Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 309

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 309: Dragon Slaying Flying Sword

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, save me, Big……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……” The voice of Nan Tiandu came again.

The voice was weak and was not continuous. Clearly, he was very weak and was at the end of his life.

Suddenly, a difficult choice was placed in front of Ye Chuan.

Finally, he found the whereabouts of Nan Tiandu, moreover, knew that he had not died. This was a good news. But the bad news was, how to save him?

Just rushing up like this, he wouldn’t be able to save Nan Tiandu and even he himself might be eaten by this evil dragon. But turning around like this, wouldn’t that be not trying to save Nan Tiandu who was in mortal trouble and let him die in the body of this evil dragon Meng Ao.

Ye Chuan was in a dilemma. He looked at the circumstance of all around and suddenly flew forward.

Roar, the evil dragon Meng Ao roared loudly and rushed up opening his mouth.

Ye Chuan flashed and change direction at a high speed. He suddenly turned to left direction dodging the attack of this evil dragon. Shortly afterward, he made a turn again as he rushed towards this evil dragon from the flank, hoping to climb on the back of this evil dragon.

From the front, this evil dragon was too ferocious, he couldn’t even touch it, so Ye Chuan could only find a way to outflank it and getting close to it, climb its back, then think of a way to save Nan Tiandu. Although this evil dragon was powerful, its four limbs were bound by rune chains and due to the binding of this ancient restriction, its strength as greatly reduced. Thus, this was the only place Ye Chuan could use.

The ear deafening roar resounded again, the evil dragon turned around at an unimaginable speed, once again facing Ye Chuan. In an instant, as if casting oneself into the nest, Ye Chuan whose speed was very high rushed towards that evil dragon’s mouth full of sharp teeth as ferocious evil dragon opened its mouth wide wanting to swallow Ye Chuan. Now, the slightest bit of error and Ye Chuan would end up meeting Nan Tiandu in the stomach of this evil dragon.

A few meters long whip lashed out. It streak across the sky along with a piercing sound.

At this moment, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped and retreat, moreover, at the same time, he ferociously swung the Dragon Binding Chain in his hand.

Roar! The evil dragon issued a furious roar and moved sideways to dodge the long whip, seemingly, it was rather afraid of Dragon Binging Chain in the hand of Ye Chuan.

“Eh, as it turned out this fellow is afraid of this whip.”

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, and he rushed forward again as he swung Dragon Binding Chain. Ye Chuan didn’t strive to kill this evil dragon, he only hoped to ride its back and think of a way to save Nan Tiandu. But, although evil dragon didn’t dare to meet head-on with this Dragon Binding Chain and the hit made smoke rise from its body, its movement was still very agile. No matter from which angle Ye Chaun rush forward, let alone riding its back, he was basically unable to approach it. This evil dragon pressed forward violently and even opened its mouth and sprayed a scorching hot firewall, nearly burning Ye Chuan into coke several times.

The tingling feeling on his skin was getting stronger and stronger. A layer of protection he placed around his body using Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body was suffering from the corrosion of blood mist. He had limited time and it was now impossible for him to continue delaying the tie with this evil dragon. So, Ye Chuan reluctantly looked at this ferocious evil dragon, then turned away. After rushing out of underground grotto, he held his head high and utter a long, loud cry, then Little Long’er who was still fighting with that huge snake flew over. Then, one human and one dragon, flew away, leaving this place quickly. Not long after, they came out from this thick blood mist.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother.”

“Look, it’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother.”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were gathered in the vicinity of Evil Dragon Abyss excitedly cheered. Zhu Sijia, Flame Devil and others rushed over, followed by many ordinary outer disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

The rear mountain’s Evil Dragon Abyss had always been a forbidden area of Cloud Mist Sect. It was the place where the convict awaiting execution of Cloud Mist Sect were banished. Ever since the ancient time, no one had ever returned from inside Evil Dragon Abyss, so hearing Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan had jumped down Evil Dragon Abyss, everyone was worried and they hurriedly rushed over but they didn’t know what should they do. And after anxiously waiting for a long time, seeing Ye Chuan rush out of this Evil Dragon Abyss, everyone couldn’t help cheering loudly.

“Brat, don’t you fear for your life? You actually jumped down this Evil Dragon Abyss.” Zhu Sijia received him panting with rage but her eyes were bright red.

Just a moment ago, if it wasn’t for Flame Devil and others desperately holding her back, she would have risked her life and jump down Evil Dragon Abyss to look for Ye Chuan.

“Jiajia, let fellow disciples return first, at once.”

Ye Chuan couldn’t attend to flirt with Zhu Sijia like before, he immediately instructed her. Although the disciples were cheering loudly, he was tense and looked displeased. Although he was able to escape unscathed from Evil Dragon Abyss, junior apprentice brother Nan Tiandu was still inside the stomach of that evil dragon. In addition, the ancient restriction might break at any time. Once it collapsed, that evil dragon would rush out, then unprecedented catastrophe would befall on Cloud Mist Sect. It would be much more terrifying than the attack of Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect.


Zhu Sijia nodded her head. She wanted to ask thousands of question to Ye Chuan in her heart, but she knew something of great importance had happened, looking at the expression of Ye Chuan, so she immediately turned around to arrange. Soon, all the disciples returned in succession. Each and every one was them were in high spirits, not knowing the critical situation at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss.

“Youngster, come over, I am here.” An old voice resounded in the ears of Ye Chuan.

After hearing this voice, Ye Chuan turned around and rushed over to a remote place to find cyan robed Seventh Elder sitting cross-legged on a boulder. The old man didn’t seem to like bustling, when numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect rushed over hearing the news, he quietly went to this remote place. “Youngster, how was it, did you find the ancient restriction at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss?”

“I found it, merely, the circumstance is anything but reassuring.” Ye Chuan quickly spoke straight to the point and he quickly explained everything he saw including the matter of Nan Tiandu. He wanted to know whether this cyan robed Seventh Elder had a way to save him.

If he had the strength of his former life, then Ye Chuan had ways to save Nan Tiandu, but now, with only trifling Rank 1 Daoist Master realm cultivation, he truly had no way to save him. He couldn’t beat that evil dragon and even couldn’t approach it. Zhu Sijia, Flame Devil and others could help in this situation, so he could only place his hope on this cyan robed Seventh Elder with unfathomable cultivation base.

“That evil creature, so many years has passed but he still doesn’t know how to repent.”

Cyan robed Seventh Elder was furious and a powerful killing intent suddenly burst out from his body. But in the next moment, that killing intent disappeared completely. He sighed deeply and become dejected, seemingly, he aged 10 years in this instant. It seemed he had recalled a heartbreaking affair.

“Seventh Elder, what happened? My junior apprentice brother Tiandu……” Ye Chuan was puzzled and was somewhat perturbed. He didn’t know why the attitude of this Seventh Elder had such a big change.

Cyan robed Seventh Elder didn’t speak and after a long time, he opened his mouth and spat out a blood-red flaying sword. It was only three inches long and was extremely thin even thinner than a sheet of a paper. He blew his vitality on it and ancient runes appeared above it. He looked at these glimmering runes and sighed again, then said faintly, “Youngster, this is Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, it has accompanied me for millions of years, gradually gaining spirituality. Take this and kill that evil dragon.”

In the flying sword, he added his own cultivation and then giving it to Ye Chuan, the cyan robed Seventh Elder flew away, leaving behind another sigh.

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