapse, but the evil dragon was still unable to break free, was still trapped in the hall.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er moved far away. Seeing the violent struggle of this evil dragon, they were greatly shocked.

“No……, Master, don’t kill me, this disciple is wrong! Master, take back the Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, no……”

The evil dragon was rolling about while struggling on one side and on the other side, it was wailing mournfully. But, under its full strength struggle, the four rune chains broke inch by inch, finally, he was free. The ancient restriction completely collapsed. Unfortunately, at this moment, the evil dragon also had already exhausted its vitality and its voice slowly become smaller and smaller, dying in the end.

Buzz, at this moment, Dragon Slaying Flying Sword flew out from the head of this evil dragon and returned to the hand of Ye Chuan after penetrating through the head of this evil dragon. He could feel a strange feeling from this flying sword and the seal of cyan robed Seventh Elder left in this flying sword automatically disappeared. The might of this flying sword was astonishing, and after beheading an evil dragon, it became an ownerless treasure. And at the same time, Ye Chuan could hear a faint sighing voice. It was old and husky, that was the voice of cyan robed Seventh Elder.

Evil Dragon Abyss, Evil Dragon, Master……

The heart of Ye Chuan shook, the words of the evil dragon Meng Ao before his death resounded in his ears and he suddenly saw the light. He understood the relationship between this evil dragon and cyan robed Seventh Elder, and also understood why he was unwilling to take half a step into this Evil Dragon Abyss even though he had unfathomable cultivation base and didn’t need to fear the corrosion of blood mist.

“Many thanks, Seventh Elder, this disciple will receive this flying sword!”

Ye Chuan bowed towards the void then dripping a drop of blood on this Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he began to refine it on the spot.

Such a powerful killing weapon, it was impossible to suddenly become an ownerless treasure. Either cyan robed Seventh Elder was suddenly killed or he voluntarily gave up this treasure in order to avoid remembering this sadness seeing this weapon. According to the words the evil dragon Meng Ao said before his death, what happened was very clear.

After the essence blood of Ye Chuan fused with this flying sword, the extremely thin Dragon Slaying Flying Sword vibrated and changing into a red light, it entered into the body of Ye Chuan and disappeared. And at the same time, the slowly rotating cyclone within his dantian which was unable to condense into a talisman seethed and changed tens of thousands of times. Sometimes, it would change into a huge dragon and sometime, it would change into a flying sword. In the end, it slowly condensed into a flying sword shape talisman.

Dragon Slaying Talisman!

A new Heaven Swallowing Talisman, it finally took shape after a thousand calls!

This was the seventh Heaven Swallowing Talisman of Ye Chuan. One Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him 18,000 jin strength, so with seven Heaven Swallowing Talismans, he had 126,000 jin strength! Moreover, at the same time, Ye Chuan naturally broke through to Rank 2 Daoist Master realm too, but compared to this breakthrough, condensing the seventh talisman made him more excited!

With 126,000 jin strength, when confronting enemies, even without any killing weapon, who among the same realm can withstand his fist?

The fighting spirit of Ye Chuan rose and just when he was about to punch the corpse of this evil dragon to test his newfound strength after condensing seventh Heaven Swallowing Talisman, his eyelids suddenly jumped up.

The evil dragon lying on the ground without any living aura unexpectedly moved as if it was about to awaken.

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