Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 31

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 31: Paradise Realm

Ye Chuan carefully searched the foot of the mountain, and after an hour, even when the first glimmer of dawn began, he didn’t find any trace of adviser He Taixu, however he coincidently met Fatty Zhao Dazhi.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, why are you here so early in the morning?” Fatty Zhao Dazhi asked with unexpected written all over his face.

“I came down the mountain to get rid of mosquito, how about you?”

Ye Chuan sized up fatty who rarely wake up early in the morning, and smiled evilly, “Just coming up the mountain early in the morning, fatty, which little junior apprentice-sister you took a fancy upon, and took her to which corner last night to hit foggy water?” [T.L: to hit foggy water: I translated this literally: meaning those who go out to make love at night (something like this)]

“I did not, how can I have that kind of good fortune? Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I’m here to look for you, last night……” Fatty mumbled, then stealthy looking all around, he whispered beside the ear of Ye Chuan, “Big Senior-Apprentice Brother, haven’t you heard about Paradise Realm?”

“No, I haven’t, what’s the matter?” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“Last night, just after the forces of Black Cauldron Sect left, some words spread around inside the sect.”

Looking at the face of Ye Chuan, Fatty Zhao Dazhi paused for a bit, then continued whispering, “It is rumored that Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you……, when you went out to pick medicinal herb before, you accidentally entered a legendary Paradise Realm, and there you obtained an inheritance of ancient Daoist Immortal as well as many hidden treasures. Precisely because of this, you suddenly got enlightened and your cultivation also advanced greatly. Furthermore whoever obtains those hidden treasures from you, they would be able to reach the sky in a single bound. As soon as this news came out, it immediately spread throughout the entire sect.”

“Paradise, hidden treasures?”

Ye Chuan pricked his brows, suddenly understanding everything in his heart.

Now, he finally knew why so many uninvited guests turned up without being invited yesterday. As it turned out, they were not the so-called killers, rather were nobodies that came to seize nonexistence hidden treasures. No wonder their cultivation was not up to much.


First bewitch ordinary disciples to come and disturb my quiet cultivation, then when I lower my guard after I got accustomed to it, secretly sent an expert to assassinate me. This way they can frame ordinary disciple to handle this case. Truly a venomous scheme!

Ye Chuan’s thoughts as if electricity, suddenly shocked him. Now he became aware that a murderous intentions were hidden behind this rumor.

“He……Tai……xu!” Ye Chuan said word by word, and his eyes flashed with cold light. At this moment, he found that He Taixu, this advisor was far more vile compared to Jin Hua, that silkpants!

He believed that after Jin Hua died, He Taixu, this advisor beside him would disappear on his own initiative. But unexpectedly, this fellow not only didn’t repent, instead further intensified.

“He Taixu? I was thinking how such rumor could spread widely throughout the sect overnight, as it turned out, that old fellow was playing tricks behind the scene.” A hint was all that was needed for Fatty Zhao Dazhi to understand what was going on. This person looks somewhat bloated, but his mind was extremely sharp. After that looking at Ye Chuan with worried countenance, he added, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, as far as I know, there are many disciples within sect who are secretly tempted, even to the extent that some of the Xiushi realm disciples are ready to make trouble. To the best of my knowledge, the disciples of Alchemy Hall are most tempted. Moreover it is rumored that someone had secretly made a promise of high reward that if someone was able to obtain even a clue of Paradise Realm from your body, then he would be immediately rewarded with earth grade cultivation technique. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you must be careful this time, if you can then it’d be better to move and stay together with Second Elder.”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was deeply worried and sick at heart. Now in Cloud Mist Sect, a rumor was continuously circulating all over. In the vast Cloud Mist Mountain Range, there was a cave-dwelling left behind by ancient time’s hidden Daoist Immortal. And whoever enters this cave-dwelling, they would obtain the inheritance of this ancient Daoist Immortal’s legacy.

This kind of legend, no one knows how many such legends had circulated generation after generation in Cloud Mist Sect, so when adviser He Taixu secretly spread this rumor, lots of people were half believing, half doubting. But thinking about what Big Senior Apprentice-Brother used to be and his current appearance, they couldn’t help but believe.

When confronting menacing Tuoba Xiong and insidious silkpants Jin Hua, Ye Chuan valiantly fought the battle of wits, and conversely foiled their scheme resolutely. This exceptionally excellent performance made people admire him, and also won the deep respect of people, but also left a hidden trouble. Although Ye Chuan had already explained publicly that he had accidentally eaten a mystical fruit, and then his cultivation advanced greatly, but apparently, people believed in the rumor spread by He Taixu, rather than believing his explanation.

“Okay, I’ll be careful, fatty, thanks a lot.”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand towards his own body and took out a bluish-green pill, then handed it over to Fatty Zhao Dazhi, “I didn’t prepare anything good as I came out hurriedly this time, so take this Marrow Cleansing Pill.”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, this……, isn’t this the same Marrow Cleansing Pill that was given to you by Jiajia under the instruction of Great Elder? This won’t do, I can’t accept it.” Fatty cried out in alarm and shook his head exerting all his strength.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was good at refining pills, but as for the real good things, even the inner disciple of sect wouldn’t get them even if they wanted. This Marrow Cleansing Pill could build foundation, cleanse tendons and subjugate marrow, was a rare black grade pill. In the mundane world, this pill would cost at least 820 silvers. So this kind of generous gift, Fatty didn’t dare to accept easily.

“Take it, this kind of pill is already useless for I, Bing Senior Apprentice-Brother, so keeping it with me is only a waste.” Ye Chuan placed this pill in the hand of fatty Zhao Dazhi and turned away.

“Thanks a lot, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Smelling the faint scent of Marrow Cleansing Pill, fatty Zhao Dazhi became wild with joy, then happily turned around and left. He couldn’t wait to enter seclusion training to refine this pill.

After refining such a first-class Marrow Cleansing Pill, his cultivation would definitely advance greatly, even to the extent that he was hopeful to surmount the bottleneck and break through to Xiushi realm, becoming an elite inner disciple!

Ye Chuan speed back to the Purple Cloud courtyard. But he didn’t cultivate in seclusion like usual, just carried the boom nicknamed God Beating Whip, and strode down the mountain.

Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir, when it was time to raise the hand, he should raise hand!

After understanding all of these were He Taixu, that fellow’s sinister plot, Ye Chuan naturally wouldn’t sit still waiting for death. Otherwise, after driving out one wave of uninvited guests another wave would come, like this, afterwards, not only he wouldn’t be able to cultivate, he would also needs to be on guard against expert’s invasion all day long. Even if large swarm of mutated flies under the command of Golden Cicada King stopped uninvited guests outside the door, but he cannot reckon with all eventualities.

Mountain peaks stood in great numbers in Cloud Mist Sect, and most of a bit stronger experts have their own mountain peak to cultivate. Each halls were also built on different mountain peaks with dense spiritual qi.

Right now Ye Chuan holding God Beating Whip directly came to Cyan Wings Peak where Alchemy Hall was located.

Rumor was originated from Alchemy Hall’s He Taixu, and the disciples of Alchemy Hall were also the most convinced and most interested, so if he wanted to answer this disturbance, he naturally had to start with Alchemy Hall.

Early in the morning, several ordinary disciples were sweeping the front courtyard of Alchemy Hall, and there stood a group of guard in front of the door. The leader of this guard group instantly recognize Ye Chuan, and he stepped forward to block his way, “Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother? Why did you come here?”

In the past, Ye Chuan rarely come down the mountain, and throughout the year, he would cultivate in seclusion in Purple Cloud Peak, but now suddenly seeing him here so early in the morning, people were very surprised.

“Five days of time have reached, looking for someone to exchange pointers.” Ye Chuan answered.

Today, time to challenge had arrived again, and someone just happens to come to his door.


The leader exclaimed. Ye Chuan coming down early in the morning was already something that was rarely seen, but taking the initiative to come and challenge, this was unprecedented. “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you……, who do you want to challenge?”

“You, let’s start with you!”

Ye Chuan smiled evilly, and not waiting for this leader to respond, he swung the broom after circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman on it.

Although the cultivation of this guard leader was decent, had already reached Rank 6 Wuzhe, but he was basically unable to resist the broom of Ye Chuan which was as heavy as if Mount Tai, and was directly swatted to ground. Seeing their leader had instantly turned bloody, the guards and disciples present there gasped, and everyone had their scalp feel numb, and they didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Hereafter remember, when Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I what to go wherever, and want to look for whoever, don’t get in the way.”

Ye Chuan clapped his hand, then entered into the Alchemy Hall with God Beating Whip in his hand.

Behind, seeing the back view of Ye Chuan, guards as if awakening from a dream hastily went to inform.

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