Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 306

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 306: Dragon Binding Chain

“This……” Ye Chuan didn’t have a reply.

In Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, after refining Half-Dragon Physique, he had set his mind to explore Evil Dragon Abyss once again, wanting to see the person if alive and see corpse if dead. He must find the whereabouts of junior apprentice brother Nan Tiandu. But, with the shadow of the last time exploration, his heart still had some misgivings.

The blood mist at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss was not as terrifying as the poisonous mist of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, but it was also not an ordinary hypertoxic. The slightest bit of carelessness and he would not be able to come out. Last time, if it was not for the help of cyan robed Seventh Elder, he might have already changed into dead bones at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss. In addition, now when the blood mist rose like sea tide, a strange sound came from the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, this perturbed his heart. He didn’t know what kind of heaven-defying evil spirit was lurking below, so he had to be prudent.

Along with misgivings, Ye Chuan was also somewhat confused. Cyan robed Seventh Elder’s cultivation was so high and he was much more familiar with the situation of the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss than him, moreover, he also understood the change of restriction, but why doesn’t he go in to examine personally?

Ye Chuan didn’t feel any hostility from this cyan robed Seventh Elder, but it was impossible to get rid of some misgivings in his heart.

“It is very dangerous at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, but, youngster, I see that your physical body has strengthened a lot now. You can persist in the blood mist for a good while, giving you enough time to examine the restriction. In addition, I will give you a thing, this Dragon Binding Chain. Just in case, you run into some evil spirits, this Dragon Binding Chain can save your life. Also, don’t forget to take along that wind chime I had given you before. Shake it in the times of emergency and I will know.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder took out a long whip from his storage ring and gave it to Ye Chuan, then sat down cross-legged beside Evil Dragon Abyss. He was very calm as if he knew that Ye Chuan wouldn’t reject him. And for an unknown reason, a hint of sadness seemed to flash through his eyes.

After taking a long whip given to him by the cyan robed Seventh Elder, the Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body immediately jumped and become boiling hot.

This whip appeared not up to much, but holding it, a warm current continuously seeped into his body, jolting the spirit as if it had infinite power. With this whip in hand, he felt as if even a powerful army might not be able to stop him.

Good treasure.

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone and he dripped a drop of blood to refine it on the spot without any politeness. A feeling as if a blood dissolving in water quickly came from this whip, and swinging it, a whistling sound came. Moreover, with this one lash, a huge stone beside Evil Dragon Abyss was instantly smashed into pieces.

Lashing, rolling, sweeping……, Ye Chuan swung this whip in different movements and this seven meters long whip made whistling sounds.

In this Wilderness World, there were not many people that used a long whip, this kind of weapon, but as a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan was experienced and knowledgeable. In his hand, any kind of unconventional weapons would show its ferociousness. Very quickly, Ye Chuan realized the amazing aspect of this whip. No need to mention that its power was amazing, it furthermore emitted a vague aura of innate suppression, as long as it wrapped around the enemy, it would instantly disrupt the energy fluctuation within their body or even seal the energy of the other party.

Dragon Binging Chain.

Having the experience of previous life, ordinary treasures would not even enter his eyes. The treasures that ordinary people can only encounter but not sought were perhaps just dung and dirt for him, inferior to his own fists. But, as for this Dragon Binding Chain in his hand, the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

The treasures from this cyan robed man were all extraordinary treasures.

“What do you think? Youngster, did you consider clearly?” The cyan robed Seventh Elder asked. Seeing the smile of Ye Chuan, he deeply concealed that hint of sadness in his eyes. He was calm and quiet as if he was secluded from the real world untainted by this world’s dust.

“Seventh Elder, since I have already refined this whip, how can I refuse?”

Ye Chuan laughed and he suddenly uttered a long, loud cry holding his head high.

Roar, a low and deep powerful dragon roar resounded and Little Long’er flew over in his dragon form.

Before exploring Evil Dragon Abyss once again, Ye Chuan called Little Long’er, planning to cooperate. The cultivation base of Little Long’er was not necessarily high, but his innate physique was exceptionally strong and he didn’t need to fear the corrosion of blood mist. With him around, when he encountered any dangered, the possibility of escaping unscathed would be higher.

Ye Chuan was not afraid of dangers and he also dared to take risks, but before taking risks, every time he would be fully prepared for the worst, he wouldn’t persist in acting blindly.

“Eh, a demonic dragon.”

Seeing the figure of Little Long’er, calm cyan robed Seventh Elder suddenly exclaimed as he sized up Little Long’er in dragon form. His clear eyes which weren’t muddled by this world suddenly showed brilliance as if he could see through all the secrets of this world.

“Who are you?”

Little Long’er became alert. Even Flame Devil, Horned Demon Na Gusi and others beside Ye Chuan only knew he could transform into a dragon, they didn’t know that his true form was Demonic Dragon. But, this cyan robed man was able to see through his true identity as the demonic dragon at first glance.

“Little Long’er, don’t be nervous, this is our Cloud Mist Sect’s Seventh Elder.” Ye Chuan patted Little Long’er, relaxing his taunt body.

“Yes, yes, truly is a demon dragon. Even a demonic dragon has appeared, no wonder the world restriction has become loose. It seems, the tide of heaven and earth is fluctuating more than ever before.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder nodded his head rather appreciating Little Long’er. Then looking at Ye Chuan, he said, “Youngster, go, with the help of this little demonic dragon, no one is better suitable than you to explore this Evil Dragon Abyss. This exploration will benefit this little demonic dragon, and later, the benefit he will give you will exceed your imagination.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder seemed to have calculated something, but he didn’t speak directly, making a single phrase with a double meaning.

“This disciple understands, thank you for your pointers, Seventh Elder. Little Long’er, let’s go.” Ye Chuan slightly bowed to Seventh Elder, then riding the back of Little Long’er, one man and one dragon, jumped down the Evil Dragon Abyss, instantly disappearing in the midst of dense blood mist.

The blood mist at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss was so poisonous that it could rapidly corrode the flesh and blood of people changing them into dead bones. Originally, Ye Chuan could explore only when the restriction loosened for a period of time, but now with Half Dragon Physique and the help of Little Long’er, Ye Chuan didn’t have many misgivings. He could persist in blood mist for a period of time.

Last time, at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, he had encountered puppet doll Hei Kui. This time, what kind of evil spirit would he encounter?

Ye Chuan was somewhat nervous and also had some expectations.

Extraordinary evil spirits would certainly have remarkable abilities. For instance, the puppet doll Hei Kui, in some occasions could display unexpected power and become a super assassin. This time, during the exploration, he might encounter an even more powerful, dangerous and unfathomable evil spirits, but he might also have greater gains.

The Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique he had obtained in God Burial Valley was the life technique of Ye Chuan in this life. And it gave Ye Chuan greater expectation.

The thick blood mist seethed and his skin began to itch and tingled. Ye Chuan silently circulated Demonic Dragon Sutra, entering into half dragon state. This countered the corrosion of blood mist. One dragon and one human, without drawing support from the stone steps on the cliff, they directly rushed down straight.

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