Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 304

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 304: That picture is too beautiful

In Heavenly Dragon Hall, sea demoness Hai Lili spoke practically everything he already knew. At this time, Ye Chuan discovered that he had nearly missed a talent.

According to sea demoness Hai Lili, Sea Demon Clan was a different race of sea, lying between sea yao beasts and island residents. In the eyes of sea yao beasts, they were a different race that could live in the dry land. In the eyes of the residents of islands, they were also a different race that could live in the sea and summon wind and rain. As for Sea Demon Clan themselves, they claim themselves to be the descendants of the Emperor of the Sea. In the sea, they were aloof, refined and superior to all sea yao beasts and residents of islands. Furthermore, their greatest innate skill wasn’t the Song of Sea Demon that dazed people in illusion rather was changing wind direction and ocean current.

This kind of innate skill was practically useless in the dry land, but in the sea, it was heaven-defying. Therefore, regardless of island residents or sea yao beasts, all had misgivings towards this Sea Demons that could come and go like a shadow. In every legend, there was no shortage of abusive words towards Sea Demons and every time, they find any trace of Sea Demons, everyone would rush up in crowds and insanely chase them to kill as among the experts of the sects and loose cultivators scattered in every corner of overseas, killing a Sea Demon was a great glory. In many places, after the people of Sea Demon Clan were caught, all would beat them until they were severely injured, then they would be tied to a wooden pole and erected in the seashore, drying them to death under the sun.

Because of the double pressure from both residents of islands and sea yao beasts, along with the deteriorating environment, the number of Sea Demon Clan had become fewer and fewer.

Hai Lili was the Sea Demon Princess of this generation. This time, she had received instruction to escort the most valuable treasure of Sea Demon Clan, Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed, to an island of the far east sea along with her big brother and others and see whether they could grow Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed there. According to the legend, eating this Heavenly Dragon Rice which was the food of the divine in ancient times, Sea Demon Clan could awaken the power of their ancestor, Emperor of the Sea. Then, they will be able to control all seas and oceans under the heaven once again, and all the places with water will become the territory of Sea Demon Clan.

Unfortunately, before Hai Lili and her group could reach halfway to the far east sea area, they were ambushed by Blacksnake Clan of east sea prefecture. After the repetitive battle, they suffered heavy casualties, the big brother of Hai Lili died in battle and Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed fell in the hand of Blacksnake Clan’s young master Dark Tree Monarch. Fortunately, Blacksnake Clan didn’t know all about the goods, they didn’t know what Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed inside the wooden box was, so Dark Tree Monarch traveled across the vast seas and come to the Underground Ghost Market of Cloud Mist Mountain Range along with Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed. He wanted to secretly learn the secrets of Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed from the experts of the mainland, but the result was they, unfortunately, encountered Ye Chuan.

“So, that was the case.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, it could be considered that Sea Demoness Hai Lili had already been beside him for a long time, but this was the first time he learned her past and background. After a pause, Ye Chuan looked at this Sea Demoness with a smile yet not a smile and said, “Hai Lili, then, since I snatch your Sea Demon Clan’s most valuable treasure, Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed, don’t you hate me? If your clansmen know this, then wouldn’t they flood Cloud Mist Sect, or, hereafter, I cannot go to the sea?”

“No, Hai Lili doesn’t dare, now this little woman is noble son’s, how can this little woman dare to resent noble son? This little woman only has one request, after Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed grows up and Heavenly Dragon Rice is harvested in the future, can noble son bestow a small portion to our Sea Demon Clan? Noble son, you can rest assured, we will not take Heavenly Dragon Rice noble son strenuously grew for free, we will definitely pay a large number of specialties and various kind of worldly treasures of four seas every year.”

Sea Demoness bowed respectfully to Ye Chuan.

Sea Demon Clan took such a great risk to escort Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed to far east sea area because they ardently hoped that the Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed passed down from generation to generation might take root and germinate there. But, even if they had successfully reached the destination, it was still unknown whether it could successfully grow there. But, beyond the expectation of everyone, Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed was robbed away and due to a strange combination of circumstance, it fell into the hands of Ye Chuan, moreover, he successfully planted it. If her clansmen learn this matter, they might be overjoyed with excitement.

“This……, I fear this is somewhat difficult. Hai Lili, you also know that the output of Heavenly Dragon Rice is not high and my Cloud Mist Sect has so many people……” Ye Chuan intentionally teased Hai Lili, waiting for the highest bid and he was also somewhat curious about what kind of worldly treasures could Sea Demon Clan offer him. Even though he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage in his previous life, he didn’t know much about the overseas world and now this just happened to be a good opportunity.

“Noble son, rest assured. We don’t need much as only a very few of us remains.” Sea Demoness Hai Lili anxiously looked up to Ye Chuan. She had a broad forehead and fine eyebrows, and no need to mention that her figure was gentle and graceful, perhaps because she lived in the water throughout her life, her skin was especially fine and smooth, making people have the impulse to feel her.

Seeing the charming appearance of Sea Demoness Hai Lili, Ye Chuan became absent-minded. Only after a while, he came to his sense and said, “This……, let’s talk about this in the future, although Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed has already taken root and germinated, it is still unknown when it would yield Heavenly Dragon Rice.”

“Noble son, this little woman can help you take care of Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed. Our Sea Demon Clan has an ancient book passed down from generation to generation which especially talked about how to cultivate Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed, in addition, in addition……”

Sea Demoness Hai Lili made as if to speak and then stopped. After that, her beautiful face became red and lowering her head, she said in a low voice while stammering, “In addition, if noble son demands, this little woman can……, can call the sisters of Sea Demon Clan……, and…, and serve….., serve noble son together. Whatever noble wants us to do, we will do everything.”

The voice of Hai Lili became smaller and smaller and she was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to raise her head to look at Ye Chuan. But, even though she was embarrassed to this state, she plucked up her courage and finished what she wanted to say. That expression, that tone, she appeared as if even if Ye Chuan executed her on the spot, she would meekly resign herself and she believed that she could offer her everything to Ye Chuan.

“Eh, Hai Lili, in your heart, what kind of person am I, Ye Chuan?”

Ye Chuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He was waiting for Hai Lili to speak out about some worldly treasures of the sea, but to his surprise, Hai Lili took the initiative to offer herself. What kind of person was he in her mind? Moreover, she still said that she would call the sisters of her clan, this was truly……, that scene was too beautiful that he didn’t dare to imagine.

Ye Chuan shook his head, but returning to the main topic, Hai Lili standing in front of him truly was quite heart-warming. In the past life, he had all kinds of peerless beauties beside him, but he had truly not tasted the flavor of Sea Demoness.

Sea Demoness Hai Lili lowered her head without uttering a word as she didn’t know how to answer Ye Chuan.

Sea Demon Clan furthermore had a special characteristic she didn’t speak. Whoever took the virginity of a girl of Sea Demon Clan, he would have a certain probability of obtaining the innate skill of Sea Demon Clan. For numerous natives and loose cultivators of overseas, this was the temptation that they craved so much that they even dream about it. For millions of years, all forces were pursuing and capturing Sea Demons not only because of the simple matter of them fearing the innate skill of Sea Demon Clan, even more, because of greed.

Ye Chaun was young and promising, his body was also robust and doughty. If the younger generation women of Sea Demon Clan devoted themselves to him, then, he would have a higher chance to obtain the innate skill of Sea Demon Clan without precedent in history. At that time, the relation of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon Clan would become especially stable, supporting each other. This was a good thing for both sides.

Merely, such matters, how could she say to Ye Chuan?

Sea demoness Hai Lili slightly raised her head and quietly took a glance at Ye Chuan, then quickly lowered her head. Now, her beautiful face became so red that it appeared as if she would bleed at any time. She truly didn’t know how to say that?

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