Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 308

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 308: Evil Dragon Shackles

With two against one, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er displayed all kinds of techniques, but they were still not the opponents of this terrifying huge snake.

The robe of Ye Chuan was now riddled with holes which were corroded by the snake venom of this huge snake. Moreover, quite a few places of his body also was badly mangled. The poison of this snake was unexpectedly even more powerful than the poisonous mist of two sides of Demonic Dragon Path. Touching just a bit of it would wound him.

Relying on his doughty demonic dragon body, the situation of Little Long’er was much better compared to Ye Chuan, so their roles slowly changed. Instead of Ye Chuan, Little Long’er pinned down this huge snake. One dragon and one snake spared no effort locked in a fierce battle. Demonic Dragon Clan was the clan that got stronger the more they fought. In the world beyond the highest heaven, they were the famous fighting race. Little Long’er was young, but under the pressure of this huge snake, he gradually displayed the traits of Demonic Dragon Clan. In the end, Ye Chuan just stopped and stood at one side watching Little Long’er fight.

The blood mist spread all over the air still continued to rise and fall as if the sea tide. But at an unknown time, this blood mist had gotten even denser, the field of vision got even smaller and pressure became stronger. Ye Chuan who was standing still felt tingling pain which was getting stronger and stronger as if countless invisible needles were piercing his skin. Moreover, the wounds on his body not only didn’t stop bleeding and heal, they become more and more serious.

The poisonous mist at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss was more powerful than he had imagined. Like this, he couldn’t last long.

Ye Chuan looked at Little Long’er and that huge snaking fighting without sparing any effort. Then, suddenly putting away Blood Spirit Fungus, he used Dragon Binding Chain given to him by cyan robed Seventh Elder, and swiftly entered the underground grotto where this huge snake was lurking.

After walking back and forth at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, Ye Chuan didn’t see any abnormality. If there was truly any ancient restriction, then that should be underground inside this grotto.

Recalling the instruction of cyan robed Seventh Elder in his heart, Ye Chuan mustered his courage and rushed into the dark underground grotto. The ferocious huge snake hissed and rushed over wanting to stop Ye Chuan, seemingly guarding the underground grotto, but due to the obstruction of Little Long’er, it was too late to stop and could only helplessly look at Ye Chuan disappearing into the underground grotto.

The wind whistled beside his ears as he directly fell downward.

As soon as he rushed into the dark underground grotto, Ye Chuan could again hear those strange noises he heard above Evil Dragon Abyss. Furious roars, sad and shrill screams and the sound similar to chains dragging on the ground, all of them fell into the ears of Ye Chuan one after another. At the same time, a burst of stinking odor directly assailed his nostrils, inhaling even a bit of it made his chest stuffy and also felt so nauseating that he wanted to vomit. Moreover, another strong pressured gushed out. In the beginning, it was Ye Chuan who had taken the initiative to jump down, but very soon, he felt that an invisible power was pulling him down and his speed was getting faster and faster.

Below the underground grotto, there was the true forbidden area.

The complexion of Ye Chuan was tense. He had entered so many ominous domains, but this was the first time he had become so tense because he knew nothing about the world below and he also didn’t even grasp anything.

Above, there was vast poisonous blood mist, and Little Long’er was entangled in a battle with that huge snake. What was going to happen was unfathomable. As for Flame Devil and others who had rushed over after hearing the news, they couldn’t help in any way. So he just hoped that cyan robed Seventh Elder completely understood the situation and he hadn’t sent him to court death just to examine the change of this ancient restriction.

Ye Chuan’s heart was perturbed. He quietly calculated the height of the drop. After a while, after falling at least 1000 meters vertically down, his legs landed on the ground.

In the front, there was a faint red light. The walls had a ruby inlaid in every 10 meters which dimly illuminated the road ahead. Ye Chuan took a step and creaking sounds came from underfoot. He looked down and saw the ground was covered with a layer of dead bones. There were skeletons of humans and also the skeletons of various kinds of yao beasts. He didn’t know how many living things died here. Despite being a person who had many stormy experiences, Ye Chuan couldn’t help feeling chill in his heart, and sweats began to appear on his forehead.

Roar! An ear deafening roar came along with chains dragging sounds. In this place, those strange sounds were even clearer.

Ye Chuan mustered his courage and walked forward. Stepping on dead bones, he walked for about a kilometers, then a scalp tingling scene appeared in front of him.

At the end of this underground grotto, there was an even bigger grotto, or to say, it was a huge underground hall. On four sides of this hall, there were towering four huge pillars, and rune chains which were as thick as a thigh were tied to them. The other end of these chains bound a huge fiery red dragon. And all those ear deafening roars were coming from the mouth of this dragon.

That huge snake who was fighting with Little Long’er outside was already huge enough, but compared to this dragon, it was only a small crawler, nothing more.

Evil Dragon!

This is an Evil Dragon! Below Evil Dragon Abyss, an evil dragon that was guilty of monstrous crimes was truly suppressed. An ancient legend that was passed down in Cloud Mist Sect from generation to generation was truly not wrong.

The hands and legs of Ye Chuan became cold and he suddenly stopped his steps and didn’t dare to take even a step ahead.

The cultivation of this dragon in front of him that was bound by rune chains was unfathomable. Even White Haired Empress of Heavenly Yao Sect was not necessarily its opponent. Its cultivation was at least peak Half-Sage realm or even equivalent to human’s Sage realm expert. Such an Evil Dragon, even if he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage of his previous life, he should be careful in dealing with it, as for the current trifling Rank 1 Daoist Master realm cultivation base, he would just be swatted to death by it.

“Petty and low human, welcome to my, Meng Ao’s territory, now offer your soul and flesh to me, hahaha……”

This fiery red evil dragon spat out human language and did his all to rush forward. Its eyes were bright red as if it wanted to swallow Ye Chuan. Every time, he tried to rush forward, the chains on his body would make sounds, and the four huge pillars and ground would sway making people feel anxious that this ferocious evil dragon might break free.

The pressure became even stronger, making it hard to breathe.

Ye Chuan retreated a few steps and forcibly calmed himself down, then he sized up this underground hall. A red light was circulating in those four huge pillars, clearly were combined together to form some kind of restriction. And along with the struggle of this evil dragon, this red light would weaken with every swaying. Now this red light was just like a weak flame that could go out at any time. It seemed the circumstance was more serious than the cyan robed Seventh Elder had expected. It seemed this evil dragon that was suppressed for unknown numbers of years could break out of this restriction at any time, regaining its freedom. At that time, Cloud Mist Sect would be the first one to suffer the disaster.

Ye Chuan retreated as he had already completed the task of cyan robed Seventh Elder. He was unwilling to stay here any longer. If he stayed here for a time, then the danger would increase sharply, who knows that this evil dragon that called itself Meng Ao would struggle free from the binding of this restriction at this moment and rush over.

“Save me, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, save me, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

A weak call for help suddenly resounded and that voice was somewhat familiar.

“Nan Tiandu.”

Ye Chuan exclaimed, quickly recognizing the voice of Nan Tiandu and was overjoyed. But at the next moment, his scalp tingled and his limbs became ice-cold. The voice of Nan Tiandu was unexpectedly coming from the dragon body of this evil dragon.

This is an illusion, is the way of this evil dragon wanting to confuse him. Or Nan Tiandu really didn’t die and after jumping down Evil Dragon Abyss, this evil dragon swallowed him.

Ye Chuan was startled and cold sweat drenched his body, then he used his spirit to sense carefully. This confirmed that it was not an illusion. It was absolutely the truth that the voice of Nan Tiandu was coming from the body of this evil dragon.

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