Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 302

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 302: The identity of Archfiend

Returning to Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan quickly enter the seclusion cultivation.

With the addition of Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes and other powerful entourages along with Zhu Sijia gradually showing her brilliance, Ye Chuan had to spend less and less time on everyday matters. So, he focused on cultivation.

Competing against a person, he could fight a battle of wits, but if he wanted to set foot on the pinnacle of cultivation and achieve even greater brilliance in this lifetime, then he must put great effort in cultivation without getting lazy. Resourcefulness is nothing, playing tricks is also useless, only the strength is real. Everyone was extremely excited because both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were eliminated and the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range was unified, but this was nothing for Ye Chuan.

The gaze of Ye Chuan had long been looking outside Cloud Mist Mountain Range. His sight was set on the entire Wilderness World. As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once ruled the entire Wilderness World, how could he have a peace of mind trapped in this small place?

Sitting cross-legged in Cloud Mist Hall, a fine and continuous pure worldly spiritual qi flooded downwards from the sky and poured into his body. The Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body circulated and eagerly absorbed this majestic pure spiritual qi. In his dantain, a blurred phantom of a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman gradually appeared. It became more and more solid, but was unable to truly take a shape. Ye Chuan also take no care of it, he didn’t hesitate to stop the silent contemplation, and the energy fluctuation of circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans slowly became peaceful. After that, he took out a black ring and carefully observed it.

This was the Dark Underworld Ring he had taken from the hand of Dark Underworld Emissary Exploiter Hu. It looked ordinary, but he had personally seen the power of this ring used by Dark Underworld Emissary. Ye Chuan knew that this was definitely not a normal ring. It had profound mysteries and might. It was very likely that this was the treasure given to Dark Underworld Emissary Exploiter Hu by the so-called Dark Underworld Archfiend.

In Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, when Ye Chuan ran into the experts of capital’s Long Clan, he thought that Dark Underworld Emissary Exploiter Hu had already returned to the capital. As it now seems, there was some divergence with his conjecture. Perhaps, Dark Underworld Emissary Exploiter Hu immediately took action. After learning there was a loophole to exploit, he rapidly returned from the capital to deal with Cloud Mist Sect, or perhaps, from the start, the number of Dark Underground Emissary was not limited to one. Dark Underworld Archfiend might have secretly dispatched many trusted aides to various regions to stir up troubles. And this Dark Underworld Ring was a treasure bestowed to them which would also verify their identity.

Ye Chuan quietly deduced, discarding his conjecture of before.

So should he refine this Dark Underworld Ring or not?

Ye Chuan hesitated. Refining this Dark Underworld Ring, perhaps, he would have another piece of body protecting treasure, and he might even be able to disguise himself as a Dark Underworld Emissary one day to uncover Dark Underworld Archfiend behind the scenes. But like this, it was very likely that he would alert that powerful and mysterious Dark Underworld Archfiend, attracting a heaven-defying expert to seek to kill him. Even more, it was likely that he might encounter unexpected mishaps during the process of refining.

Every heaven-defying expert often has unique and powerful means. It was normal for them to left behind some spirit brand in their treasure. Even if an ordinary person found this kind of treasure, they would not be able to refine it, and forcibly refining it, they could suffer a terrifying spirit attack. In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, Ye Chuan was very familiar to this kind of means.

After thinking for a while, Ye Chuan left Cloud Mist Hall and quickly arrived at Heavenly Dragon Peak beside Evil Dragon Abyss. He activated Demon Annihilating Formation left behind by cyan robed Seventh Elder, then huge Buddha statue guards slowly rose from underground.

After the preparation was complete, a three inches flame appeared on his palm which slowly melted this Dark Underworld Ring.

Since Heaven Burning Furnace had already become worthless, Ye Chuan had to gradually raise the temperature of the flame in person. The Dark Underworld Ring began to melt, and when it turned into the liquid state, he blew a mouthful of yuan qi and also dripped a drop of essence blood while using a secret refining technique.

Everything was smooth without any abnormality till here, but when the blood of Ye Chuan began to seep into this Dark Underworld Ring, a ferocious power suddenly burst out.

Roar, an ear-splitting roar resounded.

In Heavenly Dragon Peak, all the glasses suddenly shattered, and a few guards patrolling at the foot of the mountain covered their ears with their hands and collapsed. Blood was flowing out from their ears, I seemed their eardrums were ruptured, changing them into a deaf person. Looking from a distance, one could see that with Heavenly Dragon Peak as the center, a powerful airwave rapidly spread in all directions, forming a huge vortex in the sky.

“Just this means.”

Ye Chuan remained unmoved without any change in his expression and continued to refine the Dark Underworld Ring in his hand.

A few guards patrolling at the foot of the mountain were caught unprepared but he was already well prepared. Although this sudden and unexpected sound wave was powerful, it was still unable to cause any fatal damage to him.

An ice-cold energy changed into a cold current and flowed into the body of Ye Chuan from this Dark Underworld Ring.

On the surface of Ye Chuan’s body, along with cracking sounds, a layer of ice instantly appeared. But the cold current continued to flow within his body wanting to freeze his internal organs and blood. Ye Chuan circulated his Heaven Swallowing Talismans with all his power, but this was unexpectedly unable to resist that cold current and his body gradually became stiff and numb.


This is the means of Dark Underworld Archfiend.

The countenance of Ye Chuan changed, then suddenly making a few movements, he mobilized Heaven Concealing Great Formation that enveloped the entire Cloud Mist Sect, forcibly suppressing the cold current that seeped into his body. This great killing formation which crushed unknown numbers of Sage realm experts in his previous life displayed its ferocious power. Mobilizing the strength of 108 towers, the cold current within his body was completely suppressed and was slowly forced out of his body.

“Who dared to challenge the will of this lordship, disturbing this lordship’s quiet cultivation?”

The cold current that seeped out from the body of Ye Chuan suddenly dazzled and transformed into a huge phantom. The facial features were indistinct but along with heaven destroying and earth exterminating might, his demonic qi was surging. He angrily roared and ferociously palmed towards Ye Chuan. The powerful palm wind created countless sonic booms.

Ye Chuan still sat cross-legged on the ground, but his body swayed left and right. Just when he was about to use unparalleled style technique to dodge, one Buddha’s statue suddenly came to life, then a low and deep sound of Buddhist hymns resounded as this Buddha attacked.

That phantom of Dark Underworld Archfiend was forcibly suppressed, the Demon Annihilating Formation set up by cyan robed Seventh Elder was even better in this respect as it just happened to restrain all evil demons and heretics.

“Ah……, Demon Annihilating Formation, boy, you are the descendant of the ancient Buddhist Sect.”

A scream came through as this huge phantom completely vanished under the attack of Demon Annihilating Formation.

Ding, a loud and clear sound resounded and the Buddha became quiet, reverting back to its original state of being an ice-cold stone statue, then sunk underground. As for the Dark Underground Ring in the hand of Ye Chuan, it took an entirely new look.

Ye Chuan put on this ring and quickly, this ring became dim and disappeared. But with a thought of Ye Chuan, it again manifested, unexpectedly had a concealing function. He injected his energy into this finger and dark mist appeared around him with ferocious specters therein. It was not possible to deal with powerful experts with this ability, but when besieged by people, suddenly using this technique could show extraordinary effort.

A few drops of cold sweat flowed down the face of Ye Chuan. The moment of just now as very dangerous. Fighting alone, he was far from being the opponent of Dark Underworld Archfiend, he couldn’t even defeat his clone. But, now, he had one additional rare body protecting treasure, so it was worth the danger.

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